Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayers for Strength.

Just a few minutes ago, I found out that a beloved little angel from our Church and community passed away. Little Miss Allie Rebecca Brewer went to be with our Lord after 4 very special months here on Earth. You see, Allie's parents were told she wouldn't be born alive. During the pregnancy, instead of buying precious little girl clothes, diapers, and cute kick-knacks to fill a nursery, they were out buying a burial plot and headstone for their little angel. She surprised everyone by not only surviving the delivery, but coming home to live with her big brother Mason and her mommy and daddy, Susan and Michael. They were so surprised, they didn't even have clothes or diapers for her when she got home. They didn't have the baby bed set up either, but that was OK, because for the first week, she never left her parent's arms. Little Miss Allie shocked all the doctor's by thriving at home. She ate and gained weight and even moved beyond newborn diapers. She smiled (when they were told she would never do anything) and just lit up the entire room. If anyone ever doubted the presence of GOD, all that doubt was ERASED when they saw precious little Allie. She has done more good for the Kingdom of God in her four little months here on Earth than most people do in an entire lifetime. All that have had the honor to know little Allie have been truly blessed!

I am not asking for prayers for little Miss Allie anymore, because she is already in the most glorious place. I am asking for prayers for all the wonderful people little Allie has left behind. Her parents, Susan and Michael; her big brother, Mason; her grandparents, Steve and Sue Weldon, and Kenny and Linda Brewer; and every soul that little girl has touched over the past several months. This teeny-tiny little angel has left a void that nothing can ever fill.

If you would like to read Allie's story, here is a link to her website.


  1. I am already crying and I haven't even read her story...

  2. Kori, it is a must read! The entire Brewer family has just been such an inspiration to our Church and community!


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