Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Network, HERE I COME!

Tonight, DH and I had a sweet tooth, so I thought I would bake a little cake. Not a fancy, complicated cake, but a cake that I have baked about 100 times within the past year. It's a super-moist variation of a plain box cake that is SOOO good. Occasionally, a few of the cakes will have a little problem with sticking in one place or the other, nothing major. We just usually make sure that's the first piece of the cake we cut, so the rest of the cake looks "perfect". Well, tonight I think something went wrong.....

I have NO idea what I did different with this particular cake.
Oh well, only one thing left to do....

It might have looked bad, but it sure did taste good!


  1. LOL kids SO don't care what it looks like! :D
    looks pretty yummy to me too!

  2. (in my best Homer Simpson voice)
    mmmmmm.......cake. :-)
    I am not much of a baker, never have been. can't stand all that precise measuring. LOL Ur cake looks yummy. I have a gallon of cold milk, I am on my way. I will pick right out of the pan, thanks.

  3. Uhhhhh, Barb....sorry, the cake pan has been licked clean! But there is plenty of the "big" cake left! LOL!

    Tracie, Jameson didn't like it because it didn't have!


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