Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jameson's first chess lesson.

Jameson has been begging his daddy to teach him how to play chess. SO, tonight we dug out the chess board that Santa forgot to give him for Christmas (oops!). DH told Jameson that he would have to wait for this weekend for a lesson, but you know how those 6 y.o.'s can be. It started by "just opening the case". Then, it led to "Can I just take the pieces out and look at them?" Which led to "Where does this guy, and this guy and this guy go?" Well, one thing led to another, and the chess lessons have officially begun! Oh and BTW, the King with the cross on his head "Looks just like God!" See, he does listen in Church!

Oh, and YES, dear, sweet hubby has on his uniform of white shirt/black shorts. And YES, he DOES have other clothes...I SWEAR!


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