Monday, January 26, 2009

Unusual television habits.....

As I was looking through the television menu for tonight, I realized my family has some unusual television habits. While most of the country will be watching shows like these...

The Bachelor


Gossip Girl

And even The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family (I think they seriously need to rename that network!)

WE, will be watching this....
DESTROYED IN SECONDS on The Discovery Channel

Here is what The Discovery Channel says about this particular show...

Can't get enough of the awesome spectacle of destruction? Well you're not alone. Few can ever get their fill of the mesmerizing power of savage forces wreaking havoc and devastation.

In each episode of Destroyed in Seconds, our host, Ron Pitts, will bring you clip after clip of the most shocking destructions captured on film. From well-orchestrated implosions of massive structures, to rampaging tornadoes, catastrophic mid-air collisions and sudden terrorist attacks, no topic is too trivial or taboo for our show. Be they acts of nature or caused by man, this is much more than just a clip show. Destroyed in Seconds is not meant to just shock and entertain, but to explore the causes of mass destruction and how, when possible, families and communities bounce back from devastation. Don't miss a moment as Ron explores the cause and effect of catastrophe caught on tape!

Can you tell that testosterone rules in this household?
I can't wait until tonight!

What will YOU be watching tonight?


  1. well lets see, it is Monday night,I am not sure that there is anything that I like to watch on Mondays. I really should go to bed early and wind down with a the book that my good friend sent me for my Birthday over a month ago :)

  2. LOL.. not much different than our household. usually on monday nights, it would be football.. dang season just had to end! :/ but i must admit... i'm a reality show junkie, and will probably be watching one of those shows above.. hint, the cutie w/ all the girls ;)
    ps.. the wonderful hubby will probably be watching what you are! LOL


  3. Tracie, last week Destroyed in Seconds was a rerun, so I got to watch the hottie with the roses ;)...I may have to sneak off and watch again tonight (if only to see if the psycho woman gets another rose...EEEEK).
    I tried to leave a post on your blog today, but the comment window never would open for me. I think it may be my profile or something?

  4. I expect I will be sort of watching House and CSI Miami. Bud will most likely be watching Destroyed in Seconds

  5. HI! I popped over from endless possibilities. I don't watch any of those shows, but I'd be more inclined to watch something like Destroyed in Seconds... that is, if we got Discovery Channel. We cut back from having DirecTV (with Tivo *love*!!) to the most basic cable which only has about twelve channels. We really like The Travel Channel: Anthony Bourdain and Man Vs. Food are some favorites around here.

  6. Welcome Erica! We usually spend our nights watching The Discovery channel, Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, etc....I rarely watch network television. Ohhhhh, I know living without Tivo has to be's funny, three years ago, I never even knew about it, now, I couldn't live without! With the economy the way it is, I can definitely see having to get rid of it is SOOOO expensive!
    Please come back again!
    Robin :D


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