Friday, May 1, 2009

No green, but a nice shade of purple.....

Things with my feet are progressing quite nicely. I know you have all been so concerned.


I was able to leave the house to run a really quick errand and wear shoes! Now, they weren't any of my nice, pretty shoes....they were these:

(But they weren't the name brand....they were the el-cheapo discount store versions.)

But you can bet that those puppies came back off the SECOND I walked back in the door!

I did do something REALLY DUMB after I got home, though. I really needed to get some laundry done, since it has been piling up since Monday. SO, while I was on the phone with a new friend (Hi Vera!), I decided to unload the dryer and move all of the clean clothes from the top of the dryer. SO, here I am, phone propped on my shoulder, toting a HUGE pile of clean clothes into the bedroom. What I didn't see was the laundry basket that had accidentally fell over. Well, guess what did find that laundry basket?



So much for progress, huh? It has been suggested that I may need to wrap myself in bubble wrap from now on!

Other than that episode, today has been a good day for the feet. I was disappointed to see that there was no green today, but I did notice a new, nice shade of purple! And since I know you are DYING to see, here are today's pictures:

AND, I am finally brave enough to show you a picture of my Big Toe! (Thanks to Jameson covering up my other ugly toes!)

SEE! I told you it was bad!

Maybe tomorrow I will actually have some GREEN to look at!


You remember my baby birds from THIS post? Well, it didn't take long...they are flying everywhere! I am finding there are WAAAY more than the two I saw in the nest. They have been so funny today, flying back and forth on my porch, making short little trips, bouncing off our french doors, pooping all over everything in sight. I have been trying to get some video of them, but Mama Bird starts tweeting at me every time I come near them. Hopefully, I will be able to catch them on video tomorrow.


I also would like to welcome all of the new visitors I've had today! I hope you liked what you saw and will come back to visit again!


I hope you all have a BLESSED and WONDERFUL weekend!!




  1. oh Robin i'm glad to hear you are feeling better ,relax and rest my friend and forget about any chores...have a great weekend,i'll be back to see how you doing...
    ps/ jameson its a sweetheart...such a cute boy..

  2. Such interesting colors, girlfriend. The TOE looks like it hurts like heck......
    Take care and take it easy...


  3. Oh, my feet started hurting just looking at yours! I didn't get by here yesterday, so I just took a look at your borrowed wheels! I've never seen a model without tennis balls on it! This must be a new model-lucky you! Take it easy, and try to not run into anything else! laurie

  4. Robin, So glad you are healing nicely! Still take it easy this weekend, and enjoy! Sue

  5. Ouch! That toe looks excruciating. I know (from experience) that there's not really anything they can do for a broken toe, so you might want to use this as an excuse to NOT do laundry. Those baskets just jump right out in front of you don't they? Glad you were able to get out, just be careful! Kathy

  6. Glad you were able to "hobble" out a bit today. It helps, doesn't it?

    Just wanted you to know I gave you a "Shout Out" on my Blog. Come by and see for yourself.

  7. That looks painful.

    BTW, I love, love, love your blog re-do. Maybe I've told you that already.

  8. came by tonite to see how you are doing girl,what color is it now?lol.. no really i hope you r feeling much better my friend..take care and i'll be back .xx


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