Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little soap, a little water.....


As you can see in the background....the kitchen is no longer clean.


In other news...

Marty and Jameson have decided that this would finally be the year they would plant a garden. SO, several trips to Wal-Mart, hours of research on the internet, and multiple bags of seeds later....

The planting has officially begun!


Now I just hope something grows.

We start on the flowers tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you forgot...

I still have a daughter.

Her t-shirt says:

"I Love Scott, Edward, Kevin, Corney, Lon, Richard, Jack, Neil, & Tommy!"

Can anyone guess WHY???

** HI Monica and Christy!!! Thanks for reading my itty-bitty blog! :o) **


  1. Oh what fun a garden with the children can be. I know you will have loads of fun with that. I love your daughter's T-shirt, she's a cutie. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love how they are so easily entertained at this age...This year I am planting my garden at my Dad's house...they have it all fenced off, and my step mom usually does all the starter seeds...I guess that I am kinda cheating...LOL

  3. cute pics.. jameson is a ham! love it!! very cool that he's interested in gardening.. how many kids these days are interested in anything beyond video games? LOL i didn't figure out the t-shirt :(

    thanks so much for your enthusiasm.. we really did have a wonderful/unbelievable time! pics will be up as soon as i can sort through and find the ones that aren't too dark! [ambient lighting in the studio was not good for no flash.. and we didn't want to use the flash and blind everyone who's eyes had adjusted to the low light]

    so sorry to hear about your friend. will remember the family in my prayers.

    many blessings to you & yours!

  4. I was hoping to be able to plant a garden this year, but looks like it will be too late after our yard is finished getting torn up and bulldozed over. But there will be flowers later this year! So whatcha' planting? Us farmers are interested in things that grow!

  5. Let's see.... corn, broccoli, beans, lettuce, squash, okra, banana peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe, and carrots. BUT, I will believe it when I actually see green things GROWING in our yard. I'm not quite convinced that they will make it happen!

    Of course, that could be said about me too. I have several types of flower seeds to plant....but since our yard is still just barron red dirt, the flowers will mostly be in my pots scattered around the porch.

  6. LOL you crack me up! i will remember your tip about the loo.. and trust me, i will have camera glued to my face.. i am the photographer for the squadron for the event! ;) [how do you think i got hooked up?! lol] gotta think of a creative way to carry my sharpie & stuff i want signed! hmm that could be interesting...

  7. I'm loving it! This is my newest "guilty pleasure"!


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