Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I had an INTERESTING day....

Today started off just like any other work day. The alarm goes off at 4:45, I get up, shower, put make-up on (ughh), fix my newly-red hair, and oh yeah, get dressed. Then I mosey into Jameson's room to get him up.
That's really fun at 5:30 in the morning.

As we are pulling out of our yard, we notice there was an absolutely beautiful sunrise.

I drop Jameson off at my mom's, and head out to make my 90 mile drive to work. I'm running a little late, something that I always never, ever do, but traffic is good and I'm on my way.

A few miles into my journey, my "low tire" light comes on. Normally, I panic when this happens, but my 50,000 mile tires now have close to 90,000 miles on them. So, I've been having pretty frequent issues with some leaking...nothing that a can of Fix-a-Flat can't handle.

The steering and the handling of the car is fine, so I decide to keep driving.....and driving.....and driving. As I hit about mile 87 of my 90 mile drive, a car comes flying up beside me, honking his horn. I turn to look at him and he starts mouthing


OH CRAPPOLA! Now other people can actually see my flat tire...

It must be bad.

The car continues to handle well, so I decide to try to make it to my exit. There is NO WAY I am pulling over on I-20 near Atlanta. I DO NOT have a death wish! I see my exit in the distance, and ANOTHER car starts honking and waving


I say "I KNOW, I KNOW!!" and continue to my exit.

Thankfully, I make it to my exit....where I have to wait a freakin' eternity few minutes for the light to change. When I start moving again, I can definitely tell something is wrong.....but I keep going.

I stop at the second light and wait forever. When I start up at this light, I KNOW there is something wrong.

All I hear is "Ka THUMP! Ka THUMP! Ka THUMP!"

I make it to my faithful BP Station, complete with an air pump. Some idiot man is blocking the air pump, so I sit there and wait, and wait, and wait.

About this time, Marty calls just to check on me. I start crying hysterically telling him about my journey, and he tells me to just go into the store and buy a can of Fix-a-Flat, and we will get the tire looked at tomorrow.

WEEEEELLLLL, this is what I saw when I got out of the car....

Ahhhh, yeah, I don't think Fix-a-Flat is gonna fix THAT!!!

I grab my stuff, lock up my car, and walk the rest of the way to work (only about a block).

The more I walked, the more upset I got. So, I did what every damsel in distress does.....

Calls her Prince Charming....

Here He Comes To Save The Daaaaaaay!

My dear, sweet hubby, left work, and drove ALL the way to my job to take care of my tire problem.
Isn't he the best?!!

Isn't she PRETTY? And I have three more JUST like her, too!

I know what my $624.00 "extra" dollars this year went to!

(Sorry, no sexy panties this year honey!)


  1. Good grief Robin, what a morning. And thank goodness for your Prince Charming. Glad you made it to the exit safely! I've been ignoring the fact that I need new tires - guess I better suck it up and get some. But there is NO JOY in buying tires lol. Kathy

  2. You must have had an angel riding on those wheels to get you almost to work with such bad tires. Thank goodness you didn't have a blowout and a wreck. What a sweetie your DH is to get you 4 new tires. Now the drive home was so much better and tomorrow will be the best. Hugs, Marty

  3. 4:45?! How do you manage??
    AND a flat tire...yuck!

  4. Kathy....YES!! Go buy new tires NOW! We were supposed to go get them last Friday, but were unsure if our tax refund was going to be in, so we decided to wait a week....I guess my tires had other plans....

    Marty, yes....God was definitely with me today! When I saw the tire, I just started crying and shaking! And yes, the drive home was FANTASTIC!

    Casey....I only do it 2 days a week. I keep telling myself...."It's JUST two days, you can do ANYTHING for two days"...lol!

  5. Well Missy! I think its pretty darn selfish that you chose four tires over some sexy thongs. :-D
    I have needed my oil changed for about a month now. Good grief! Sorry to hear about your bad day but glad Mr Hubs came thru for you. You are so funny - I can see you are now offically, truly a blogger. We take pics of EVERYTHING don't we?! heehee (note: my burning hot tub pics) :-) Hugs dear friend, Barb

  6. It just doesn't pay to start mentally spending that money ahead of time.

  7. KBeau has said exactly what i was thinking.. you just can't plan anything, when you're down to your last pennies to rub together! sigh.
    so glad you made it to your exit without serious incident, and that the hubby was your hero! :) we are some lucky girls, ya know! Robin, thanks so much for the encouragement.. i try to stay positive..really.. just not good at doing 'nothing' for more than a day. i am following [being forced to] dr's orders..and i actually did get a follow-up appt. for next week..just in time to leave on the road trip to atlanta. :D anyway.. appreciate your cheerfulness, and i promise to return the favor when needed!

  8. I'm so glad that you are ok. Wow. Tires....sexy panties....I know that was a tough choice. wink wink :)

  9. Hello, I read about your funny blog from Barb at GRits & Glamour, and i agree with her, your blog is a great read! I am sorry you had such a morning, but thank goodness for your prince hottie, oh i mean charming, lol! What a drive to work, is that 5 days a week?? OH my! Sue

  10. Sue, yeah, I think he is "Prince Hottie" too! LOL!
    I only work 2 days a week, so it's not that bad. I used to work there 5 days a week until my son was born. It was terrible!!

    Thanks to all the new visitors! I hope you are able to visit my itty-bitty blog often!


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