Thursday, January 8, 2009

I survived another work week!

First of all, I want to welcome THREE more followers!!
Kori Bates from ;
KD (or "Nicked" as some like to call from who is also a fellow HGTV Decorating FANATIC; and my great buddy (and fellow Mayfield fan) Jessica from . Imagine my surprise to come home from a long, two-day work week, to find three new people reading my itty-bitty blog! I am tickled to death to have you gals here!!!

I thought I would share some photos of my exciting journey to work every week. But first, a little background. I have been a Registered Nurse for 11 years. I have spent my entire career (you know, since I have been doing this for SOOOO working in women's health and labor and delivery. After deciding I was tired of working every weekend, holiday, and call night in the hospital, I went to work at a busy OB/GYN practice. I loved my office and loved my job, but there was one HUGE drawback.....the office is 90 miles away from my home!!

Once my dear son was born, I just couldn't continue my 14 hour day, 5 day a week job. Sadly, I quit my job and found another much closer to home. I loved being so close to home, but didn't really love my job. Then, 2 1/2 years ago, I was offered an opportunity to return to my prior job on MY terms. I came up with some really unrealistic terms, not expecting them to be agreed upon, only to be welcomed back with open arms! The main thing I asked for was to only have to work TWO days a week. This two day work week is great! It allows me to earn some much-needed income for my family, but still allow me to be home for the majority of the week. The ultimate goal is for me to be home EVERY day, but for now, this arrangement is just great.

SO, "What do you do at your job?", you ask? I am a phone triage nurse for the office. What does that mean? That means, I am the nurse you talk to when you call your doctor's office when you have a problem. You know, when you call and say "I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but I have something strange going on DOWN THERE!!" I'm the one you tell that to. I promise you, there is NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING you can say to me that will embarrass me. I think in the years I have been doing this, I've heard it ALL! For the sake of a PG-rated Blog, I won't go into detail, but you can just privately e-mail me for more! I also call in all prescriptions that you forgot to ask for while you were here three days before, I attempt to get all prior authorizations for all the medications that,to survive, you MUST have, but the blood-sucking insurance companies refuse to pay for, and fend off drug seekers who wait to have their pain meds called in at 4:59 pm on Friday afternoons because they know that it's too late in the day and in the week to come in for an appointment. Oh yeah, I also have to screen any new pregnant patients wanting to come to the practice to make sure they are not too crazy.....errrr....too high risk for our practice. And in all my spare time, I do all the weird stuff that the doctor's ask me to do (like calling hemorrhoid medication companies and asking them for free samples for the office). IT'S A GREAT JOB!!!

Here are some pictures of my journey to work yesterday. I just LOVE driving to/from work in thunderstorms!!
Here I am, hitting the Interstate 20 for my LONG journey to work....

I slowly get up to speed and set my cruise control....

Again, I LOVE driving in thunderstorms!

89 miles later.....I'm ALMOST THERE! (Don't ya just love my cracked windshield?)

I am SOOOO EXCITED to start another work day!!!!

On a side note....don't you just LOVE all that gray hair at my foot-long roots? THOSE are compliments of my loving son! He's soooo generous!

Here is is....My home away from home! I KNOW you are so jealous of my crowded, dusty, hot, windowless office! Eat your hearts out!

SO, the next time you have to call your doctor's office, just know you will be talking to someone who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES their job!


  1. I love the picture of your face on the way to work...LMAO!!!! I am glad that I found your blog!!! You make me laugh.

  2. My son HATED that picture of me....he screamed "Mommy, don't look like that!"...LOL! I'm so glad you have come aboard and I am LOVING cruising through your blog too! Your daughters with the "boobs" are HILARIOUS!

  3. ha that's awesome Robin!
    Did I ever tell you I worked for Express Scripts in the Prior Auth dept for 6 years??? I was the one that authorized all your meds... hehehe *devilish laugh* :p

  4. Jess, I probably cursed you (under my breath of course) at one time or another... LOL! Actually, I don't think I ever had much trouble with ES, it's mostly BC/BS and Medicaid.

  5. Robin you are a hoot!I am currently searching for a job but not actively LOL! Your face is making me second guess this!!!!

  6. KD, please don't let my ugly mug stop you from your dream of getting a job...LOL!

  7. I love driving in thunderstorms too Robin. It's better than tornadoes, LOL. I hope you don't use your "I love work" face too often when you're at home. Poor Jameson will get a complex.

  8. It's OK Kathy, I save other faces for him!



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