Monday, April 27, 2009

Burger King "Complaint Address"

After searching around off-and-on all day long, this is the ONLY complaint address I could find for Burger King. Isn't that convenient for them?

It was like an act of Congress to get logged in and lodge a complaint, but I did it. Maybe if a million of our closest friends file a complaint, the commercial will get pulled!

If anyone else finds a different address, please let me know!


I'm off to work for the next couple of days, so I thought I would leave my predominately female readers with a little "eye candy":

Thank goodness he was a Dale Jr. fan, and not a Jeremy fan! LOL!

I'll let you ladies fight over him while I am gone!



  1. Wow! I think he's just my type...too bad I'm already hitched. Darn! (Just kidding) :-)

  2. How funny!!! You might be a redneck if....

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. aww nascar fan heaven!! hey, it's almost as bad as when we went to phoenix race, where on the tram, a guy was singin' "i've got a 12 inch [bleep] and a dozen roses"!!! lmao gotta luv rednecks!!

  4. You should have reminded him to Keep America beautiful ... by putting on a shirt!!!!

  5. Where's CUBBY???????? :D

  6. You can certainly get some interesting pictures at Talledega.

  7. You could send the complaint to there corporate office. This is what I am doing.
    It is a horrible commercial.

    Give us the low down on your latest restaurant visit. Tell us about your experience. What could we do better? Help us help you HAVE IT YOUR WAY®.

    Use our Restaurant Locator to contact your local BURGER KING® restaurant or contact our Corporate office:

    Burger King Corporation
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, Florida 33126

    Corporate Headquarters - 305-378-3000
    Marketing/Advertising Information Requests - 305-378-7200
    Consumer Relations - 305-378-3535
    HAVE IT YOUR WAY® Cards Consumer Help Desk - 1-800-522-1278

    If you are a consumer, please contact our Consumer Relations department at 305-378-3535. Our representatives are ready to assist you Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Please note that consumer inquiries received via the BKC pressroom cannot be processed.

    Due to the volume of inquiries we receive from students, we are unable to respond individually to each request. All public information is available in our annual report and SEC filings through our investor relations link.

  8. THANK YOU JEN!! I looked everywhere for that address and couldn't find it! My letter will be sent today!!

  9. What's the Burger King thing all about? I don't eat fast food so I never go there.

    LOL, my hubby has "more to love" than he did 23 years ago but I ignore the middle and he ignores the dimples? It works for us.

  10. Ahhhhh, now I get it. Yeah, that commercial is really low class and inappropriate. Not for kids IMO.


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