Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Food and Even Better Friends!

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of having very special lunch plans.

For years, I have been a member of various Jeremy Mayfield fan boards. Throughout these years, I have "met" many very special people from all over the country and Canada. Occasionally, I've had the pleasure of actually meeting some of these people in person.

I meet most at the race track, on race weekends. I live a few miles from a huge, popular track, so two times a year, I usually get the privilege of meeting up with at least a couple of my friends. Last year, I was thrilled that a few of my buddies were brave enough to come and see my new house! Two friends were really brave, and actually ate my cooking!
Now that's courage right there!
(That was also the day of the infamous PEEP/Microwave explosion.)

Tuesday, however, was a little different. In a sort-of a spur-of-the-moment deal, I had the opportunity to meet up with one of my really, really close friends, Kathy and her husband, Bud!

Kathy and Bud were returning home from a trip to Florida to see their son, and were going to be driving through Atlanta near my workplace. So, after realizing we were going to be "so close" to each other.... there was NO WAY we were going to miss this opportunity! (Actually, we had a couple of other opportunities within the same week, but a funeral and a broken toe got in the way.)

We decided to meet at an all-American favorite place...


I mean, who doesn't LOVE some Cracker Barrel?

We were supposed to meet around noon....but somebody **cough*Kathy*cough** forgot about the time change, and we ended up meeting around 12:45. It was like we have known each other for our entire lives! We had lunch full of hugs (a Southern tradition), smiles, stories and laughs! Oh, and green beads, too.

It was St. Patrick's Day after all!

I'm mad a Bud. He could have tried just a little bit harder to make me SKINNY in that picture!

(Just kidding Bud!)

Our time together was FANTASTIC, but just WAAAAAY TOO SHORT! Soon, I had to go back to my wonderful, windowless office, and Kathy and Bud had to be on their way back north. After more hugs and some tears, we parted ways.

I already miss ya'll! I can't wait until we are able to meet again...

OK, now the question for my wonderful readers....

Have you ever met any of your "Internet" buddies?


  1. I've met many people online! Mostly at race tracks too! Not sure if you remember, but the other girl named Stephanie that was in my wedding, is one of my internet buddies! We had went to a few races together before and talked all the time online, and I was even in her wedding in 2004! Its a lot easier to talk to her online rather than in person, she's from Wisconsin, so theres a language barrier! haha.

  2. Ohhh Steph, I completely agree with you there! I didn't have any problems talking to Kathy, but I have some people that it is MUCH easier talking to!

    Yeah, I had to miss meeting several of my buddies to attend YOUR wedding (Atlanta, anyone)...but, I guess it was worth it!
    Just kidding!!

  3. oh how fun that must have been! so happy for your experience and only hope you get many more! like maybe.. our next trip your way... ;)

    also, thanks so much for your comment. [although you made me cry.. but in a good way this time] i'll make it through.. i always do. just hope i didn't hurt any virgin ears out there!

  4. I was in your wedding, it was only fair that you should attend mine! haha!

  5. LOL! Yeah, but you were like, 2 when you were in MY wedding! Did I interrupt your "Mommy and Me" playtime? LOL!

  6. Yes. Not any bloggers, because I just recently started my blog, but I have met some that I first became acquainted with on an internet message board. They are still good friends, and some have stayed in our home.

  7. I am pretty new to blogging also,but I just know I could be real life in person friends with a bunch of them! Sue

  8. nope. I have never met anyone in internet land. I have really never made that close of friends on here.

  9. Kori, I would LOVE to meet you!!

  10. I can for sure say I have! Andrea and Steve!!! you know the whole story Robin... Husband Andy and I met off of Myspace, does that count???
    Someday you and Maddie and everyone else!

  11. It sounds like you had a really great time Robin. I'm actually meeting a blogging buddy in person tomorrow. (Nancy from My Crafty Little Page) at a "junque" sale! I can't wait. Kathy

  12. Ohhhh, I hope you have fun Kathy!!

  13. Oh my gosh I would love to meet a couple of my internet friends. I'm so "out there" in my energy that I'm afraid I'd overwhelm them in person. OR, we would hit it off just like we do online and wouldn't that be fabulous!!

  14. No, I believe your wedding interrupted Fraggle Rock, lol.

  15. nope Robin, but i would loooove to meet YOU!,what a great post...


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