Friday, September 4, 2009

I am laughing SO HARD right now!

There is a little boy that lives in this house, maybe his name is Jameson, who is having a birthday in one short week.

I made the mistake of mentioning that I may have gone birthday shopping today, not really thinking anything more about it.

A little while later, Jameson came and asked me if he could borrow the flashlight. When I asked him what for, he said he was looking for ants under the bed.....MY bed.

After a couple of minutes, he came out and let me know that the underside of my bed was ANT FREE!

WHEW! That's a relief!

Next, I hear him rummaging around in my bedroom again. I'm still not really paying too much attention because, for some reason, he always prefers to be in the Master Bedroom over his own.

After a few minutes, he proceeds to tell me he's been checking the hinges on my closet door for Squeaks....

"Mommy, I promise that it was making some sort-of squeaking noise a little while ago. I guess it just does it once in a while."

He then starts looking at this-and-that in my closet, checking out boxes, and suitcases. I get tired of standing there, so I tell him he needs to get out of the closet and go play.

I go back to what I was doing, and then I notice he is pacing back and forth all around the house.

Then it dawns on me.....


I start laughing to myself as he walks by me and heads into the dining room.

OK, Jameson NEVER goes into the dining room, so I ask him (laughing) "What are you doing in there?"

He says "Oh, I'm just checking out the light switches. I just want to make sure they are working correctly......and they are, SEE?"

After pacing around in circles for a few more minutes, he finally stops and sighs and says "I wish super powers were real...I wish I had X-ray vision."

"Why do you want X-ray vision baby?" I asked.

"So I could see through, I could look up at the television and see how to make a television, you know, not like look into closets or anything."

I can tell now that it's going to be a LOOOOOOONG week.

And oh, in case you were wondering where I hid his super-de-dooper birthday present....

It's in the bottom of Chelsea's closet. He's not allowed to play in her room unless she's in there, so he will NEVER find!


  1. That's a really cool present! Jameson is going to LOVE it!!! :D
    Smart thinking on hiding it in Chelsea's closet!!

  2. lol..oh how cute eh!i cant believe how smart are kids these days ..great hiding place and yes i agree thats a really cool present...have a great long weekend my friend..xx


  3. Maybe you could convince him to do a little cleaning in hopes of finding something he shouldn't!!! :)


  4. so darn funny! we have a birthday on Sept 11th- I hide gifts in a closet that the little kids don't even know exists!!

  5. This little fellow certainly has a vivid imagination! LOL!

  6. what a great present! my oldest son, now 29, still has his transformers from when he was a little guy.

    what are the plans for the party?

    off topic: my 2 sookie books 8&9 arrived today. i ordered them from amazon and only had to pay $12for each and free shipping. i couldn't wait and caved in and bought them. i'll finish #7 tonight, and on to #8 tomorrow.

  7. So cute! And I'm so happy that you don't have ants under your bed (though it sounds as if little man has ants in his pants lol), not to mention that your hinges are squeak free! Have a great long weekend. Kathy

  8. Robin, Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked all the pretties!! So, I have to know, did JAmeson do the pretend I am sleep walking thing, and I dont know where I am going last night- is his quest to find his bday present? LOL Have a great weekend! Sue

  9. Mari....we are going to "Party Central" on Friday night (9/11). It's a place that has all of those blow-up things that the kids can jump on. They do everything (set-up, clean-up) we just bring our camera and the cake! :o) He is so excited! Oh, and you will LOVE books 8 and 9....except when you finish number nine, you will be sad because you have to wait for the next one! LOL!

    Sue, no, he hasn't tried that yet....however, he DID get up about 6:15 this morning and didn't come in and wake us up....Maybe that's what he was really!

  10. How funny...I remember doing that with Christmas presents. Only my mom wasn't so sneaky with the hiding places. ;)

  11. i keep saying he's one smart kid! have fun... it IS going to be long week!! :D

  12. Oh you do have a clever little boy on your hands! That was too funny! I am sitting here with the silliest grin on my face. laurie


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