Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just call me "GRACE"

Well, well, I just proved to myself that I will NEVER be a ballerina. I have about as much grace and agility as Oprah a bull in a china shop.

As I was gingerly walking down the steps at work tonight, I not only twisted my ankle once, but TWICE, as I tried to keep myself from planting my face right into the concrete!

I was so embarrassed, that I didn't even attempt to get help. I just sat there on the bottom step and tried my best to keep from crying....and then throwing up.

It hurt THAT bad.

Then I had a decision to make. Do I hobble UP the steps, becoming more embarrassed by the second, and get somebody to help me, possibly taking me to the hospital? OR, do I swallow my tears, take off my shoes, get my big ol' bootie up, hobble DOWN the remaining steps, get into my car, and drive 90 miles home?

I chose to drive home!

No way was I going to be stuck at a hospital 100 miles away from my family!

The ride home was excruciating! The swelling was making my sock tighter and tighter, and I wanted nothing more than to rip them off and prop my foot up! Then I started to notice something else....the big toe on my other foot really started hurting, in a dull, numb kinda way.

After an hour-and-a-half drive, I FINALLY made it home! HOORAY!! Then came the hard part.....getting out of the car, and climbing up the steps to get into the house. Thankfully, it's only three steps. If it had been any more, I NEVER would have made it.

Fortunately, Marty and Jameson came home a few minutes after I did, and they both went into action, petting and babying me. I have to say that was really nice!

Marty didn't think MY bag of ice was big enough, so he decided to make his own bag of ice for me. It ended up weighing about 10 pounds, seriously, but he lovingly positioned it, over and over again, on my ankle.

Marty made us all a great supper, and did all the usual bed-time routines. I didn't have to move one finger....or in my case, a foot!

After my foot just couldn't take the weight coldness of the ice bag, we took it off and decided to take pictures! (Just like any good blogging family would do!)


The following pictures are extreme! SO, if you can't handle non-pedicured, crusty, hang-nailed, ashy, so-pale-it-blinds-you pictures of feet....PLEASE TURN AWAY NOW! But make sure you come back tomorrow, OK? I would be sad without you!

Everybody gone?

OK, here it goes, pictures of my funky legs and feet:

The 10 pound ice bag lovingly made by my dear, sweet hubby.

The worst part of this whole thing....I really messed up my really expensive nice (for me) shoes.

Oh, and I mentioned that my big toe on the other foot was hurting, too.....after trying to walk on it a few times, I have come to the conclusion that it is broken.
(I do have a picture of that toe, but I couldn't even bring myself to post feet are that nasty

So imagine this, me, all whole-lot-of-weight of me, trying to walk to the bedroom, on the heel of my "broken toe" foot, and on my toes of the "jacked-up ankle" foot.

It can't be done!

Just try it and see! Make sure you have a video camera rolling, though!

It is that funny!

I am very thankful that I didn't hurt anything else. I don't have a single cut, scrape or bruise, except for the ankle and big toe.


SO, now that my dream of being the first BBW ballerina has been shattered, what should I do with the rest of my life now?

Decisions, Decisions....



  1. AAAAwwwwww....poor baby. I assume you will NOT be going to work tomorrow? THIS dr. prescribes much rest, elevating the foot, but not so much that you cannot be at the computer catching up on blog friends. Absolutely no cooking, cleaning, or driving. YOU MUST REST. It looks awful, and I'm sure that tomorrow it will be all manner of rainbow,green and purple. Again, I say, poor baby. Take care!


  2. Well, I guess, fortunately, today was my last day for this work week. I only work two days a week...Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    I am SOOOO planning on following your instructions to a TEE over the next day or so! Even if I feel 100% better tomorrow. ;o)

  3. Oh sweetie - oh no! If I lived closer I would come over tomorrow with oreos, doritoes and pepsi and we would lay around all day (you have to lay cause you can't walk) watching Oprah and making fun of her. LOL

    I hope you don't have too much pain. The twisted part can hurt longer and more than the broken part. Bummer!

    I am sending lots and lots of cyber good wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Hugs, Barb

  4. I am so sorry Robin....Hey, at least your legs are shaved! Get better hun!

  5. Robin, You poor poor thing, as one broken foot screws still sticking out, if I touch them I want to throw up gal to another, I feel your pain. Elevate and as my husband says that means Higher than your heart, I am a lazy elevator i guess, lol. Then when you are feeling better, milk it a little longer, you now can pull out the broken toe-twisted ankle card to get out of any job you dont want to do for the next few days, not too bad, lol. Get better quick I will be thinking about you! Sue

  6. girl, [or grace] what a day you had!! so sorry about your trip down the stairs! please do follow all the medical advice above, and REST!!! better to take longer to get on those pretty feet, than to rush it, and twist it again doing the simplest task. [yes, i have experience with this! well, gretchen does- my 'gracie',as is her nickname for specifically that reason, has done this many times while in dance!] so no walking, dancing, twirling, sliding, etc. ok.. you get the picture! sit on your bootie and elevate that puppy!!!

    xoxoxo -tra

  7. So sorry about your accident. I sprained an ankle once, and it seemed forever for the swelling to go down. Wouldn't want to go through that again.

    Take all the pampering you can get!

  8. Mama just brought me her I feel really, really old!

    But too old NOT to use it? No way! I can FLY with that puppy!

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  10. Aww, been there, done that. I had a HUGE not on my ankle for a LONG time. The house I grew up in had a single step out to the utility room. I had on flip flops and they just flopped! Chris still makes fun of me. We had only been dating a few months and he was there. Get plenty of rest and feel better soon!!

  11. Oh no that looks so painful!!! I hate sprained ankles. I hope it heals soon. Try one of those tight ankle wraps for when you start to put weight on it. That bag of ice really is a "more power" sized bag.

  12. Oh man Robin, that looks SOOOO painful... I hope you have lots of Motrin to take and feel better soon! Just think, now you have lots of time to spend on the computer! Wooohooo!!! :D
    Take it easy girl! :)

  13. Ouch! And broken toes are the worst- I seem to have one a year! As far as the shoes, you might try a little polish. I've done the same thing to my shoes and my husband put some polish on them and they're almost perfect again- as perfect as shoes can be;-) You can get brown polish at most stores!

  14. Yikes. The last time my ankle looked like that was when I played fast pitch softball in high school! Pow! Fastball right in the ankle. Then a couple years ago when I worked at the courthouse, I kicked a paper box with my little toe and broke it, so believe me, I feel your pain! At least race weekend was last weekend!!

  15. You may,just might, posibly, maybe, need to go and have it x-rayed to make sure that you do not have a broken ankle!

    I mean....I'm just sayin'

    Ice is good for swelling, but it won't do diddly for a broken bone!

    Hope you are better soon!

    Lou Cinda :)

  16. I oh sweetie I totally feel for you ! I by the way found your blog from a recent link and it was about your daughter ! I have to say she is a angel !

    I fall last year down 4 steps breaking three toes on one foot and twisting my other foot! I know I couldnt walk for days and I would have had to do it 2 days before my daughters first birthday party that we had over 50 people coming too! Thank god for family or I would have been in big trouble!

  17. Oh Robin.......I can't believe you put a picture of your foot on the internet :) Just kidding! I am so sorry that you are hurt (I guess I should have started with that). Do I need to bring food? Make sure you get plenty of rest and stay off it. I hope you get better soon. Love ya.

    Lots of love,
    Susan Brewer

  18. Robin, Thanks for stopping by and letting me know my little white bowls are called ramekins, I knew they had a name, lol So... how is that ankle?? Have you stayed off it today and played hookie all day online? Hope it is feeling better and I want to see your plates. I am off to see the play CATS, Sue

  19. OOOO! That looks so painful! Bless your heart. I know that hurts. Milk it for all you can! laurie

  20. Like Lou Cinda, I'm thinking an X-ray is in order, just to be on the safe side. BROKEN TOE?? Well, we know how that can mess up your plans, don't we? Seriously, if you have a small fracture on that ankle you aren't doing yourself any favors by walking on it, even with your super duper charged up walker. I hate the very thought of you being in pain. Please take care of yourself. If it was Jameson, Chelsea or even Marty, you'd insist they get an X ray. You're just as important as they are.

  21. I am speaking from experience....I have twisted my ankle many times. But the times that I felt like I was going to throw up after, I had broken bones in my foot. Just for the record, I have broken bones in both feet and one of the times, I severely sprained the other foot. I ended up with two walking casts (boots). I looked like Frankenstein. So my advice is this....go get your foot x-rayed. Tomorrow.

    Good luck and I hope my hunch is totally wrong.


  22. oh Robin my friend i'm really sorry about this, i hope you feel better soon and yes get some x-rays done...feel better my friend...i'll be later..


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