Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's the best thing about a rainy day?

Playing with an umbrella!


Thanks for the great response to my giveaway! I did forget a few things in my rush to post.

1. The contest will end Monday afternoon at 5:00 PM, CST. I will try to have the winner announced Tuesday morning....unless I forget like I did last time...haha!

2. If you linked back to my blog on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, please come back here and let me know in a comment. I know a few of you have posted on FB, but if you and I aren't yet FB buddies, I won't know and you may miss a chance to win!

Your comments literally have me laughing out loud!

Nicknames are GREAT!!


  1. little cutie pie!

    and yes.. i posted on my blog about the contest!! [is it greedy of me to want to win again?? ;) lol]

    have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Just posted this on my blog. I meant to tell you, we have been passing this shopping center on our way to St. George while it was under construction. It's finally done! My DH will probably not thank you for letting me know, but I thank you! It looks like a great place. Kathy

  3. Robin, he does make it look like fun. What a cutie. laurie

  4. I did but FB was messing up, did you see it? Sharn Jean

  5. i will post on my blog tonight.

    as for the umbrella . . . how many days of rain do you get? no inches, but days per year?
    we get 10 months of rain per year here in western washongton, but it's not heavy real rain, it is the annoying wet, cold, drizzle, frizz your hair rain. no one in washington uses an umbrella except the tourists. it's very cute.

    speaking of rain we are coming to the end of our dry season and fall has arrived. only a ffew more weeks of mowing the lawn until next may--i can't wait to be able to stop mowing.

    blessings, mari


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