Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where does my little Romeo get this stuff?

Jameson came home from school today and said he had "the best day ever!" I was so excited that there were no notes or frowny faces today! I start to think....WOW, he's really getting the hang of this "school thing". Then I start going through all his paperwork from the past few days....

I think I know WHY things are going so well....

This is last Friday's spelling test. I am thrilled to death that he scored 100, and then I notice something else....

"Why are there hearts on your test?" I ask Jameson.

He said "Oh, I put those there, for my teacher."

Smart boy!

THEN I find this.....

(The pencil writing is his, the pink writing is his teacher's.)

If he keeps this up....he's Harvard-bound for sure!


  1. No wonder he stopped searching for his big bday present, his mind is on more important things, lol. What a kid, he's great!!!!

  2. Now this is truly priceless Robin. What a sweet boy you have. And what a sweet teacher! Thanks for the big smile! Kathy

  3. Now that is one smart boy!!! PRICELESS!!!

    Keep this forever!

    Lou Cinda :)

  4. AAAWWWWW! So cute and so great to have for your scrapbook!! And YAY on the wonderful grade ;-)

  5. If I had gotten love notes this this from such a great kid when I was teaching, I might want to go back!! He's such a sweetie :)


  6. so adorable! and what a great teacher to allow him to express himself!

  7. I think (no I know)his teacher has to get in line for Jameson's heart!!
    Alysia is always saying he is HER BOYFRIEND!!lol
    He is such a cutie!!

  8. OMG that is just the sweetest! My guy is 3 and the pic I just took of him with his teacher for Pre-K was amazing (although it broke my heart just a little bit).

  9. Oh Wow! You are obviously raising a genius! This is so cute! laurie

  10. That is so adorable! And the fact that the teacher replied?? PRECIOUS!!!

  11. Oh, my gosh!! That is SOOO adorable! Too cute. ;-)


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