Saturday, March 7, 2009

You will NEVER, EVER see this again....and other randomness...

**I am linking this older post so I can participate in Kelly Stamps' "Show Us Where You Live Friday" first ever spectacular!**

Every week, Kelly is going host an event where everyone shows different rooms in their homes! Doesn't that sound like so much fun??
This is post that I did recently, so I decided to "recycle" it again. These are the absolute BEST pictures I have of my kitchen, because it is actually CLEAN!

The first few photos below are of the kitchen in my new house. We agonized over our choices for it. We still have a few things to finish, but we are LOVING having such an open kitchen! The large white farmhouse sink was by far, the most upsetting and stressful thing during the entire building process of this house! But I still love it!
I hope you enjoy my photos, and check out Kelly's Korner and all the other people out there showing their kitchens this week!


Here is a sight that you will probably NEVER, EVER see in this house again.....

My kitchen is CLEAN!

I wish it would look like this FOREVAH!!

But that would mean, never cooking in it again....that's a great idea!!
Naw, that wouldn't work.


(Pardon the vent hood....we are hoping to get the rock installed for the top of it within the next month and we left the protective covering over the stainless steel until that is done. We also have to order another trim kit for our microwave...the one we bought didn't fit :o( )

Wait!....I need to see it again.....

OK, on to other things.....

What is Jameson doing?

Ohhhh, he's just enjoying his pizza.....or, is he?

Ohhhhhh, he's on the phone!

But who is he talking to?

Jameson got his very first "friend" phone call from his BFF "Isaiah".
I think we have created a monster!

It was so funny to hear the silly little things they were talking about. At one point, they were even singing "We Will Rock You!" to each other....


*sigh* My little boy is growing up!

And finally, we have the BEST PET EVER!!!

You wanna know why?

Because she doesn't belong to us! LOL

She's over here every single day, playing with Jameson....but we don't have to feed her or anything!


A happy puppy and a happy little boy! PERFECT!

Well, gotta go for now....MY BFF is here for a visit!!


  1. Yay for clean kitchens! One day I hope to be able to pictures of my very own kitchen on here! You need to take pictures of the other rooms so I can see them too! One day I will see them in person, lol.

  2. Congrats on your clean kitchen. I love your farmhouse sink. I had to laugh about the protective covering on your hood. I once had a customer whom I was building a house for call me to say that his appliances were supposed to be stainless and not white.

  3. I would love to see the rest of your house!!! It is so funny to listen to the kids talk to their friends.

  4. Oh pretty, pretty, CLEAN kitchen. This IS something to rejoice about! And what a cutie pie Jameson is......only tell him I said that if he can handle it and not get all big head about it....LOL.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your visits to my blog and your encouraging comments. You are indeed a Barnabus, an encourager!!! thanks....


  5. WHAT?????? Your BFF came to visit???? I haven't left PA yet.

  6. WOW,just WOW! Hey I thought I was you BFF :( . Oh well guess you are allowed to have more than one haha. :)

  7. Steph....come on down!!! We are only 15 minutes from Granny's!
    Kori...when I get the rest of the house clean, I will post more pictures...LOL! I do already have pictures on this blog of my master bedroom and Jameson's bedroom. Those are the only other rooms in my house that have any sort of decor (other than Chelsea's room)
    KBeau....that is hilarious! I actually thought the same thing when we were getting the vent hood out of the package....LOL! are so sweet! I love your blog and your decorating! I am so jealous of anyone who can put things together like you can!
    OK, Kathy and Sharon....I knew I was going to run into this problem....I am so sorry. You guys KNOW how much I love you...BOTH! I have many great friends...which the two of you are included! Oh and know this person very well too! (DR. S!) :o)

  8. Oh, the kitchen looks amazing and that is the best kind of pet ever. Hugs, Marty

  9. Well, it's a good thing that I'm willing to share, that's all I can say. Oh, by the way, I am leaving PA on Monday morning, should be in Panama City sometime Tuesday morning.I WILL find a way, either on the trip down or home, to actually get in your face.

  10. Ohhhhhhh goooodieeee!!! When are you coming home? I work Tuesday and Wednesday but I should be free other than that (unless I have a funeral to go to Monday or Tuesday)

  11. I love love love your curtains and the color of the walls!!! :)

  12. Thanks Casey!!

    Are you and hubby feeling better?

  13. gorgeous kitchen my friend!! i'm soooooooooooo jealous!! [base housing kitchens are a sad sad] updating our adventure as soon as i can get it all typed out. whew is it a long one!

  14. OK, I'll let you slide this time, Love ya!

  15. you are so funny!..and yes i do toooo love a clean, nice kitchen just like yours....silvia..

  16. Just wait till the phone line is connected to a girl!

    Love your kitchen. Great colors.

  17. thanks Robin... you're a PEACH! you work in Georgia, so doesn't that count? ;) so tired.. but it's so worth it!! missed the race today, but we stopped to have dinner on the way in, and saw the finish :)

  18. I found a way to have a clean kitchen at least once a week- hire a cleaning lady! That was my Christmas present from my hubby. You can see my freshly clean kitchen on my site (cleaning lady comes on Thursday which will work great for the Friday challenges!).

  19. I love your curtains & wall color!! I'm looking for a perfect green for my you know the name/brand of the paint color?

  20. beautiful dinning room scheme!

  21. Over from Kelly's party, I love your curtains and your sink! It is a daily struggle keeping my kitchen clean lol!

  22. I love your kitchen!! My favorite are your window treatments! They are so cute!!

  23. Love the green of my favorite colors!! Looks like a warm welcome for folks!!

  24. WELCOME to all of the posters from Kelly's Korner! What a pleasant surprise!

    Thanks for the compliments on my kitchen. We have so much more we would like to do, but considering what kitchen I worked in for the past 20 years, this is HEAVEN!

    For those of you who had questions:

    The sink: Is from American Standard's Chandler collection. It is a pretty sink, but is made of Corian, so it stains pretty easily. It can be cleaned with bleach, however. Our first sink came in damaged, and I didn't realize it until the return date was passed. Fortunately, the company sent me a replacement free of charge.

    The color: It is called "Grasscloth" from Behr, sold at Home Depot. We didn't have a local SW or BM, so we went with Behr. The paint went on beautifully, despite the temperatures being 115 degrees (figures I would have to paint on the hottest day our state had seen in 90 years!)

    The Curtains: The style is called "Victory Swag" or "Patriot Swag". I saw this style in my local JC Penny store and instantly fell in love with it. I couldn't find a color that I liked, so I found the pattern, bought the material and trim, and found a super-talented lady in Georgia to make them for me. I thought they would be pretty inexpensive, since they were being made...but the trim alone cost a fortune! BUT, I think it was worth it in the end!

    If anyone has any other questions, just ask!!

    Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will come again!

    Robin :o)

  25. Oh, and Sarah, I am 100% with you there! If I could afford it, I would SO do it your way! LOL!

  26. Nice kitchen! I love to see how other people decorate. As a side, my best friend named her son Jameson {it's her maiden name, is it a family name for you too?} AND that puppy with Jameson looks identical to the one we found a few weeks ago. We had originally thought it was a lab mix, but the vet believes it's an Akita mix! big difference. Thanks for letting us see your home!

  27. LOVING that back splash-it rocks!

  28. Thanks for the new comments!

    The name "Jameson" came from Marty's (hubby's) daddy's name, which was James. I just liked that little "extra" on the end! LOL!

  29. I love your BIG sink & the green on your walls! Very pretty kitchen!

  30. Love the green walls! We have the same color in our bathroom! (I noticed you mentioned what it was in the comments...)

    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  31. I got to your blog from Kelly's Korner. I hear ya on the clean kitchen. A rare thing in our house. I also wanted to let you know that our oldest son is named Jameson. I had yet to come across another child with that name (even spelled the same way) until I read your blog. Great name choice! ;o)


  32. I love your farmhouse sink! Thanks for letting us look!

  33. Looks like you have the same mixer I was inquiring about on my blog today! I am leaning more and more to getting it now that I see so many people with it in their kitchens!

  34. Love that country sink AND my favorite color GREEN on your walls!! Where ever did you find those curtain toppers, or did you make them??

    Still, the cutest thing in that entire kitchen is your sweet boy Jamison!!

  35. L-O-V-E your sink and tile backsplash!

  36. Totally. Covet. Sink!
    Love, love, love your kitchen.

  37. LOVE your sink! I'm getting new grantie counters and a travertine/glass backsplash next week and can't wait!!


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