Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here we go AGAIN.......

For any of you who have been reading my blog for a little while, you know that ONE of my children tends to have some *ahem* discipline problems in school.

We've tried an allowance, discipline, taking toys/television/music away, and the longest, best-working thing.....PUPPY bribes.

(Which, by the way, worked for almost an entire month!)

NOTHING we try works for any length of time.

Well, when school started this year, I just KNEW Jameson had matured enough over the summer, and he would behave SO much better.

It started off pretty well.....

A 100 on his very first test!

And then, so far, so good on his daily conduct report:

FOUR days in a row, and NO trouble! He may actually get "Friday Surprise." WOOOO HOOOO!

(You can click on any picture and make it larger)

Then, we get this....

Paperclips in his pockets??? He swears he wasn't going to bring them home, he was just trying to make "keys" out of them.


Then, Wednesday we get the bomb...

Jameson got into a disagreement with another child, and he hit the other little boy.
SO, we spent the rest of the evening discussing "bullying" and the "Golden Rule" adding a few threats here and there.

By Thursday morning, he was ready for a new day.

Thursday afternoon, we then get this....

I was NOT a happy Mama, let me tell you!

Jameson did say that he tried and tried and tried not to "touch" the other kid, but said "He just kept grabbing and shoving me and he just wouldn't keep his hands off of me, so I pushed him." The other kid did get in trouble too, so I believe he was telling us the truth.

However, he was not allowed to watch any television, or listen to any music, and he was not allowed to play outside, or with his toys. He did have to help me cook supper and clean up the house. We told him that his behavior was NOT acceptable and that if he had one more occurrence, he would loose all of his privileges for the next month.

Friday, he didn't get a grade at all, so I assuming that nothing else happened. Jameson also said he had a "good" day.


What am I going to do with him?

He's just so dang CUTE!


  1. Behind that innocent face lurks.....

    a little boy. What else can we say.

  2. yep.. he's too cute for his own good!! lol ;) wonder if he's just bored? maybe teach can give him extra things to help her out with? he seems to enjoy helping out

  3. When I used to babysit, I would always say that God knew what he was doing when he made the "busy" kids so darn cute, that way you wouldnt kill them, lol! Keep it up mom, he will get it! I agree that maybe he is bored, talk to the teach!

  4. oh Robin why is it so hard with kids?dont know what to say..but i know it could be worse hes just a boy and a very cute one for sure...good luck, see this year brings to me! we dont start until sept 8 here...

  5. I rarely have time to comment on my favorite blogs these days but I just had to jump in here.
    #1 He's a boy with lots of little boy energy.
    #2 He truly may be a gifted child and is bored in his class.
    #3 My daughter that is an elementary school teacher says kids today don't get enough recess at school to get the wiggles out.

    Robin, you will get through this, he will grow into a wonderful adult, and you will someday laugh about his youth.

  6. I agree, he could be bored. My friends kid was acting out, come to find, he is really smart and was soooooo bored.

    My girls got the last 3 weeks of summer vacation taken from them for fighting. This momma had had enough! LOL They were starting to get a little violent.

  7. 100% boy-what else can you say!? Now that Tucker is walking, he is into EVERYTHING. I think I about to know exactly what you are going through!! I tried to comment on your PETA post, but this wireless internet has it's days. That day it decided I didn't really need to comment you-so it wouldn't work! I can't stand those stupid people, who do they think they are?


  8. Oh, I FEEL your pain! Is it possible he has ADHD- that just makes it so hard for them to behave, no matter how wonderfully they've been raised or how cute ;-) they are!! Josh has ADHD, but his is more attention deficit. I know lots of kiddos that have it have issues with behavior. I think when you have something going on that's so severe that it's interrupting the learning process for your child, that you have to consider something may be physically wrong. I know how frustrating it can be- we just want our kids to be happy darn it!!! Good luck- I'll be interested to hear how things are going.

  9. He's probably the type of personality that will grow up to do great things, and all of his teachers will talk about how wonderful he was when they had him in their classroom! I remember those days well (I dreaded school starting back in the Fall more than my children did, because of the worries about our son's behavior!) Now, he's married and has 2 daughters. I hope at least one of them gives him fits when she starts school!! (I know, I'm bad). laurie

  10. He is cute AND he is such a sweet little boy....I bet the other kid was really being mean to dadburn it....You tell him Ms. Beth loves him!!


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