Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am getting SO EXCITED!

Fall is in the air and I am so excited! Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! When those first cool breezes come floating through the air, I just get plum giddy!

Why do I love Fall so much? Here are several reasons....

Beautiful Fall leaves.

Fall decorating.

Halloween and Horror Movies!

Much more about my love for Halloween and Horror movies in later posts!

Cooler Weather and GORGEOUS blue skies!

The smell of burning leaves and firewood.


High School and College Football!!!



I am also excited because I found out today that Ree Drummond's (aka: Pioneer Woman's, PW's, PDub's) much anticipated cook book is officially off to the presses and available for pre-order on many online sites!

(Photo from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman)

I LOVE Ree's recipes! They are NOT low fat, but oh. my. goodness. they taste SO GOOD! There is not one of her recipes that I've made that didn't turn out even better than expected!

Somehow, TWO copies of her book ended up in my online shopping cart.

Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder what I could do with my other copy?

Anybody have any ideas?


What is your favorite thing about Fall?


  1. hmm.. you could umm.. maybe give it to a bloggy pal that is desperate need of cooking inspiration?! tee hee!

    i'm with you.. fall is my fave time of year and i can smell it coming fast! although, i just looked up weather for the weekend in atlanta,[see blog for details] it's gonna be HOT! oh well.. we'll enjoy this last bit of summer and then welcome in fall with open hearts! :D

    have a great weekend my friend!!

  2. I love fall too...especially in Alabama. We truely have the best weather here. I love the fall leaves, pumpkins, fall festivals and FOOTBALL....but I love AUBURN football. War Eagel!
    .....I guess that ruins my chances of getting the extra cook book copy that you have, sorry I can't turn my back on my Auburn Tigers.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Besides the cooler weather, I love it because of the beautiful colors (oranges, yellows, browns, purples, etc.)and smells (cinnamon, apple, cloves, pumpkin spice, etc.) that are associated with it. However, the thing I love most about fall is that it is the beginning of a slow down for me, a time of rest, and I am very much in need of it right now. Thanks for sharing and have a great Labor Day weekend.

    I also love watching the Crimson Tide play football. I am a true and faithful fan.


  4. I LOVE fall, but we don't seem to have much of that season! I adore your pumpkin topiaries-that might be my next project! I saw that Ree had her cookbook out. I HAVE to get it. Hope you are all doing well.
    Oh yeah, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!! & GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!

  5. You could give it to your BFF:)
    Love ya man
    Sharon Jean

  6. Those fall pictures are so inspiring! Made me want to jump up and start getting out my fall decor, but decided to leave you a message first. I can do without the scary movies though (I'm such a whimp!). That cookbook sounds like a good one. Are you having a give away? Consider me registered!! laurie

  7. i love fall. truthfully though i am a summer girl. i grew up on the beach in southern cal and i love summer. here in seattle, i love the fall weather. it's crisp, but cold like winter is cold.(a horrible damp cold and it rains everyday too.)

    i love ree, and her recipes. i too have never made anything from her that wasn't delicious. the woman can cook.

  8. Ohhhhh I love fall, and those pictures make me want to crank up the AC and put a fire in the fireplace! :)

  9. I love cooking fall food. Never get enough squash. Love the nesting feeling-getting out the afgans, taking long Sunday afternoon naps with football sounds in the background.
    By the way-really enjoy your blog

  10. Fall is my second most favorite time of the year for all the reasons you've already given - high school football, leaves changing colors, the air smells crisp somehow. And crock pot meals, yum. Wish I was as creative as you. Those topiaries are fantastic. I must admit that Spring is my MOST favorite time as I see it as a time of rebirth

  11. Yes, I am planning on doing a giveaway, but I want to wait until I have the book in my hot little hands first! It's expected release date is late October, so I will start the giveaway during that time period!

  12. Well girl you had me in the Fall love affair until the scary movie part, UGHHH hate those!! But I love those pumpkin topiaries!! Where did you get them?? Adorable!
    And the cookbook, remember when I was on facebook and saying I couldnt come up with a think to cook after all these 27+years?? WEll.... I'm just saying!! LOL.
    TTYL Happy Friday! Sue

  13. Oh and Football, yeah Football!! WE just got home from watching my nephew who is a JV starting QB for his Catholic High School, go LASalle Lancers, win the game, got to see him run the ball in for a big ole TD!! WOOHOO! LOL

  14. Sue....I made the topiaries. It was the very first thing I made for this house! They were done, on the front porch and plugged in before we ever moved!

  15. Robin, you just listed everything I love about fall! I love to make stews and soups too. Whoo Hoo for fall!

  16. I'm a total Summer girl, but I must admit you made Fall look very nice...The things I enjoy most about Fall is the fact that my house looks great in Fall colors - nothing shallow about me! LOL I also LOVE to eat anything with pumpkin in it. Yum! And, I bring out all my candles that I've stored for the summer and I enjoy candlelight at the days grow shorter.

  17. thanks hun! we should miss most of traffic since we're heading for the east side of atlanta this time. we'll definitely have to make arrangements to get together one of these trips!!

    have a great weekend!

  18. Robin, this is a great post. I'm more of a summertime gal, but this year I'm pretty much done with the heat! And I do love the crispness in the air in the morning. Love the topiaries! They are so perfect on your front porch. Friday night football has started in our little town, so if you don't mind missing the game you can actually get into a restaurant without waiting lol. And the Longhorns kick off Saturday - woo hoo! Have a great weekend. Kathy

  19. Thank you for sharing your inspiring and fun picutres. I am beginning to think about fall and getting excited about it.

  20. I am very much a summer girl. Fall reminds me that crappy winter weather is on it's way...yuk! And then there's all those cedar tree needles and branches to rake up.... (dont get me started on THOSE! LOL!) I guess the only thing I look forward to about Fall is the new shows on TV. LOL! But your pictures are beautiful, and decorating for Halloween IS fun! :D

  21. My favorite thing about fall... dang, that's a tough question. I love the fall! I particularly love how "crisp" the air is!

  22. Let's favorite thing??

    Oh yea... WAR EAGLE BABY !!!!


  23. Christmas is coming and so is Ree Drummond to Tulsa (where I live) the day her cookbook comes out! I'm going of course-we're her first stop on her trip and I'm buying extra cookbooks as gifts for Christmas. Ree's recipes are so tutorial I'm buying one for each of my 4 children and asking her to sign them and I'll use them as Christmas gifts this year.

  24. Susan, you are so sweet (comments from another post)! But, I want you to know, the "dancing ghosts" are not my's one I found online that's in my inspiration file. I did do the pumpkins, however.

    Come over anytime for a "craft day"....we would have a fantastic time!


    Robin :o)


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