Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home "finish" work.

As some of you may know, Hubby and I built a new home a little over a year ago, after living in our "starter" home for 20 years. We tried to do as much of the work ourselves to try and save as much money as possible. In hind site, the term "turn-key" sounds like a much better! So, here we are, 13 months after moving in, with several little projects left to be done. Well, Thursday night, Marty's sister, Candie, called and offered to come up yesterday to help finish some of our projects. We greatfully accepted her offer!! You see, if it hadn't been for Candie, and her husband Al, we would have NEVER been able to finish this house. Candie and Al were here day and night, hanging crown moulding,laying hardwood floors, caulking, painting, hanging doors, putting in door name it, they did it. After owning rental houses for several years, they pretty much know how to do anything and everything! They are such a blessing to us! I would also like to add that ALL of Marty's family chipped in to help us with this house. The past 18 months have been one "family reunion" after another....and I do mean that in a GOOD way!! So, if any of the Hill family are reading this....

OK, now that I am finished with the backstory, on to yesterday's projects. We (well, THEY) finally got the other two colums put in the living room! This has made such a difference in the way the house looks.

This is what the opening SHOULD look like:


See, I told you dear, sweet hubby had other clothes than the white t-shirt and black shorts! LOL!

Gee honey, could you get it any straighter?

And finally, AFTER:

Doesn't it look so much better? That is Candie and Al in the picture. They were constantly running away from my camera, so this is the best shot I got! Don't worry, I will get better one's while we are helping with THEIR new!

I had to leave in the middle of all the fun to go to my great-niece's birthday party (Happy Birthday Jessie-Jess!), and when I got home, I found that they also finished cutting all the baseboards for the entire house, some of the shoe mould, and started trimming out the master bathroom window:

What do you know, we may finish this house yet!

***Edited to change the toilet picture (some people take offense to the lid being up) and to add a baseboard pic***


  1. found you by blog browsing.. and now a new follower.
    love the house!
    hope to see ya in my random world sometime!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Tracie! I loved looking through your blog too! That Obama video was hiarious!
    Come back again!!

    Robin :)

  3. The columns are gorgiferous! Don't feel bad. We bought a "fixer-upper" almost 5 yrs ago...and lets just say our "To-Do" list is still hanging prominently on the fridge with only a few check marks. :-/ Oh well...home sweet unfinshed home. :-)

  4. Amen to that, Barb! Once we finally get all of those "To-DO" lists completed, it will be time for a complete remodel!

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  6. Great job by all. Best part was you were able to party while all the work was happening. It's all coming together. Two thumbs up!!

  7. Thanks Kathy! Yeah, I was so upset that I had to miss all the action! LOL!


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