Friday, January 9, 2009

Anatomy of my office, Part 1

Well, since I got such great response from my "work" post yesterday, I thought I would give you an even bigger "in-depth" view into my job (just in case you were thinking you may want to do what I do one day). I know you are SOOOOO excited!!!!!!

As I looked at all the pictures, the most interesting one to me, was the one of my dark, dusty, hot, windowless know, the one you are all so jealous to work in. SO, I thought I would try to explain what some of those little gems are that are displayed so neatly around. (Remember, you can click on the picture to make it larger.)

First, you have my phone. Without this little life-line to the outside world, I wouldn't be able to call all of my wonderful patients. I spend approximately 8 hours per day with this little gem plastered to my left ear. Why my left ear? Who knows! But if I try to listen with my right ear, I can't comprehend what everyone is saying. I think my link from my right ear to my left brain has a disconnect or something.....strange, I know! LOL!

Next, I have my trusty ink pen. I don't know why, but I MUST use this type of pen when I work. I started this love affair while at my last job, and have brought it here. I buy them by the box-full and keep them hidden in a special drawer. I have to write so much, I go through a pen every two days!

Then there is my trusty phone list. This list is where I write down each and every phone call I make during the day. Often, we determine how bad our day has been by the number of pages I did in a day....example...."Man! What's wrong with everybody today? I'm already on page 3 and it's only lunch time!". Good days, 1 page, bad days 5. A "normal" day usually consists of 4 pages.

OK, this is the one little gem in the office that makes me maddest of all. These are ALLLLLLLL the charts of patients I have called back, that did not answer the phone! OK, I don't get this one. When I call my doctor's office, I literally carry my phone in my hand until I get a return phone call. I carry it to the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, the potty (yes, I do wash my hands BEFORE I touch the phone!), and even in the shower! If I have to leave before they call me back (which I only do in an emergency), I make sure the office has my cell number, my mama's number, my husband's number....etc.... I mean, there are patient's that I call back within 2 minutes of their initial call that don't answer their phone. What is up with that?

OK, now I am all upset, I need to go get a Coke Zero and cool! If I get a good response, I will continue this exciting little journey into my office!


  1. I'm sorry we made you work so hard, LOL. Tell me, where would you put a Coke Zero on that desk? There's no room. Your office makes mine feel like a palace.

  2. Kathy, please tell me you are not one of THOSE patients?
    I put my Coke Zero right between the fan and the front of the radio! LOL

    I'm glad I could make you feel better about YOUR office!

  3. yikes that's quite the office! :p

  4. Jess, I know you are SOOOOOO jealous of it! LOL!!!!!!

  5. I am absolutely NOT one of THOSE patients Robin, although my husband is one of those people who screens his phone calls. None of that for me. Where I go, so goes my phone.

  6. LMAO!!! I have to carry my phone when I call the Doc too!!! I takes forever sometimes here for them to call back so I really DO NOT want to miss that dang call. So are you in a 5x4 cell there too?? LOL


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