Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can you say SNOW DAY?

For some of you who read my itty-bitty blog, SNOW isn't really a big deal. You live in an area where snow is the "norm" for most Winters. However, if you live in the deep South like me, SNOW is a rare occurrence.

Multiple times this Winter, our local weather forecasters have predicted snow for our area....only to end up with rain or blue skies. Our poor kids have had more highs and then lows than the Scream Machine at Six Flags. So, this weekend as James Spann yet again predicted snow, I didn't even pay attention.

Why should I? It NEVER snows in Alabama!

Weeeellllll, what do you know....Mr. James Spann was CORRECT this time!


When I first woke up this morning, I looked outside.....Nothing, Nadda, Crappolla.....not a flake to be seen.

But that quickly changed!

Within an hour of waking up, the snow was a flying! As we got ready for Church, the snow became heavier and heavier.

Jameson was fit-to-be-tied!

It snowed the entire time we were at Church (which was shortened because of the road situation), and by the time we got back home, we already had an 1 1/2" of accumulation.

So, without further are my TONS of SNOW pictures (condensed from the literally 450+ pictures that I took....seriously)! If you get bored, just look at a few, and come back!
(Reminder: you can click on any picture and make it larger.)

I think this is just about my favorite picture I took today. This is Jameson and two little girls from Church, playing right after this morning's services!
Nothing but PURE JOY coming from those faces!

I even managed to get a quick photo of my hottie hubby! (with no jacket and eyes open)

This is Barry (the grown man) and Spencer who live next door.
They had a BALL!

Jameson was SO PROUD of his little snowman! He planned it all day!
(They are holding hands if you didn't notice)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Winter Wonderland!
We sure did!

Oh, Chelsea was at her Nana's house....she said she was "too big" to be out playing in the snow! SHEESH!


  1. Cute pictures. Wasn't the snow fun. Church was called off here because it was already snowing hard when we got up.

    Now for a technical question. How do you fix it so that you can click on all of your pictures and make them larger? I can always get my small pictures to go larger but never the ones that I upload as large or medium. Do I need to be saving them at a lower resolution for my blog?

  2. I really don't know. I just upload them as they come from the camera (at around 7 megapixels). At first, I thought that I would have to shrink them down (like with Photobucket) before I could upload them here....but surprisingly, I've not had any problems uploading the full-sized photos. I didn't do anything to make them appear full-sized when you click on just automatically does it.
    If you have a newer camera, your pictures are probably 10 MP or more, so that may be the problem. They may be too large. Try shrinking them down just a little bit and see if that works.

    I hope that helps! :o)


  3. I love the last picture of J-man!

  4. We got heavy snow but very little stuck, it melted so fast. I guess we'll have school tomorrow :(

  5. We got 2 inches, wasn't it fun??? Your little boy is too cute, looks like he had a blast!

  6. We had SOO much fun! I swear, I don't know the last time I saw Jameson so happy! I wish it would snow at least once a year, just so the kids can play in it!

    Sharn....they delayed our school opening until 10:30 (because of ice) weird is that? IF Chelsea goes....she would only be in school for 3 hours! She gets out of school at 1:30!

  7. I'm so glad that Jameson got to enjoy this! But please keep it there lol. And tell him that's the cutest snowman I've ever seen! That first picture is priceless. Kathy

  8. aww cUte pics of Jameson! that smile says it all!
    glad you got a little taste of the white stuff :)

  9. Amazing snow pics!!! Crazy weather, but fun for ya'll, huh?
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my newly fixed (ok, fingers crossed that it really is fixed) blog! It's fun following other blogs, isn't it? But no fun, when they go POOF!!! and you don't know what happened!!!
    Take care.

  10. am zipping my lip... haha *whimps* totally kidding! I can't imagine NO snow... oh btw we got 6-8 inches last Thursday...
    Love the pic of Jamison with HIS snowman... that is totally cute!

  11. Yall got more than we did! I just started my own blog, so as soon as I figure everything out, I'll be posting our snow pics!

  12. Don't forget I'll know everything about yours too! haha

  13. are a hoot! Welcome to "blogging world!"

  14. Nice snow...wish we had received that much. We
    didn't really have any acummulation. Glad Jameson had fun.

  15. The looks on those children's faces is just perfect. I'm glad Jameson had the chance to actually play in the snow. Marty looks as though he's enjoying Jameson's enjoyment. Our weatherman, of course, was wrong again. Instead of missing us, the storm dumped 6 inches of snow here. of course, it will stick around a lot longer than yours, as the temps aren't forecast to go above freezing until the end of the week. Oh goodie!!

  16. How would it be to have snow bring so much joy and be a novelty. And an inch and a half causes church to be shortened? We get a foot of snow and everything continues on as normal...NOTHING closes down. I wish I was in Dixie, and not in this cold hell we call Utah!

  17. Yeah, but the trade-off is severe thunderstorms and tornadoes at the drop of a hat. As a matter of fact, we had a tornado warning Friday...two days before the snow.

    This is the first measurable snow that we've had in at least 7 years....this is the FIRST time Jameson has even been able to really play in the snow and make a snowman.

    There are no snow plows, salt/sand wouldn't be economical to buy/maintain vehicles that are only used once a decade. Also, the snow we get is wet, wet, wet....full of ice....not that nice, powdery, great-for-skiing stuff. Therefore, our roads are usually solid ice when we do finally get something.

    Thanks for visiting my itty-bitty blog and I hope you come again!

    Robin :o)


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