Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

I know, I know....we need rain. Especially after the years of drought that the South has had recently.


I feel like I need to run out in the yard and start building an ark!

We were thrilled when the rains began on Friday, since Marty and Jameson have just finished planting the garden. You can water it with a hose pipe all you want, but nothing makes a garden grow like good ol' rain.

Hubby has actually done some reading up on WHY rain is so much better for plants, and found out that rainwater actually has a small electrical charge in it (along with many other reasons). SO, I wonder, if I run an extension cord out to the garden, will it make it grow better?

Just Kidding!

I don't want to electrocute myself Marty.

We thought the rain would be over by Saturday, but we were WRONG! The rain continued throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning. By the time Church was over, the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds. But alas, the sunshine was very short-lived. The next thing we know,

BAM! Tornado Warning!

It has gotten to the point that we have had so many tornado warnings over the past two months, it's becoming second nature! We were fortunate to not be in the direct path of the storm (this time), but were on the South side of it, where the 60+ MPH winds were! EEK! We situated all of our outdoor things and braced ourselves for some rough winds!

Fortunately, this is all we got:

But with the wind came rain.....lots and lots of rain! Marty ended up getting called out to work last night to repair two substations that were damaged in the storms. He didn't get home until 4:41 am this morning.

I hope you people enjoy your power!

This morning, we were told my our oh-so-smart weather people that the rain would be stopping today and would see some sunshine. Well....


It continued to rain....ALL DAY LONG! Now I'm not talking a drizzle here, drizzle there.....I'm talking heavy,soaking RAIN! Our poor little vegetable garden was actually covered with water at one point today. I thought Marty was going to have a STROKE! So, between thunderstorms, Marty ran out there and started drilling holes and shoveling dirt....attempting to save his babies! Let's just hope that it works!

Here is a little video of our poor little garden. (Pardon the tall's rained so much, the grass has grown a foot and it's been too wet to get the lawnmower back there to cut it)

This evening, we were getting what we thought was the very last of the rain for today, and Jameson went out to play on our back porch. We came running in the house yelling

"HEY, that man is talking in the air again!"

We jumped up and ran outside, and sure enough, our weather alarm was going off


We scurried around trying to find some information, but there was NOTHING on the television about this warning. FINALLY, I got an Twitter update from a dear newscaster friend of mine that let us know that our immediate area wasn't in danger.

**WHEW!** We dodged yet another bullet!

So, now as I sit here typing this post, and listening to the rain, I just wonder what tomorrow will hold.

Does anyone know where I can get some Gopher wood?

(Oh, and there was ANOTHER earthquake in Central Alabama this out for locusts....)


Well, off to work for my two days. I am a little nervous about going to work tomorrow....seeing those STAIRS again. I may need to walk in through the front for a few days (weeks, years....)

But just know, I love my job!!

I hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful week!!



  1. Hey- that's JUST how I looked this morning when I had to do something I didn't want to do! LOVE it! My friend in Tulsa has had rain for 10 straight days- I'm so sorry for you both! But remember, we NEED the rain for the grass- don't you HATE it when people say that?!?!!!!

  2. Are you sure you are not in Oregon...that is all we get here!

    To funny about the "running an extension cord out to the garden." It sounds like a great idea ;)

  3. I know just what you mean - around here it's either drought or frogstranglers - none of that mamby pamby gentle rain for us lol! The last doozie we had, all I could think of was that old Bill Cosby routine - "what's a cubit?". Hope it dries out soon and your garden is ok. Kathy

  4. Being a farmer's daughter I grew up knowing that you shouldn't complain about the rain, but enough is ENOUGH!!! Too much rain is as bad as a drought! Hope Marty gets a break soon. Don't float away :-)

  5. WOW those were some videos that wind was really strong! I sure hope that rain stops before our vacation at the end of the month, I mean for you poor people, lol. Sorry that was me being selfish. I twisted my ankle, yes on my already jacked up foot, yesterday morning letting the dogs out, and I thought of you right away. Fortunately the pain seems to be gone this morning, so it was very mild compared to yours, am I getting old and clutzy or what?? Have a good day and hope that rain gives you guys a break! Sue

  6. I am looking out my window and it appears to be "misting" again this morning.

    Reading your blog has given me another idea for a post. Until I moved to Alabama, I had never heard the term "hose pipe." There's got to be a blog in there somewhere.

  7. Robin - no extension cord needed. You have such a "striking" personality that is all that is needed. So just stand in the garden while hose watering your plants.

    LOL Ducking from a mod clod.

    Sorry you gotta conquer the stairs again today. ouch! Maybe your co-worker peeps will feel sorry for you and bring you goodies all day.
    (wishful thinking?)

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Barb

  8. KBeau....I just knew when I posted "HOSE PIPE" I would get some sort of response from! I almost deleted it, but then I thought...NAAAHHH, that's what I would say in "real life" so just leave it!

    And you all will be happy to know I bypassed the stairs all together and went straight for the elevator!

    HUGS from WORK!

    Robin :o)

  9. so glad i'm in sunny tejas this week!! time to build an ark noah?? LOL ;)

  10. I hope your rain stops soon! Come to think of it...I hope OUR rain stops soon too!! Like your friend in Oregon, we have pretty much the same weather up here in Washington...rainy and windy..YUK!
    Where's the sun???? =)

  11. That is the same message i got from that website too. It was a great deal, but oh well I guess I don't get to take advantage of it. Maybe next time.

  12. I usually read you in a reader - so I hadn't seen the new look yet. Lookin' snazzy over here! I'm a fan of brown, red and aqua myself. ;)

    Thanks for Trouble's birthday wishes! I know of all people, you really know what these milestones mean.


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