Monday, September 7, 2009

What a great day for television!

I hope everyone out there in Blog-land had a very Happy Labor Day today!


Not so much!

Hubby had a "must-do" job today at work, thanks to Honda (They manufacture their SUV's in a neighboring town). That's OK's good money, and who doesn't need money these days?

I guess that wasn't so bad considering how I felt when I woke up this morning...

Naw, just kidding, I'm pretty sure I don't have the swine flu (or H1N1 for all of you purists and biologists out there). It's probably my usual sinus/cold/flu whatever thing I normally get during the autumn months. Usually, I don't get it until the week of Halloween (which made for a really fun childhood...not!), but since the weather has been so mild, I think it is hitting me early this year. Hopefully it is just a one-day thing, and I will be better by tomorrow....

Even though I wouldn't hate missing work tomorrow, you know, since it will be the day after a holiday type of day. In other words.....the worst possible day for a phone triage nurse. For some reason, people FREAK when the office is closed for an extra I can guarantee when I get to work in the morning, I will have at least 20 or 30 charts waiting for me....and then it will just snowball from there.

I may as well spend the night tomorrow.

I took a Benadryl this morning, and a little later I did something that I NEVER, EVER do...

I took a NAP!

Marty was still at work, and Jameson went across the street to play with his buddy, so instead of sitting there dozing in my chair, I took a 2 hour nap.

It was GREAT!

I did feel a little better when I woke up, and I even managed to whip up some steak stir-fry for supper.

No BBQ for this family!

Oh, I almost forgot.....the "good day for television thing". When I woke up from my nap, guess what TLC was showing today????

There was a TODDLERS and TIARAS marathon on!

(Nothing like Crazy Pagent Moms (and Dads) to make me feel like a better parent!)

Followed by a CAKE BOSS marathon!

I was in Couch Potato HEAVEN, let me tell ya!

What fun and exciting things did y'all do today?


Oh, and on the "great present hunt" front, Jameson has decided to "just give up" hunting for his super-de-duper birthday present. He said that it was just "driving him crazy" not knowing where it was, so he was just going to give up looking for it. He will just wait until Friday night to get it.

Either that, or he already found it when he "let me sleep late" this morning and he's just not telling us.


I hope y'all have a WONDERFUL first official week of fall! Make sure your white shoes are retired to the closet!


  1. For our "fun" labor day the hubs and I went to wal-mart, with what seemed like 1000 of our best friends. The place was packed! In a small town like we live Wal-mart is definitely the happening place, lol, very sad. I would have rather been home watching TV.

  2. My parents visited, and I had my mom helping me clean the chicken house control rooms, and I put my dad on the mower! Let him fend off the snakes! lol

  3. Ok, so I was having an "I have no energy day" and although I rarely watch t.v., I will tell you that I saw 2 episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras- all thanks to you! It was like, the only thing on, and I remember you tweeting or posting about it at some point and thought I'd give it a try. OMG!! Those poor tanned babies with fake hair, fake nails, and way too much makeup!!! No wonder you're hooked ;-) I hope you're feeling better tomorrow and that work goes well- thanks for the t.v. referral- it has changed my life ;-)

  4. Let's see..I spent my day working on my scrapbook, picking up things off the floor of the house (Stanley Steemer is coming tomorrow to clean the carpets) and went walking with Chris twice. Oh, and hubby got of from work early and took us to Azteca for dinner! Yummm! I deserved that! :D

  5. Robin, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better quickly. (That picture is riviting yuky!) laurie

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon. I feel your pain, the cars are covered with pollen from the Cedar Elm in the front yard and it's killing me. And I so know what you mean about the day after a holiday, it's going to be brutal, especially since my head Tech is on vacation and I'm down a receptionist. Thank goodness it's only a 4 day week lol. GLad you got to relax and do nothing for a day. Have a great week. Kathy

  7. you crack me up girl! glad you were able to get a nap & veg out w/ guilty pleasure tv! & i do hope you feel better!!
    thanks for the sweet comment about our wknd. :D it was a very successful trip, and i can't wait to hear what the musicians will do with the vocals she laid down!!

    have a great week!!!
    xoxo -Tracie

  8. hope you are feeling better. i was down sunday with a meniere's episode. i felt better on monday and we took off to the mall to do some needed shopping and it hit me again, so we had to head back home. i ended up finishing "worse than dead" and ready to begin #9 tonight.

    your son is adorable. he reminds me of my youngest.



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