Monday, February 9, 2009


I just noticed my first gray STREAK in my hair!! No, not a gray HAIR, but a gray STREAK!!!

From now on, just call me "SKUNK HEAD".


  1. I like it. Looks like you've got God given highlights!

  2. welcome to the club!! just got my wig busted on friday.. to get rid of that same 'streak'!

    btw.. which nikon do you have? i think we could be twinkies! ;)

  3. Marla...LOL! You are too sweet!

    Tracie, I've had gray hair for about 16 years, but in a much more RANDOM pattern...This is my first "group effort"....LOL!

    It's a Nikon was "mac daddy" about 4 years ago when we bought it....but now Darcy (Life with my 3 Boybarians) says it's getto. LOL!

  4. I wanted to leave some smart remark, but gray hair is a serious thing...sooooooo, your getting older, your getting older(singing it),I'm catching up, I'm catching up! LOL

  5. Welcome to the club! I gave up hiding mine years ago, told my hairdresser that I had earned every one of those highlights lol. Kathy

  6. Hey Skunky! Are you getting old??? haha love ya and you know it! :)

    oh btw I am watching the duels!!!!


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