Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our day in pictures.....WOLVERINE style!

As I posted a couple of days ago, today we had BIG PLANS! Plans almost thwarted by my clumsiness. However, the feet are much better we were able to proceed with the day that Chelsea has been waiting for....

The WOLVERINE opening weekend!

Chelsea has been obsessed with the X-men series ever since she fell in love with the actor, James Marsden...aka: Cyclops, aka: Scott Summers. We have watched those stinkin' movies over and over again. We have the individual DVD's, the Special Edition DVD's, and even the Complete X-Men Trilogy boxed set. So, it is safe to say....

We know our X-Men!

Last night was the opening night for the movie....but I somehow managed to convince Chelsea that it would just be too crowded if we went on the opening day. But she was raring to go at 7:00 this morning! I just hated to tell her that the theater didn't open until 11:00.

So, at 10:00 this morning, we were finally ready to leave. Here is how the rest of our day progressed:

"Yipee! Today is the day! Let's smile so mama will put the camera up and get in the car"

"OK, got our picture.....can we please leave NOW?"

BUT FIRST, we need to make a quick stop by Dollar General to get some snacks. Can you guess who's candy is who's?

Lookie how CHEAP! You couldn't get ONE candy bar at the movies for these prices!

FINALLY, out of the car and walking towards the door.
(Chelsea is so protective of her little brother. She was scared he would get hit by a car, so she grabbed his hand).

Here's the MALL! Just look at those belchy skies!

"OK guys,S-L-O-W it down a little...remember, mama has bum feet!"

"HEY! LOOK! They got new stuff!!"

"Look mama, here it is...put the camera down and COME ON!"

"OK, Sibling love ONE MORE TIME....Cheese!"
("For the love, please take that camera away from her." )

"OK, it's 11:05...I WANT MY TICKET!"

"Finally got tickets, and now to get Popcorn and a Drink."
(Hey! You can't go to the movies and NOT have popcorn, can you?")


(See ya'll in 1 hr and 47 minutes!)

" That was SO GOOD!"
(I'm trying to pretend that I didn't just see Hugh Jackman naked)

"Oh man, that was AWESOME!"
(I'm pretending that I didn't just see Hugh Jackman naked, either.)

"I have $5.00 burning a hole in my pocket and I just gotta get something!"

"Nothing for me at the Dollar Tree....let's go look at something a little bit more expensive more my taste. "
"This is the biggest change purse I have ever seen!"

"Diamonds and that's more like it!"

"Off to get some grub."

"Sitting down to eat some good ol' Mall food."
(The new "bling" Chelsea is wearing was a purchase she made just minutes before)

"I guess that really was rain I was hearing during the movie."

"Ahh, finally done! Let's load 'em up!"

"It's been a long, exhausting day!"

"Can we do it again tomorrow???"

(Oh, and for those of you who are concerned, the "nudity" that I talked about, it wasn't very much at all. Everything was very blurred (he was running) and nothing could be really seen. PLUS, I made them close their eyes...LOL)


For those of you who are curious, my ankle and my toe are doing much better today. I was able to hobble around on it today without too much pain. I decided not to post any feet pictures tonight because I don't want to scare or bore anyone away!

If you have a NEED to see my feet, just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you! LOL



  1. looks like you guys had so much funnnnn,good to hear you feel better.
    chelsea and jameson are adorable and i really like your new bling chelsea!!!.
    have a great night girl.

  2. What a great day! I miss those days when I used to take my kids to the movies, Home Alone, The Santa Claus, Big Daddy, etc... Gotta love kid shows! Glad to hear your feet are on the mend! I get my screws taken out next Monday and hopefully that will be that!! Have a great Sunday, I am off to Indy! Sue

  3. I'm so glad you were able to get up and about and have this special day. It looks like the kids had a great time, have I told you lately how adorable they are?? Movie day was always special for us. To this day, Cait waits to see the newest Harry Potter until she can come home and see it with good ole Mom! Kathy

  4. Ohhhh maaaaan! I woke up bright and early and head right to this pooter box thinkinh.."Oh yea! More Robin feet pics!" Now you tell us this! :-?

    :-D I am so glad you could get up and hobble, oh I mean walk around some.

    What a great day! And what;s wrong wth a little Jack nudity? You don't know Jack! lol

    I went to a girley flick yesterday and saw delicious, scrumption Matthew McConnehey. (sp) No nudity! Bummer! It was a cute, mindless movie - but soooo much eye candy. ;-)

    Hope the rest of your weekend is just as good. Have a good week, my friend! And next time - DO NOT disappoint with those feet and ankle pics. heehee

    Hugs, Barb

  5. Your daughter is so pretty, and your son so good looking. Glad ya'll had a fun day, and so glad your foot is getting better. laurie

  6. glad the foot is healing up nicely and you were able to make the special trip for chelse! looks like a good time was had by all. :D

    have a good work week!

  7. I found your post via Kelly's (the kitchen tours) and I am cracking up. You are my kind of mama. I love going on dates to the movies with my boy, and yes, I make him pose for pictures, too! We saw Wolverine this weekend... really liked it, even without Cyclops! I'm in love with James Marsden, too! Tell Chelsea to neverever read the comics or it will make her mad that they wussy-fied her favorite X-Man!

  8. Love that I'm not the only mom with a "movie purse". I can hide enough candy and drinks for all 4 of us...but of course we must have movie popcorn!! Now shhhh...don't tell anyone.


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