Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After a LOOOONG day of work and Christmas Shopping....

THIS is what I came home to.....

Isn't that the absolutely CUTEST thing ever? The poor baby waited and waited and waited for his mommy to come home last night, and he just couldn't quite make it.

I work near Atlanta (just a couple days a week), and normally get home around 7:00 pm. Well, seeing that it is just a couple of days before Christmas, and this slacker mama STILL has much, much, much Christmas shopping left to do, I thought I would make the most of my "I'm already up, showered, dressed AND have make-up on" state, and try to knock out some of my list. Fortunately, most of our local stores have extended hours this time of year (except for Lane Bryant which closed at 8:00 pm...ARGHHHHH!), so I was able to get several things that I needed WOOOOO HOOOOO! Oh, and in case my bank is wondering.....YES, that was ME that made all of those purchases.


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