Monday, April 20, 2009


As I came home from a LONG day at work, Jameson was excited to show me his Art project from school today:

"Look Mommy, It's a Church!"

"Oh Jameson, that is such a great Church!"
(Thinking "Ohhhhh, my little boy is so sweet...he drew a Church in Art Class.")

Then I noticed something....

"Uhhh, Jameson, honey, what are THOSE?"

(Thinking he would say something like "birds" or "butterflies" or "two suns" or "hail stones"....sorry, we've had our share of bad weather here over the past several weeks.)

Nope! I was WRONG!

"Those are Meteors Mommy!"

"They are barrelling through the universe about to destroy
the Church building!"


So much for my warm and fuzzy moment...

(Please realize that I am in no way implying that Jameson has any negative thoughts about Church or God.....It wouldn't have mattered if he had drawn a school, our house, or Sesame Street.....he still would have just had to add his "boy touch" to it. No offense was intended by this post.)


Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of days. Between constant tornado warnings and a change in my work schedule this week has me a little off my game! I hope to be back to my "normal" self in the next few days!!


Oh, and one last thing....

Jim, these are JUST FOR YOU!!

I just wanted you to know that I love you, my friend, and my thoughts and prayers are with you (and Jennifer and the kiddos) every single day!


  1. Nothing says love like matching mullets! LOL Love you my friend for being who you are. I pray those nasty narley winds will stay far, far away from you - and keep you safe! Hugs, Barb

  2. aww hun.. sorry about your weather. been so pretty here- til today..rain again.

    have a great week!!

  3. Love the picture! Even the meteor shower!

  4. I came over from Barb's blog, and I've been here for at least 45 minutes! As I was scrolling through your posts, I read something about Chelsea, so I went back to find the post about her. I want to tell you how beautiful and inspiring that post was. This is my first visit to your blog, but I was so impressed by how you wrote about your babies and by what you and your husband have been through, and especially how you have come out of all of that tragedy with a strong faith in God. I loved what you said about how many had become Christian soldiers because of some tiny babies. I didn't intend to write such a long comment on my first visit, and I apologize for that, but you did write such an inspiring post, so it's really your fault!! I'll be back. laurie

  5. Robin, he is a hoot! He really is all boy, isn't he? One of the doctors that I work for has two boys 4 and 7, and the stories he tells just crack me up. I think they would be friends with Jameson for sure. Thanks for the giggle this morning. Kathy

  6. Boys will definitely be boys. LOL. Over the 20+ years that I had a home daycare, what I difference I witnessed. They boys would take any object and I do mean any object and turn it into a gun, a lincoln log, a stick, even a push-up popsicle. They girls naturally went for the dolls, and the boy made guns, it was just the way it was. It was pretty cool to witness their differences over the years. Your little guy would have fit in with "my boys" very well! Enjoy your week, hope it becomes less hectic and less tornadic, Sue

  7. HAHAHA That is hilarious!! Boys can be so funny!!

    Ahhhh a meteor!! Run for your liiiiives!!

  8. With the way our weather has been going, a meteor shower really wouldn't surprise me.

  9. Robin, when my son was Jameson's age he drew a picture of himself blowing up (with sticks of dynamite) our local YMCA that he went to for Summer Camp..LOL! Needless to say, the YMCA camp counselors recommended that we take him out.. doh!
    He's a straight A student in high school now and has never been into trouble since then.

    BTW... awesome mullet!!! hahhahaa!

  10. LOVE the matching mullets!!! As for Jameson, you ain't seen nothing yet!!! LOL Just wait until he decides to build his own missiles to destroy those meteorites. Or, starts a wellness center for injured critters, in your bathtub. Or, tries rolling tires down the road into oncoming traffic. Or, tries the Sacramental wine when serving as an acolyte. Or, well, you get my drift! Those are just a few of the hair raising episodes compliments of my sons. Both, by the way, grew up to be wonderful husbands, fathers and caring, compassionate men.

  11. As for the weather, stay safe!!

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  13. WOW, you've been busy!! Love the new look!!

  14. Lol! I love those kinds of stories.
    Not so much the mullets.
    No offense. :)
    Your blog looks beautiful.


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