Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moonlight and Valentine's Revisited.

Things were CRAZY at work today so I just got home a couple of hours ago. No sunset for me tonight!
What I did get to see is the most beautiful MOONRISE!
Unfortunately, I didn't have the "good" camera in the car with me. I really wanted to be able to photograph the beautiful, HUGE, red moon rising. Thankfully, dear, sweet hubby went out and took some photos after I got home. Again, he did a fantastic job. It's not the same view I had seen initially, but it is still beautiful.

Once I got home, I, being the bestest mama ever Jameson had to finish his Valentine's Day cards, because the teacher decided they needed to be at school tomorrow! UGH!
Remember these adorable cards that I ordered the kids with their names already on them? Well, I couldn't just leave them plain, could I?
So, dumb crafty me, decided to add a little something to them....

Yup, that's little baggies of Conversation Hearts hand-tied to each and every card.
Why do I do this to myself?

Since they lucked out and didn't have to sign their names on all the cards....
I did make them do a little bit of the work....

They did have to actually fill out all the envelopes. (Don't ask who did all the itty-bitty hearts all over the envelope, though....)

Look at all those Valentine's Day Cards, along with little goody bags
filled with Hershey Kisses.

Do you think anyone will notice that the Hershey Kisses are leftover, clearance rack, 90% off candy from Christmas?


  1. Wow, that looks AWESOME! Your kids are so blessed to have a mommy like you.

  2. These look great! Why is it that you never get the "I need 120 cupcakes by tomorrow mom" until after a ferocious day at work lol? You did a really nice job with these, such a good mommy! Kathy (PS, the moon photo is great, DH did good)

  3. oh how i do NOT miss 'those' days..LOL trust me, they will remember these days and laugh with you about them later. conversations of 'oh i remember that mom' will keep ya the 'hero' for a lifetime...LOL
    GREAT JOB, mom!
    have a wonderful day :)


  4. LOL, why do you do so much for your children's happiness? It's your way of telling them you love them. That's from one doer mom to another :)

  5. I missed your humor!!! I could eat a bag of those leftover, 90% off Christmas chocolates right now. sigh! Going to go scrounge the leftover Halloween candy. LOL

  6. Awwwwwe, you guys are just the best ever! Thanks for all your compliments! I will make sure to let you know what the kid's say about the Valentine's!

  7. That is so awesome Robin!!! I would never ever be that creative. Maybe next year... we will see... :)


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