Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boys and their toys!

There comes a time in every little boy's life, where DAD has to take over, and teach him some very important "GUY" things. Mama's just don't do the job quite as well.
You know what I mean.....
How to spit, and scratch themselves play baseball.
How to be polite to the ladies.
How to be a good, Christian man.
How to stand when they, well, you know....
AND the most important thing little boys learn from their daddy's...


Bass Pro Shops....the Mecca for most warm-blooded Southern Men (and little boys, too!)

Today, Marty and Jameson decided to take a little road trip to our new Bass Pro Shops about 45 minutes away.

Now me, being the Blogger that I am, sent my "travel" camera with the boys, with strict orders to DOCUMENT the trip. Here is what they came back with.

You think Jameson has something for things with wheels?

So does Marty.....

Marty likes things without wheels, too....

It's really cheap, too. (Yeah, right!)

Then, Jameson decided to make some new friends...

When they got home, Jameson said their trip was

And the best part, they remembered me too!

I just love my boys!!

Oh, and as a side note....I did go back to Ross today....still forgot the Potholders, but did find some other goodies!! :o)


  1. Don't you just love the times dad's and their boys spend together. Such bonds are made and memories for a lifetime. It looks like they both had a great time. Glad you got to go shop too. Hugs, Marty

  2. I can't wait until my boys have days like that. Right now my little one is strictly a mama's boy! Although we have been over there 3 times already!!

  3. Forgot the potholders! Well then I guess ya' just gotta go back. Ya' can't be burning your bum swiping hand now can ya'. LOL Loved seeing the Guys' Big Adventure pics.

  4. That is so cool! I love it when the dads make special time for the kids.

  5. It looks like they had a fun day! Boys have to have "grunt time" just like we have to have Outlet Mall time lol. I think it's so sweet that they took pictures for your blog! Now go back to Ross so you can get potholders! (That wouldn't have been the plan now would it tee hee). Kathy

  6. what a cute post, love it when i see dad and song hanging out...i bet they had the best time...btw having u been to Ross lately?

  7.! I actually went while they were gone **wink wink**. I went for potholders, and ended up with a Emeril Lagassi "cassolute" pan, and glass baking dish. (I forgot the potholders, though) I am HOOKED!


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