Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm gonna wash that gray right out of my hair.....

Do you remember my post a few days ago about my gray streak?
I put it off as long as I could, but I decided today that I just couldn't stand one more Pepe' Le Pew joke.

I decided to color my home.

Normally, I would go to my favorite salon, and get my most favorite hair stylist (Hey Nikki!) to do the honors. But, with funds being tight, I decided I would just do it myself.

I carefully perused the hair color isle for just the right color. I didn't want a change, I just wanted my hair to be it's "normal" color. After minutes of looking through the 100,000 color options, I chose this most fancy color...


I know what you are thinking...."Why did she choose such a FANCY, UNUSUAL color for her at-home attempt?"

You know me, just living on the edge at all times.

First, I opened the box and read allllllllllll the instructions...yup, even the Spanish ones. I decided I didn't have the required 24 hours "test" time; so I, living on the edge again, decided to just GO FOR IT!

I carefully laid everything out so I could reach it.

I took a deep breath, and just went for it.

Here is the BEFORE:

Here is a picture DURING the process. (I took a bunch more, but....ahhhhh.....let's just say I would have had to do a LOT of cropping to make them Internet appropriate)

After the required 30 minutes, I rinsed and wrapped my hair up in a towel to dry a little before the big reveal.

Here is the AFTER:


The GOOD news is, I think all of my gray is gone. The BAD news is.....I don't think the color turned out to be "Medium Brown". The pictures look close to what I expected it to be, but in real life....IT'S DARK.....and RED......and looks NOTHING like it did before......

Oh well, at least I won't be mistaken for a skunk anymore....


  1. I think the red "highlights" are a lovely touch. I have friends who really work at it to get those.

  2. I like the color. It is really pretty. I find that if I go to Sally's Beauty Supply if you have one of those, the ladies there are so knowledgeable and they steer me to the right color and it's cheaper too. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thanks!
    I think the next time I start looking like a skunk, I'm gonna let the professionals fix it!

  4. been there, done that sister! then i shamefully stroll in to see my 'gal' and tell her to work her magic! LOL ;)

    great job though! i agree w/ your bloggies above.. the red is pretty!

  5. i love it you did a grea job!,i color my hair all the time....xx

  6. i meant to type a great

  7. I think it looks really pretty! I love the reddish highlights, and it looks really natural. You are a braver soul than I. I just tell people that I have lots of "highlights" and I've earned every one of them. Kathy

  8. Ok, I started to giggle at the Pepe' Le Pew jokes...then laughed out loud when I got to the cropping your pictures...oh and then when I got to the finished product...GORGEOUS! I love the color!

  9. Laura - aka NavyWife1993February 24, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    I like the color!

  10. While it may not be the exact shade you were expecting, it's GORGEOUS. AND, I seem to remember a time last year when you wanted to be flame headed, LOL

  11. You are so precious! I like the after pictures...I think the color is beautiful. I have colored my hair before...sometimes it turned out fine, but I quit after the last time when I turned my hair three varying shades of green. Only I didn't realize it...other people had to tell me!

  12. Thanks to all of you!!! You have made me feel better about my "mistake"!

    Welcome all of my new posters too! (LAURA...GREAT to see you!!!)

    Wendy, I would have loved to see that! ;o)

  13. It is a beautiful color, at least online it looks really pretty! And does anyone ever really do that 24 hour test??? I have to think NOT! Sue

  14. Thanks for the nice comments, Sue (and everyone else too!)
    Thanks for stopping by my itty-bitty blog! Come back again!


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