Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess What I'm Doing All Week?

(Some information edited out, you know, so I don't get any crazy stalkers or And YES, I know that my name has 2 "B's" in it....long story)

I KNOW you are all SO JEALOUS of me right now!

I know every day ya'll pray to get a Jury Summons in the mail.

Don't be a hater, yours will come soon enough....I'm sure!


Today was very interesting.

After giving out a lot of personal information to 300 or so of my newest "friends" (which consisted of lawyers, judges, fellow potential jurors, criminals defendant's, and defendant's families), I was told that I had been "struck" from the pool today.

I'm a little hurt.

Why didn't they like me?

I was really looking forward to spending the rest of my week sitting in that Juror's room.


Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to be raked over the coals questioned.

Ha Ha Ha!!

Have YOU ever been called for jury duty?


  1. I got called for FEDERAL jury duty in B'ham. Am currently trying to get excused! I don't think Tucker would do too well sitting in court every day!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, the girl sitting next to me was excused because she didn't have a sitter. They should have no problem excusing you.

  3. Yep, I've been summoned probably a total of 10 times, I've served on 3 juries, 1 criminal (and boy was that guy a doofus!) and 2 civil. Yes, it's so much fun airing your personal opinions for the entire county isn't it? Good luck! Kathy

  4. I have to tell you this has never happened to me- I think it's cuz we move too much! I'll pray for ya!!

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  6. Try again. I was on an attempted murder trial and it was awful, just awful. One of the worst experiences of my life. I found that jurors can get really mean and ugly when their lives are disrupted. I'll spend time in jail (yeah, me, miss sissy pants) before I'll be a juror on that type of trial again.

  7. was called in once, but excused because i was my kids only way to school.. no bus available at the time. hehe they caught up with me, probably because i had gotten my real estate license... but i agree w/ Jenny... i think we've escaped it for the most part, 'cause we move so darn much.. they can't keep up with us!!

  8. Robin: I have been called several times in Etowah County, but got struck cos' I knew all the attorneys/judges, etc. I am a legal secretary here. THEN I got called to Federal jury duty in Birmingham. Tried for three weeks to get out of it! No way!! Had to go, sit there all day and ended up getting struck cos' it was a case from Etowah County and I knew the Federal Prosecutor!

    Don't take it personally when you get struck though! If the defense wants you the Plaintiff side will strike and vice versa. Depends on what kind of case it is. If it involves a back injury for example, and you or someone in your family has had back problems, the plaintiff wants you, the defense does not, cos' you would be sympathetic!! STRUCK!

    Good thing is, you get paid everyday for being there!

    HAVE FUN!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. I get called every few years, never get to sit on a jury. Know too many judges, cops and lawyers I guess. If you don't want to sit on a jury, be very, very opinionated -say something like "I trust the police. They wouldn't arrest someone unless that person was guilty," OR "I don't trust the cops. They're always trying to set people up just to close a case." I've heard both, from people who really do think that way. It was hilarious.


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