Sunday, May 17, 2009

Contest and Questionaire.


I will be revealing the lucky winner in a post later tonight!




Have you ever just had one of those days? You know, you don't feel like anything is getting accomplished, you are never going to be able to get caught up ahead of the bills, the house is never going to be clean or finished..... I feel like I am going into my second week of those days. It doesn't help things that the weather for this entire MONTH has been like this:

I am SO ready to have some sunshine, I can't even see straight! I mean, don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for the rain. It was just two years ago that the South was experiencing a devastating drought. But MAN!


So, in case any of ya'll are feeling the same way, I thought I would give away a little something to get us ready for some FUN IN THE SUN!

How about this?

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

I do want to be 100% honest here, I've had this sitting in my closet for a couple of months now, just wondering what to do with it. You know, it's one of those things that is so cute, you hate to use it. But now my friends, I couldn't think of a better use for it.....Helping one of my bloggy buddies ready for some summertime fun!

In addition to the cutest beach/picnic bag ever made, I am putting in a couple of other goodies like these:

(The shoes are ladies size 7, but they are flip flops, so you should be able to get some use out of them if your foot is a little larger or smaller.)

So, I guess you are wondering how to enter? I'm gonna tell you a few different ways.

1. Just leave me a comment. Goodness knows how much I LOVE reading your comments! I get all excited when I see new comments!

2. Become a follower. If you already a follower, just leave me an additional post letting me know you are already a follower. If you are a "lurker" and not yet a follower, just hit that little button up there next to the "Followers". It doesn't hurt, I promise!! And then leave me a comment letting me know you have officially "delurked" and are now a follower.

3. Tell all of YOUR bloggy buddies about my contest in a little blip on your blog. Then come back here and let me know.

See, super easy-peasy with THREE chances to get your name in the hat! And since I have no idea how to do that random-number-picker thingy.... it will probably literally be picking a name out of a hat! LOL


Now on the second part of this post. Are there things about me that you have just been dying to ask me? You know like:

"How in the world do you stay so slim and sexy?"

"Where did you get that super exotic Medium Brown hair color?"

"Why do you only let your husband own/wear a white t-shirt and black shorts?".

Things that really keep you up at night wondering about.

Well, I am opening up my comments to any questions you may have about me and my family, within reason. I plan on answering these questions one week from today, as well as give away the above-mentioned Summer fun bag!

So ladies (or any men that may be "lurking" out there), get to writing and we will meet back here in a week for a WINNER and ANSWERS!

(But please come back throughout the week for other


I hope you all have a most wonderful and blessed week!!






  1. Hey "Mama"! HeeHee! Let's see what can I ask you that I don't already feel like I know? HMMMM? LOL! O.K. I got something. You spend a lot of time in your car driving to and from work. What do you do to pass the time? I know you could probably make the drive with your eyes closed and truth be told you just might do that from time to time but do you sing, dance, chat on the phone, all of the above, or just what do you do while burning up the roads.
    Can't wait to see what all of my fellow followers/lurkers ask. I also love reading your quirky comments. Have a great weekend and throw my name in the hat please. : )

    Vera Spinks
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  2. is there an umbrella in that package, because you can call me LILY.....haha. Cute stuff there, girlie! Please put my name in the hat! And fyi, google random number generator, and read the directions. If I can do it, you can! But I don't always do that...I like a pile of names in a hat, personally! :)

    And my question is: what's for dinner? :)

  3. Yep, you KNOW I'm a follower!


  4. yes PLEASE please PLEASE throw my name into the hat!!!! :D

  5. oh, and i am ALREADY a follower [stalker!] :D

  6. and i was going to ask you what you listen to on your long drives.. but that's sort of already taken. :( so i guess i will ask you a bloggy question like, what made you start blogging?

    xoxo -Tracie

  7. We've been traveling since Wednesday. So it's still raining in Alabama, huh. Glad I haven't missed anything.

  8. Ok first off, I am a legal stalker, aka, follower!!!

  9. Alright,now, ya'll better clear up that weather down there, we are heading to Gulf Shores on Friday for a week, and we will have no rain, been enough of that up here thank you very much!!!

  10. got my linky up to your contest!! ;) -tracie

  11. OK, and now for my question.....
    hmmm.....what to ask, what to ask.... ok, here goes, I am a pizza lover, could eat it everyday of the week, I think, so what is your favorite food of all??? Kind of lame question, but I am curious, lol. Sue

  12. I am tired of this rain too !! Someone needs to turn the sun back on, I am starting to mildew !!!

  13. Oh yes, drop my name in the hat, please! Sue

  14. Hey! If I win that bag, you won't have to pay shipping on it *hint hint* lol. But I do have a slightly stupid do you turn words into a link in your post instead of having to type the entire http:// crap. I've been trying to figure that out forever, and I think it has something to do with the hyperlink button, but everytime I click on that, it just makes the entire http:// junk appear. I'm so confused! Oh and the questions for you...Whose your favorite niece? Have you completely banned Nascar from your house since they suspended Jeremy? Would you consider Brian as a replacement favorite driver? Are you ever going back to Bristol with us? Oh and here's a good one...what drives you crazy about Uncle Marty?? hehehe.

  15. Hey Steph.....I think that is more than ONE! Just kidding.

    I will go ahead and answer the link question.

    Yes, the "Hyperlink" button does make it work, but first highlight and "copy" the address of the site you are trying to link.

    Then, highlight the word or words you want to be your "link".

    Then, hit the "Hyperlink" button.
    A little box should pop up with a line in it that has "http://"

    Then you just click on that line, and "Paste" the link to your site.

    Viola! That should work.

    If I confused you, just call me or grab me at the next get-together and I will show you.

    ^^Waves^^ (Stephanie doesn't do

    Robin :o)

  16. Yay! I did it!! Your website was the first one I linked to! I must've missed the part about one question, lol. I'll just ask them all the next time I see you then, haha.

  17. My question is.....What super duper winner will love that bag as much as me? Who will cherish it with all their hearts as much as me? Who will sleep with it, next to their pillow and drift off to sweet dreams if not me? Think about it.

    It's all about me, me, me. Pick me, me, me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could really use the lift - have you seen my post today? It's awful and I really need a nice gift like you are giving away. Could you please add Suzanne Sommers thigh master to the bag?

    Hugs, XOX0 Hugs, XOX0

  18. #1
    I love that bag! It would go perfect with this stupid Oregon weather.
    I am already a follower...
    what was the question again?
    Just kidding. I will get on it as soon as I am done here.

    Thank you Steph for asking that question! Now I will try to do it.

    Ok, the question I had was....well, there is 2 of them...
    I wanted to know about your Dad. How he became a christan....and did you have trouble getting pregnant with Jameson?

  19. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! That's code for I added your giveaway to my blog. Me, me, me, me, me!!!!

  20. Robin, I am Marla's husband and I know that she sooo deserves to win your sun/fun tote. My question to you is, "Don't you just love her as much as I do?" You are now blog #2 that I follow. I cannot post a link to my blog because I do not have one, so I will email all 5000 employees at my company telling them about your giveaway and how much my wife deserves to win. It's all about her her her her. I see why Marla likes to follow your blog; on second thought I deserve to win. It all about me me me me!!!

  21. Howdy! Tracie sent me over and said to say hi! What a great give away! I would love to be counted in :)

    Hope you have sunshine tomorrow and the whole week!

  22. How sweet of Marla's husband to enter her in the contest??? My husband entered me to win a tassel. I didn't, but the fact that he did it was prize enough.

    I just love you. You're so genuine. I can't think of any questions, but I just had to stop in and give you a big ol' one of these:


    That is all. ;)

  23. You guys are KILLING ME! I am laughing SOOOO HARD right now!!!

  24. Hey Woman! I think you are all the SUNSHINE the great State of Georgia needs. (How's that for sucking up to be chosen as the winner of your giveaway!) LOL

    Count me in please.

    How cute are those flip-floppers.

    By the way, I emailed you something if ya' wanna use them.

    Have a great week, my friend!

    Hugs, Barb

  25. Hey,Robin! I don't have a blog, but I am a follower of yours. I have your blog site saved to my favorites, so THAT should count for something! I do think I'm becoming addicted to your blog..ha Everyday I check my school email, personal email, and your blog! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your life. It really makes me smile! Love you!
    Julie (Harmon) Campbell

  26. THANKS BARB!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

  27. hi robin i had to stop by and leave you a comment cuz i want that tote so bad!!!!!and the flip flops! i'm a seven so they will fit perfectely,so make sure you drop my name in the hat!lol...have a great week my friend and i'm sending some nice weather your WAY.....xo..


  28. No YOU ROCK! :-)

    I forgot to add my question(s)....

    1) Since you are a nurse, do you like to play "Good Doctor/Bad Nurse?" wink, wink

    2) What was the funniest thing that happened while building your home?

  29. No fair, Barb, playing up the nurse card....I should have thought of that one! Can't believe I'm so intent on winning flipflops that I'm getting edgy with my favorite bloggers. Darn menopause hormones make me very competitive (or something.) :)

  30. i love you blog! i read it every day, but this is my first comment. i love the tote, so cute. please put my name in the hat :)


  31. I love the bag BUT of course it's cost you a bomb to send it to Malta, Europe - but if I win I will give you my friend's address so you can give it to her....

  32. Ok- I just want to know HOW you made your blog button!! I have been wanting to make one but can't find a good site- yours looks great!

  33. Jenny,

    Are you talking about the Summer Fun Giveaway button?

    Barb (from Grits and Glamour) made those little beauties for me! Aren't they sweet? I don't have a clue how to do it.

    If you are talking about my background, I had it done by LeeLou's Custom Blog Design...they have a button up top.

    Great news on the non-move!!

  34. Pick me out of your hat. I want to win!!!

  35. I get a 2nd entry for being one of your followers. It kind of felt cult like just typing that I was one of your followers.
    All joking aside, Pick Me! ;)

  36. Hi Robin-such CUTE stuff!! I was also wondering if you had a hard time getting pregnant with Jameson.

  37. My second for being a follower (uh, stalker! LOL)!!!

  38. Great give aways. Please enter my name. My question for you is,
    How will you live with yourself if you don't draw my name for the give-away? laurie

  39. I could really use that bag when we go to the beach in July. I tried to become a follower but I don't think the link is working so I will try later and I will link your giveaway to my blog in just a few minutes.
    Question: What kind of camera do you use?

  40. Robin, you just crack me up! LOL! That little (well, not so little) gal on the bag is adorable.

    I'm already your devoted follower.

  41. holy hannah 40 comments?? that's crazy Robin!!! Well I am follower and a leader... a pug mom and a JM fan.. hmmm what were the other questions?? hahaha love ya!

  42. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the rainy day blues! Ugh!

    Super cute giveaway and thank you, thank you for voting for me today :

  43. ok ok I"m a follower/lurker/fan of your blog, I lurk often and stroll over to some of your friends, I just can't help myself, you light up my day, love the kids pics, and all you are doing with your house...

    OK who I am:
    * grins*
    Sherry Mayfield hehehhehe

  44. Hey Rob, I'm having issues with getting my comments to show up, Drop my name in the hat, I know way too much about you :) Sharn Jean

  45. Sharn, did you sign in under your "redneck nurse" first? What is the comments saying? I've tried to remove all boundries to the comments to make it super easy.

  46. Ok, What is this NON-MOVE? Where you moving? DId I miss a post?? Just wondering. :)

  47. Howdy Alabama Slacker Mama! I'm Mindy, Marla's daughter from over at Always Nesting. My mom turned me on to your super fun giveaway...not realizing that I'd be competition for her, her, her! That bag is just delightful! Thanks for the entry. :)

    P.S. I love reading your super sweet comments on mama's blog. :)

  48. OMG, finally, password issues! I'm good for now :)

  49. Hi Robin! I have never commented before, but I do read your blog as often as my children will let me get on the computer. I don't have a blog of my own, BUT I also am a nurse and I also work in a doctor's office returning calls. That has to count for something! I also love the bag, too cute!!! And I happen to have this habit of collecting bags/purses to the point that my dear husband's brows raise when I find a new one I can't live without. If I qualify, please drop my name in the hat too. Teresa Tarrant Tyler, TX

  50. You absolutely quality Teresa!!

    So, how do YOU like working in a doctor's office phone room?

  51. I found you via another blog and have been laughing at some of your posts. Thanks for sharing with us northerners.

    Have a great day,
    from Connecticut


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