Thursday, March 26, 2009

How can this be the same child?

First, I get this out of Jameson's backpack today....

THEN, I find THIS...


At least it worked for three weeks.....



  1. oh robin i know exactly how you feel, been there soooo many times, don't stress about it and do like i do take things away that means something to him and keep it up and see what happens..the best to you my friend....silvia.
    p/s, i guess not getting the puppy eh?

  2. I am right there with you Robin. Sighhhhhhh

  3. oh no! say it isn't so!! oh please say he'll get a second chance!?! he IS still doing better with the other teachers.. yeah, i'm pleading his case. LOL i understand your frustration.. hang in there!


  4. hey, just tried to click on your other post.. and it won't come up. :(

  5. Tracie....That's something I am working on for my 100th post. I accidentally hit "publish" last night when I was working on it. I still have a TON left to do on it, so it will be a couple of days. I will have one more post, and then I will post that one.

  6. Sounds just like my youngest when he was growing up. You just have to keep at it and love him even more. Just a social butterfly and wants to share. lol Thanks for stopping by and as always your great comments. Hugs, Marty

  7. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! I can post again! I have been reading and following along but just couldn't say anything. Do you know how hard it is for me to be quiet around here? Sooooo glad I can yak again. :-D

  8. Thanks Barb! I had no idea anyone was having trouble posting! I haven't changed anything since I set the blog up, so I don't know what's wrong!
    Well, it's all good now!


  9. Having raised two sons I can assure you Jameson is as normal as it gets. Most six year olds are chatterboxes with short attention spans. If his teacher realizes and compliments him on being "creative," then it's up to her/him to be just as creative in dealing with his personality.I'm not "blaming" the teacher, just suggesting looking for alternatives. Three weeks of good behaviour is a milestone. Those milestones will keep coming, so don't get your knickers in a twist.
    P.S. Maybe Jameson realized he'd have a lot less responsibility with his "borrowed" dogs. LOL

  10. Look at all that money he saved you by not having to buy dog food and vet bills! If that makes it better, lol.

  11. I agree... all completely normal stuff. My son is going into Kindergarten this fall, and I'm a tad concerned. He's so sensitive and emotional, and if kids don't make friends with him in the first five minutes, I'm afraid we'll have a meltdown on a global scale. EEK!

    Hang in there, Mama. This, too, shall pass. This parenting gig is rough going, isn't it?



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