Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza....or, well, Happy Birthday to Marty.

Well, as I told you last week, my dear, sweet hubby, Marty, had a birthday.....much to his dismay. He HATES to celebrate his birthday....but he loves for me to cook for him, so that is what I did!

I made his two favorite things.....


And Strawberry-Pineapple Cobbler

Yeah, I know.....I PROMISE it tasted really good.....despite what it looks like!

I did learn some very valuable lessons with this meal:

  • A George Forman grill doesn't work too well to cook quesadillas. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but in reality, it just didn't work.
  • Chicken does NOT taste like steak, even when it is hidden in a quesadilla.
  • When your husband says he will be home "in a little while", that means he will be home 3 hours late.
  • Food that has been heating for 3 hours (see above point), doesn't necessarily taste as great as it would when it was first cooked.
  • NEVER put cheap wax candles in boiling hot strawberry-pineapple cobbler. They WILL melt...all over the place!
  • Candle wax DOES NOT taste good....even when surrounded by cobbler and cool whip.

Despite all the problems, the food really was good and Marty said he enjoyed it.

Marty also surprised me with flowers, which was really sweet!

I mean, what girl doesn't LOVE flowers!


The weekend was productive. We finally got an antique mail sorter hung in the living room. I love it, except for the constant fear I have that it is going to fall off the wall and destroy all of my computer equipment at any second.

My mom worked in the Post Office from the time I was a baby until she retired a few years ago, so I grew up around these things. When they tore down the old post office, Mama saved these. I am honored to be able to display this huge part of my family's history in my home!

Even if it is hanging sideways and is going to fall off the wall at any second.

I got a big surprise as I drove to work this morning.....


It proceeded to snow for most of the day, too! I was SHOCKED to say the least!

It IS still April....right?

And finally, I have realized that for some reason, my last post, Chelsea's life story, isn't showing up in blog lists. I don't know if it is because I had been working on it for so long or what. SO, if you haven't read it yet.....please do!


Well, dear hubby just got home....3 hours late again, so I better rustle up some supper! I hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Happy Birthday to Marty! I love the mail sorter and I'm sure that it won't fall off the wall - sending "stick to the wall" thoughts your way lol. Snow in Alabama at all is a shocker, but in April? Mother Nature sure is playing some dirty tricks this year. Kathy

  2. Happy birthday, Marty!!! I do believe you have a wife who thinks quite a lot of you. :)

    You know, Robin, we got a George Foreman for our wedding and used it only a handful of times. I was so not good with that thing. I think we sold it at a yard sale.

    We had snow here, as well, but it's supposed to be close to 50 tomorrow. I sure hope that was our "onion" snow, and that we see hide nor hair of the hideous stuff again till December or so. Ick.

    I LOVE that mail sorter!!! Is it really that heavy?

  3. LOL! Yeah, it is really that heavy...at least 150# or so! The frame (top, sides, bottom, back) is solid oak. I keep telling myself "It's screwed to the studs....It's screwed to the studs....."....I'm still not convinced!

  4. HAPPY B-DAY MARTY!!...and flowers!?now i'm jeolous,nooo you deserve them my friend...
    that mail thingy is awesome!,wish i could find something like that. i'm sure your gonna get a lot of complements about it...have a great day...

  5. Wait a minute! Its Marty's birthday and you got flowers! That is nooo fair! I don't even get flowers on MY birthday. LOL

    Happy Birthday Mr Quaid, um I mean Marty.

    The cobbler looked scrumptious, and the queso's sound yummy right now. (btw, I like chicken better)

    I have missed you! :-) I knew if I came on here I would get me a good dose of humor. :-D

  6. love the mail sorter! i'll pray it stays put!! :D

    and yes.. i know i'm a nut case! i won't apologize for it though. ;)

    and to marty.. a belated, but heart felt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and i'm sure the over-warmed quesodillas & wax-laden were dElicious!!! and flowers for the cook.. woo hoo! that's my kind of cooking!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Mr. Hottie...wait, that's not his REAL name is it???? Oh, yea, you said Marty. Happy Birthday Marty!!
    And the mail sorter---ADORABLE, well as adorable as a 150 lb. thing can be.....I do love it!
    The food, looks good to me......and the snow??? wow.
    Happy Spring,


  8. The birthday dinner story was hilarious! And how I love that mail sorter!! I could so use one of those!!

  9. I hope you didn't get the mail sorter because you needed that much space for your bills! haha. Lance has only gotten me flowers once. It was a few years ago, and he was driving from his house, and he had to swerve to avoid a wreck, and the flowers dumped in the floor. Needless to say, that was the end of me ever getting anymore flowers, lol.

  10. Well, after learning just how Alabama wives care for their husbands, it's no wonder Marty brought you flowers for HIS birthday. I see Southern men can't tell time any better than their Northern counterparts, LOL

  11. Oh yeah, LOVE the mail sorter. Have any ideas as to what you're going to "sort" in it?

  12. How did we miss the snow in Birmingham? All we've had is cold. At least it's been warmer today.

  13. Kim...My mom has an extra if you want it!
    Steph...that is hilarious! Tell Lance that I sad he's still not off the hook though....all women need flowers some time or another! And YES....I probably do have that many bills! :o
    Kathy...I have No idea what I'm going to put in it....but it's gotta be LIGHT! LOL
    Kbeau...I was driving to my job in Georgia when it was snowing. It did snow a little here, but it actually snowed pretty hard at work. It all melted immediately, though. :o(

  14. hi robin, just came by to say HAPPY EASTER MY FRIEND!...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND...

  15. Happy Birthday to Marty. My dad worked in the post office in my hometown for about 40 years. We weren't allowed to ever send anything UPS or FedEx...he was VERY loyal.

  16. My meals that TASTE good aren't usually the ones that LOOK like they taste. I'm sure your meal was great. I LOVE the mail sorter. I am all about the vintage and unique! I also love the rag swag you made over Jameson's bed...I might have to borrow that when I get to decorate the new house!

  17. Happy Birthday to Marty, and despite all I am sure it was good. Even 3 hrs. late is a blessing because he has a job. lol Then for his birthday he brings you flowers. That's a real keeper. Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty

  18. that cobbler looks absolutely delicious...my mouth is watering now.


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