Saturday, May 23, 2009

SCORE at the Thrift Store!

Well, since so many of ya'll have been having such great luck recently at your local Thrift Stores, I thought I would swing by today to see what I could find. Hubby had to work tonight, so Jameson and I slipped out while he was trying to catch a nap.

As you can tell by the photo, our Thrift Store wouldn't be considered "fancy" by any means. But, it's clean, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful and you can occasionally find some really great things.

Just look at these isles!

If you are looking for "Anything to do with candles" you have come to the right place!

I even found the ThighMaster that Marla has been looking for!! Ha Ha!

First, I found these adorable little picture frames.

The small one's cost $0.25 and the larger one's cost $0.50.
I plan on changing the pictures (they are in pretty bad shape)and possibly touching up the frames with a little paint to match the kid's bathroom.

Then I found these new calendars for $0.25 each.

I'm not quite sure what I will do with these yet, but the photos are just beautiful!

Not to be left out, Jameson also found a little something.

By now, however, most of the kit has either been broken or lost.

And then finally, my BIG SCORE!

As I was making my way down the last isle, I found THESE...

I know they aren't much to look at now, but I plan on recovering them to fit this...

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some small shades to fit this chandelier in Chelsea's room. The one's I have found have been the wrong color, or size, or cost $15 - $20 each.

There is just something about spending $100 for chandy shades that I just can't seem to make myself do.

But the BEST part of the shades was the PRICE. Only one of them were marked with a price sticker. So, the cashier asked me "Is this price for one or all of them?". I told her I didn't know, so she gave them ALL to me for ONE price....


Yup, I got all five of these beauties for ONE DOLLAR!

I was so excited!

(Almost as excited as I was yesterday when I went to Wal-Mart just as they were marking down their hamburger meat that was "Use or Freeze by today" to $1.00 a pound! I literally bought 20 pounds! Our freezer just paid for itself!)

So, I hope to be able to show off my new and improved chandy shades in a future post!

I think the Thrift Store is going to be my new favorite place to shop!


Don't forget, I will be closing the comments for my giveaway tomorrow (Sunday) at noon, so if you haven't entered, do so now!

What are you waiting for???

(That's my tough act.....what cha' think about it?)



  1. What a great thrift store. I would love to rumble through all those dishes. Your picture frames are a real steal, but boy the chandy shades are unreal. Just fabulous. The kit is a great buy too. I love the thrift stores and GW, they are such fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. Where is that thrift store??!! I have a house to decorate!

  3. Stephanie, it is on Hwy 78 between Sticks and Stuff and Lowes. It's where Creations Furniture used to be (Where Steve worked).

  4. Awesome finds! I am still laughing about Marla's thigh master! Like she needs it!

  5. Robin, I say you SCORED at the thrit store. I just said to my sister last night, we need to find ourselves a thrift store while we are down here in ALABAMA, hopefully we will! And dont you when you happen to be at the right place at the right time to get such a deal as that ground beef, I see tacos, spaghetti, and burgers in your future, lol. Sue

  6. What a deal on the lamp shades. The prices for them retail are really ridiculous, you paid less for all of them then you would normally pay for 1. Can't wait to see what you do with them and Chelsea's chandy when you're done. Kathy

  7. Awesome post! It's funny how we forget to check out our options- I'm sad to say I just go to Target and spend whatever I have to spend! But you have inspired me to "think outside the box!!" Next time, I'll try our thrift store;-)

  8. BTW- I see your "followers" are back- woohoo!!

  9. Great finds. Don't you just love it when you get a bargain?

  10. I thought that building looked familiar! I must visit!

  11. You scored some bargains, girl!!
    Great job!


  12. Oh, my friend, you and I could do some SERIOUS damage if we went thrift shopping together!

    I think I'm as excited as you are about your finds, especially those chandelier shades!!!



  13. wow chica.. that's quite the bargain!! good for you! can't wait to see the finished shades. :) -Tracie


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