Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unwelcomed "Guests"

A couple of days ago, I posted that the "snot truck" had decided to run over me (I know, I am sooooo sophisticated).....well, he was having so much fun, he decided to invite a few friends over to join the party. There was the "Sneezing Suzuki", the "Feverish Ferrari", the "Coughing Cadillac", and bringing up the rear, the "Achy-Breaky Eighteen Wheeler". They seemed to be having so much fun, I decided to invite my own buddies to the party....

TYLENOL (Extra-Strength)


An old faithful buddy...KLEENEX

A new, but very likeable fellow....MUCINEX

Some random cough syrup of Jameson's that I found in the cabinet...

And to wash all that down... COKE ZERO

Plus, a very special visit from cousins.... VICKS


Now that all of MY guests are here for the party, for some reason "Snot Truck" and all his buddies don't want to stick around.
Oh well, you can't please everybody.


  1. LMBO!!!!!!! I feel a party coming on too. I need to go by some more zilcam(how ever it is spelt!) I

  2. I just about spewed my Coke. Snot truck!! LMAO!
    I think he backed over you, put the peddle to the medal and ran smack dab head-on into me. (and this is my second in three weeks!) Please send over your party buddies and their cousins, too, and tell them I am almost out of bourbon.
    I will share my "get better" cold remedy...
    1 part honey, 1 part lemon juice, 10 parts bourbon. After you drink a few doses of this you don't give a tootie-falootie if you are sick! hiccup!

    You are too darn funny!!!!

  3. Hillarious post Robin! But I know not feeling well is not funny. Hope you are on the mend. I left you a little somethin something over on my blog darlin!

  4. Thanks Kori! I thought you would get a kick out of it!
    Barb....I swear, I told hubby that he was going to have to go to the liquor store before I died (that's funny because we haven't had a drink in 16 years) Your rememedy sounds soooo much better than the one I was going to use! I hope you get to feeling better!
    KD, you are such a doll! THANK YOU!!

  5. You throw some very strange "parties." Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Glad your freinds could help.

  6. Kathy, you of all people should know what kind of PAAAAARTYs I!

  7. Sorry for your unwelcomed visitors. My sister just told me her 2 and 1/2 year old has "green booger syndrome" I wonder if green booger knows your friends. ?? ;-)

  8. Welcome Suzanne!! Thank you for following my itty-bitty blog!!
    Ohhh, I know that "green booger syndrom" syndrome oh so well! LOL! To bad they don't make Mucinex for babies!

  9. WOW, I screwed that post up didn't I? Oh well! LOL


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