Friday, April 17, 2009

My baby's first "date".

No, I'm not talking about my 16 y.o. daughter.....

I'm talking about my 6 y.o. son!

A couple of days ago, I got a message from a mom of one of Jameson's classmates. (Hey Nicole!) She said that her daughter, Gracie, wanted
Jameson to come see her play t-ball on Friday night.
I asked Jameson if he wanted to go, and he got this really giggly,
red-faced, smile on his face and said "YEEEES"

So, this week's bribe to get him to behave in school was
Gracie and her t-ball game.

It worked really well! Only one marked-off sticker all week!
(This may work even better than the puppy bribe!)

As I confirmed the details of the game with Gracie's mom, Jameson was anxiously trying to decide what exact words he was going to say to her
right before the game.

"Gracie, your team is going to be the best!" ended up being the winner.

Once Jameson got home from school today, he constantly watched the clock....asking me a million times:

"When will it be 7:00?"

"4 more hours."

"4 MORE HOURS???? I'll NEVER get to see Gracie play t-ball"

"Jameson, it's not that long."


**Repeat this conversation every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours.**

Finally, Jameson's prayers were answered and we made it to the ball field. Jameson got out of the car and rushed to the fence yelling "HEY GRACIE!!!!!" So much for the well planned out speech.

They exchanged a few "Hey's" and waves, and then Gracie had to get focused on the task at hand....T-BALL! No slacking allowed for Gracie...her mom is the coach! And might I add, a kick- bootie coach, complete with black-sequined flip flops! (I am SO going to get a picture of those cute shoes at the next game). Jameson knew exactly when Gracie was up to bat and ran to the fence to cheer her on at each attempt.

Isn't she cute? (Well, from what you can see of her.)

The voice you hear screaming "RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN" is Jameson.

The Rockie's continued to dominate, and ended up winning 24-11.

After the game, Jameson and Gracie met up at the concession stand and said their goodbyes to each other. But, being the proud and blogging mama that I am, I just had to get a few pictures.


I thought I would have at least a little bit longer to be the
one-and-only girl in his life.


  1. That is so cute. Either Jameson is really tall, or she is really petite.

  2. awwwww so sweet! and yes, mama.. it does happen that fast!

  3. KBeau, it's both. Jameson is tall for his age and Gracie is just a cute, petite little thing. Jameson turned 6 in Sept and Gracie just turned 6 a couple of weeks there is a little age difference, too.

  4. aww thanks for the comments. that's exactly what i told her.. better now, then later! i will keep ya posted on my 'electrifying' therapy! ;) oh, and you've GOT to go get that steak! i am craving it again right now!! if it wouldn't cut into my travel budget.. i'd be on my way right now! [details about that later]
    have a great weekend my friend!!

  5. HAHAHA that is the cutest thing I have seen! I love how he cheered for her! And i have to say they do make a really cute couple! Kids, they just grow up way to fast, lol! Sue

  6. Jameson looks like a real ladies man!

  7. Oh no, don't tell me that. I was hoping for at least high school age with Mason :) That is just the cuttest thing I have ever seen. They are both so adorable.


  8. hi robin, hope you guys are good i heard about a storm in Alabama somewhere.i'm thinking of you and yours, thank you for your kind words everytime.

  9. Remind me to tell you about what my "romantic" 12 year old son did for his "not my girlfriend" for Valentines day sometime. Lets just say I think he inherited his romance gene from his daddy!

  10. Me again I am so excited that my comment went through. It has not worked for me on your blog in the looonnnngest time! Did I mention that his romantic gesture involved a Ghillie Suit and hiding? :)

  11. Yeah KD...BARB got on to me while you were gone...publically, on her my comment section is now fixed for all to use! LOL!

    You MUST tell me the story of your son! LOL!

  12. Robin, this is just the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I love the way he cheered for her. She is a little doll, and Jameson is quite the handsome little man! Sorry it took so long to comment on this, it's been crazy nuts around here. And don't worry, you will always be his "best girl" Hugs, Kathy

  13. Boys will be boys, huh? I think your son is such a cutie pie! Maybe my next grandbaby will be a boy????

  14. Ok, So I had this long thought out comment that I thought that I left you a few days ago....LOL

    They are so cute! You could have the first picture of him and his first true love...Ya know, like in the movies and the Country Music....Tehe!

    My son says that Adalynne's BFF is HIS girlfriend! Dossie is only 4 and Shannon is 10. She goes along with is too cute!


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