Monday, January 26, 2009

Unbelievable! ***EDITED***

After my "Destroyed in Seconds" back-to-back new episodes tonight, I quickly changed to watch the new episode of "Jon and Kate plus 8". In tonight's episode, the "tups" and the rest of us were going to get to see their new home for the first time. I was absolutely SHOCKED! The house is HUGE, and from what Kate says, seems to be on a large amount of land. Weren't they just complaining about expenses and lack of money last season? OK, just wondering there.

BUT, the worst part of the show was how horrible Jon and Kate talked (well, screamed really) to the children. They told the children to run around the Master bedroom all they wanted then, because they were to NEVER, EVER, EVER come in that room again, or face "severe punishment"! For the love, these babies are only 4 y.o. What kind of Mama won't let their babies come in their room for a little "snuggle time"? I love it when my kids come and get into bed with me (well, unless they come in ready to play at 1:30 But I want to know that if MY BABIES are scared, they KNOW that we are there to protect them, and when they are sick, we are there to make them feel better.
I have always tried to give Jon and Kate the benefit of the doubt (bad editing, high amount of stress, etc....) but tonight's show left a very bad taste in my mouth!
Did anyone else see tonight's show?
(Oh, and I just read that a California family gave birth to OCTUPLETS today...that's EIGHT babies folks!)

****The purpose of this post wasn't to offend anyone. Being a mama to triplets, I have ALWAYS been interested in families that had multiple births. Even though Kate has always been shown as harsh on the show, I ALWAYS gave her the benefit of the doubt. I KNOW how hard it was for me with three newborns, I can't imagine having six newborns and two toddlers around. I know how scenes can be "edited" to make things look a certain way, but the things that were said to the kids on Monday night's episodes were not edited in any way. It literally broke my heart! SO, if I did offend you, I am sorry, but I just posted what I felt!****

Here is part of the episode I was talking about (as long as YouTube will leave it up) Start watching around 7:15 into the video.


  1. I don't watch that show Robin but I have to agree. What kind of Mama banishes her children from any room in the house? If she wants to make sure they knock before entering is one thing, telling them to "never, ever come in or face severe punishment" is a whole nother level of bitchiness. What a creep she must be.
    I did see about the octuplets born in Calif. That's at least six too many for me, at least at the same time.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that it is on...LOL I am watching it now. I will let you know what I think about it tomorrow. But what I can see of there new house, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. Don't apologize! :) I've actually been a little put off by Jon & Kate Plus 8 lately; ever since their trip to North Carolina, they seem increasingly distanced from reality. It's gone from being a show about what everyday life with everyday challenges (plus 8) is like to a show where we see all the amazing stuff they get from the show. I still watch it and I still enjoy it, but it's less relatable to me now.

  4. WELCOME KATE! Thank you for your comment! I 100% agree with everything you said.
    I hope you come back again!

  5. Hi! I love Jon and Kate plus 8! I usually don't get to see the new episodes, but watch re-runs whenever I get a chance. I don't know, because I didn't watch this episode, but are you sure Kate wasn't just being sarcastic? She is typically a little sarcastic, or says things just for effect. Anyway, I imagine the kids could come in if they really needed her! no offense taken to your post, but I just thought I'd take up for her a little bit.

  6. Well, I understand your thoughts and wanting to stick up for Kate....but watch this part of the episode on YouTube and judge for yourself.

    Start viewing at around 7:15 of the video.

    I'm NOT one of those Jon and Kate haters that are all over the place. I have always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt...but when a mother says "Do you see this room? Honestly, you will never open this door and come in here again....if you do, severe punishment." "Take a good look at this room now, because you will NEVER see it again." There is NO WAY that is just Sarcasm.

  7. i used to like the show, even though kate is a severe obsessive compulsive person who isn't always the nicest to her family. my disillusion with the family came when i found the blog of gosselinswithoutpity. after reading thru it, i no longer watch the show. and that house, is 1.3 million that they have easily afforded, along with all the free trips that they get to go on.

  8. Niki, welcome to my itty-bitty blog!

    I have also stumbled across that site too. It is very eye-opening, isn't it? Definitely changes my thinking about some things!

    I hope you come back soon!!


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