Friday, September 18, 2009

My 200th post, Nicknames and a Giveaway!

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Well hello out there in Blog-land! I can't believe it's been 4 days since I last posted!


Little man just went back to school today (well, he went Wednesday, but had to come back home because of a fever), and now I have a hubby with the crud.

Things always get off track when sickness attacks this household!

Well, anyway.....I just realized that this is my

200th Post!

Wow! 200 posts since Decemember of last year.....I like to talk...


I see all of y'all who know me in real life nodding your heads.

So, in honor of my 200th post, I am having another giveaway!

Back in August, when we went on our unexpected blessing of a beach trip, one evening Chelsea and I went on a little Mommy's-and-daughter's shopping trip...


While on that trip, we walked through the new Pier Park Shopping Center in Panama City Beach. The shops there were just adorable! I could have spent DAYS looking through all of the cute shops there....

IF it hadn't been pouring down rain, and IF Marty hadn't been calling me every 10 minutes wanting to know when we were coming back....

Anyway, we ran into this cute little shop (we were trying to keep from getting soaking wet), and looked at all of the goodies they had. They had such ADORABLE stuff!

T-shirts, purses, jewelry, signs......You can tell it was the kind of store that sells things made by smaller companies. In other words, you just can't run down to the Wal-Mart and pick this stuff up.

I was instantly drawn to this little table that was covered with jewelry, notebooks, wallets and this....

It's a Cell Phone/Ipod/Camera Holder made by "Natural Life". I've never heard of this company before, but I just loved all of their items.

Isn't is just adorable?

It has a cute little wrist strap so you can just carry it with you that way, or you can use it protect your items while they are in your purse.

I just had to buy one and I specifically bought it to give to one of you! And, because I love you all so much, I may even put a $25.00 Target (or Wal-Mart...your choice) gift card inside it.

It is the perfect size for that, you know?

So, how do you enter? Here is my original know the one I wrote BEFORE I realized this was my 200th post:

Yesterday as I was trying to catch up on all of my bloggie buddies, Jana at The Meanest Mom was talking about Nicknames. She said that her first-grade-aged daughter "Camber" had decided to "change" her name to "Amber". Signing all of her papers "Amber" and even only responding to that name. Jana wanted to know if we or our children ever had any nicknames.

What a fun question!

Myself, growing up with the name "Robin"....nicknames were just TOO easy:

Rockin' Robin
Fly Robin Fly
Big Bird

Then there have been other nicknames:

Rachel (don't ask...My Father-in-law liked to tease me)
Beeno (Short for Robino...gifted to me by my bud, Sharn Jean)
Rob (Also from Sharn)
Mouth of the South (Uhhhhh, no idea how I got

So, I hoped that my children would at least get GOOD nicknames. BUT, dummy me did such a smart thing....

I call ALL of my children by their MIDDLE name.

Sara "Chelsea"
Lena "Courtney"
Timothy "Bryant"
Robert "Jameson"


I can't tell you what a pain it has been to have every single stinkin' piece of paperwork come through this house with their first name on it. Class pictures and annual pictures have "Sara" and "Robert". You would think that in such small schools, they would KNOW what their names are.


So I guess in the school setting, their "real" name has turned into their nickname.

However, they each do have nicknames that family members call them.

When we came up with the name "Jameson", we always assumed we would call him something else....and had decided that we would probably end up calling him "Jay". Well, when he was born, he wasn't a "Jay", he was a "Jameson". However, several people had known that we wanted to call him "Jay" he ended up being called "JJ". How it turned into that, I have no idea. But that's what we call him when he will let us.

Recently, he has wanted us to start calling him "Professor Hill"...

or "Robert"

or "Vid"

or "Steve"

Fortunately, he was just "Jameson" when he left the house today.

Chelsea has been really fortunate to have many of the same students and teachers for several years in a row. Once, when she was little, one of her little school friends started calling her "Chelsea-Belle". "Belle" after the character in "Beauty and the Beast." It stuck and I still call her that all the time, as do many of her old teachers and friends.

Or "Bonehead".....

Yes, "Bonehead"

However, nobody is allowed to call her that except for her daddy. This whole "Bonehead" thing really caught me off guard. Chelsea and Marty were playing around one day, and Chelsea yelled "Hey Bonehead, stop it!"


She said "Bonehead!"

I flew into her, telling her how disrespectful she was being and she was never allowed to call him that again.

The poor baby was STUNNED!

Well, about that time, Marty comes back in the room and wants to know what's wrong with Chelsea, and I tell him she's called him "Bonehead".

He bursts out laughing and then decides to let me know that "Bonehead" is THEIR pet name for each other.

Oh, OK then.

I tried calling her "Bonehead" one ended up with her asking me why I was being so mean to her....

"Chelsea-Belle" it is!

(This is what my family calls a "Bonehead")

So, my dear, wonderful bloggie buddies, to enter this super-duper, end of summer giveway, tell me What fun and wonderful nicknames do you and/or your children have?

For one entry, leave me a comment about your nickname.

For a Second entry, post about this giveaway on FaceBook, Twitter, or your Blog.

A max of two entries per person.

And unfortunately, this contest is only open to my boggie buddies in the United States and Canada.

So, get to posting and let's have fun with this! The comments are bound to be HILARIOUS!


  1. Hey there- congrats on your 2ooth post and welcome back- missed ya!! I don't want to be entered in the contest (my cell phone would never fit in a case because it's a huge waterproof, shatter-resistant monster that I have to carry thanks to my clumsy children!), but it is adorable! Anyway, my child with the most nicknames is my Sophie! We change Sophie into so many things it's crazy- Slowphie, Snowphie, Snooky, Sophie-Wophie (that one even has its own song!), Snoopy, Sophia (which she HATES because it's NOT her real name but people always assume it is), and several more!! Oh, and our oldest (Allie) has earned the name "Allietude"- courtesy of her dad- because of her teenage temper!!! Aren't nicknames fun?! But I don't have much room to laugh because my real middle name is "Maud" and whenever I tease my kids, they pull THAT one out!!!!!

  2. We have called my daughter Bella, butterbean-head her whole life because she just loves them. Bella has also been called Umbrella, Rubella, Gaybella, and Babybella by various children who couldn't say her name. When Joey was little, Bella couldn't say Joseph and nicknamed him Joefuss (she was 2 1/2).

  3. Before I was born, Paw paw called me Myrtle, at least you got a normal "Rachel" lol. My mom used to call me Lulu, and at school sometimes I was Step on Me, haha.

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post!!! I love this topic!!!
    My son is named Christopher, and when he was little I called him my "Little Man", then he got older and I couldn't call him 'little' anymore, and I changed it to "Chris-boo". My mom nicknamed him "Crispy" for some reason...LOL! I dont think he liked that one too much! Now that he's a teenager, 'Chris-boo' has has somehow morphed into "Crips" which sounds more grown-up and cool -sorta like a gang name (ie: The Crips and the Bloods). He doesnt mind at all me calling him Crips, so that's what his nickname is right now. :)

  5. congrats on the 200th!

    well, most of my friends just call me 'Tra' these days. but when i was little, my dad nicknamed me 'motor mouth'.. didn't grow too much out of that one either! LOL but i was blessed to have one of my own, our son Bryan, or 'b-man' as we nicknamed him. Gretchen has several of them.. from princess, to jelly bean, to my personal nickname for her is 'poodle'...adopted from a favorite show. [will & grace] hubby nicknamed our oldest 'butter milk' for a reason i'm still looking for! lol i won't mention his nickname for fear he'll kill me! oh ok.. you twisted my arm.. 'sweet knees'.. muhahahahaha

  6. congrats on the 200th post!
    when i was little my nicknames were Red because of my red hair and Puddleduck. not sure where that one came from.
    my daughters nicknames are, Tinker, short for stinker, and Bubbles. Bubbles because when she was a baby she was always making spit bubbles.


  7. I ambled over here after checking on life in the slow lane (MIA?)Our youngest son goes by his middle name too and it is a real pain (which we, of course, inflicted).:)My husband gives everyone a nickname--if he likes you. One son is "partner" in that southern Padnuh way. The other is "my buddy" and our daughter is Sunshine! He still refers to me as "my lovely bride" after 32 years :) Glad I visited!

  8. Congrats on 200 posts!! That is awesome!! Nicknames ~ Cameron is and always will be Cammie Pie to me....I am the only one who can call him that though.

    Seth ~ um...Seth has no nickname. Seth is well, Seth...fits him perfectly and how do you shorten Seth? Can't do it.

    My cat Chloe, we call her Clovis! Don't ask me why, Seth did that. He has no nickname so he gave the cat one.

    Me? Too many to mention and most of them...we shouldn't! LOL

    I will put a mention on my blog this weekend!!

    Have a great one and glad Jameson is better! Hope Marty heals up soon!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Robin:

    Congrats on your 200 post...way to go!

    We have all kinds of silly little names for the oldest we always called Apples (see I had this name before Gwedolyn did LOL)her name is April but her cousins would always say...Apples. Our middle daughter, her real name is Ashley and she got stuck with Butterhead...yes she loved to eat butter...YUCK! Our last daughter is Kaleigh and we have always called her KK...Me I have redhair and was always called red as a child and I hate it to this day!!!


  10. ROBIN! Congrats... your a way better blogger than I! I wonder if I even remember my password?? lmao
    Well I had the nickname Platy as a kid... whenever my parents took us kids to a car show they could never ever get me out of the pools. My dad said I was like a Platypus. Well I now have a platy tattoo on my back cause of him!

  11. My name is Tricia, so they shortened it to Tur, then it morphed into Turkey perky...can you imagine? Horrible. Then in high school I was so laid back that it was changed to Turtle, then Turbo, because, you know, I wasn't very energetic and they thought sarcastic meant funny. I am glad that the nicknames have gone the way of the dinosaur and that everyone now calls me just plain Tricia ;-)

  12. Well where do I start?
    When I was a child my daddy called me Peetie, the mean kids called me Birdlegs (yes you heard right) they were on that skinny girl that I ate:) Long story.
    My previous husband called me FatRat ( don't ask) and my present husband calls me Baby. My sister calls me her great BIG sister or is that her GREAT big sister? More recent as Beeno said I have been Sharn Jean. Of course there are others I won't mention on a public board :). Congrats on your 200th post, I love reading them.
    Love Ya,
    Sharon Jean

  13. Wow, 200 posts! Let's see, I was Catie Rose, Catie-bug (but only from my Daddy & Aunt Sharon, Catie Rosebud, my uncle who really like to tease called me Catie Hound Dog Haney!

    When I got pregnant (before we knew boy or girl)Chris started calling the baby Scooter-so that really stuck. Now he is Scooter, Tucker-man, Tuck, and Chris' dad calls him Pooter (I HATE that one!!)

  14. Congrats on your 200th post! I love reading your blog.
    Nicknames huh? My daughter is she gets Ari, Ana, Princess, Ari Berry, Ari Bubble(she used to blow bubbles after eating) and not sure how it evolved but Pinnie the Woo..Pinnie and just Pin
    Noah gets Noah Boah, Bug a boo, bug, shmoo, prince,
    William...we call him Liam all the time, he also gets bug-a-boo, boo, prince, peanut, Lim and just Liam(when we call him William, he says to I'm just Liam).
    I am pretty plain, just Sus. Between my husband and I our nickname for each other is Bay...instead of Babe or Baby.
    Wow...for someone who doesn't comment...i kinda wrote a novel.

  15. Congrats on #200. Just stopping by to say I'm not dead. Returned from reunion. Brought my mother to Birmingham. Now back in Arkansas for Alumni meeting and the Arkansas-Georgia game.

  16. That is just too funny. I don't think we stop and think of what we are doing to our children. My daughter is named Kelly and she has been called Kelly-belly when she was little. My second child William Charles we have always called Chuch since he was born. He is know as Chug-a-lug . My youngest child, Kenneth James has been called Kent since birth and because he was so thin is know as Skinny=kent. That is just too funny that we never stop to realize that when they grow up these nick names may not be too good. Congratulations on your 200th post. Hugs, Marty

  17. hi robin,
    congratulations on your 200th post. i love your blog!

    nicknames? well, my real name is marileigh, and i have changed it through the years. in high school i became maril, and then in college simply mari (mary). however, my family still calls me marileigh (maril lee) i cringe. oh, and my family of 5 sisters all 5'2 or under! do call me "amazon woman" as i am 5'7. go figure how that happened.

    my children do have nicknames that we still call them.
    dylan is denny. he is now 29 and only his immediate family is allowed to refer to him as denny. we called him pumpkin head as a baby. and all his friends at some point call him dill pickle.

    zachary is "zak" and/or sugar pop. actually it's "uptop sugar pop". he's been called "justin" for years because he looks the twin copy of justin timberlake (ask me how he even managed to fool disneyland one time in the 90's) and then there is "zak attack" or "zak the lego maniac" or 'z-man".

    allison. is and always will be
    bubba. she's always just been bubba. today she is 6'2 and a professional volley ball player in france. today it's family and everyone who ever knew her in church or school growing up that still calls her bubba. professionally she is "ali". she's beautiful.

    my husband has no nicknames. he is phillip or phil. one would think that at 6'6 he'd have some sort of nickname, but none.

    this was very fun to do, but then you are fun so why am i not surprised.

    hope you are all well soon.

    blessings, mari

  18. 200 posts since December??? I think you're slacking off Mama! Especially compared to the longest thread ever on the MM board, LOL
    Nicknames .. let's see. My name is Kathleen Ann, which was never heard it its entirety unless my Dad was mad at me. I've been Kathy, Kate, Katey, Katrinka, Chatty Kathy, Kat, Katydid and Sissy, which I put a stop to really quick.
    As for writing a book, you already have yourself a very nice start. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  19. congratulations!!!!!! girl you talk and talk all you want,we are all here listening...hehe..have a great day my friend..xx..silvia.

  20. My name is Erin. Four letters. You should not be able to shorten it, but people do! Have been called "Er (AIR)" forever, and Air-head as well. Lovely!!

  21. Congrats on 200 posts! Now I can tell my family I know someone who talks more than I do lol! Caitlin has been called Cait (natch), Baitley (DH used to call her Caitly Baitley and only the Baitley stuck) and of course Imelda for her shoe collection. She just goes by Cait now. My nicknames varied from Kat or Cadillac (daddy), Katherine Ann (when I was in trouble), Felix (maiden name was Younger, Felix Unger - get it haha) and now the family just calls me Sarge! My mom calls DH Christopher Robin (even though his given name is Christian, not Christopher). Oh, and of course I'm called variously Mother (when I've done something silly, with accompanying eye roll and hands on hips), just plain Mom or Mommy when the checkbook is needed! Love the giveaway, will post about it this weekend. Have a great day! Hugs, Kathy aka Felix

  22. I got all sorts of nicknames from my aunt Debbie called me "bandit", my sister always called me 'J'....however my brother was the king of giving my nicknames, (all of which I hated) he would call me pugs, reptile, representive...and many more. He loved to get a rise out of me so anything that he could think of to get me going

  23. Congrats on your 200th! Wow quite an accomplishment. I am a long way off from that number. As far as nicknames go, my dad used to call me Sam, I guess short for SueSam, my real name is Suzanne. Our son Bryan was called the boojaa boojaa kid, growing up, I have no idea where that came from, lol. Now it is Bdub, for his initials, BW, with his middle name his initials are BMW, pretty cool. People also call him little wags, and his dad wags. Nicole, is Nickelpickel, Nik, but mostly Nikki. My husband's name is Scott but everyone calls him Whoop-D, again I have no idea, fun question. Please enter me in your give away, thanks! Sue

  24. Are you telling me that you have posted 200 times since December? Wow! You do have a lot to say! What a cute give away. I've enjoyed going through the comments reading about nicknames. Since my younger sister couldn't say my name, I became "Lolly". laurie

  25. Robin - Great blog, and a fun giveaway! I've had loads of nicknames through the years - but most often, Aim.

    Now, my kids have loads of nicknames, especially my 5 year old son. I don't use their real names online, so I can't share ALL of his nicknames - but a few with the stories. When he was little, he couldn't say his name and said "Gooka" instead, so we still call him that. (We've made variations on that, too - Gookamonga, Gookalanovich, etc.) His middle name is Kalani, so we occasionally call him "Kalan." Another is "Spike." And, his nickname on my blog is "Little Kahuna," although we very rarely call him that in real life. That one came along because he was conceived while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii.

    Now, the 8 month old - her most commonly used nickname is "Scotch." When we told our son that I was pregnant, we asked if he had any name suggestions. He said "Scotch," and it stuck - throughout the pregnancy and we still use it once in a while. That is her nickname on my blog, too. :)

  26. Good Morning Robin!

    I wanted to make a quick comment about our nicknames here in the Spinks house. Here is a rundown:

    Vera(me)- vaccum vera, verticle vera, stinky (thank you to my father in law), and vera wang.

    Bill(dh)- Bill the thrill Spinks, Bill the pill, Buzz kill Bill, William Earl Spinks, Bill Stinks, and I am sure with him being a cop he has many nicknames given to him by some of his loyal criminal customers that I shouldn't post on here.

    Adlen(first born twin daughter)- Adle Padle, Adi Jo, and the one the she absolutely HATES is Adi(for some reason people call her Adi in short for Adlen and it makes her furious.)She also hates it when someone calls her name out and they don't recognize that her name is Adlen and instead they read it and pronounce it as Alden. Talk about one mad little seven year old.

    Kylie(second born twin daughter)- Kylie bug, Kylie Jo, and I call her Hell on Wheels sometimes because she can be just that when speeding around in her power wheelchair.

    So there you have it. You know more of our little secrets her at the Spinks house. Got to go get ready for work. Congrats on your 200th post. This was a very cute idea to get all your bloggie buddies to tell some funny stories.

    Vera Spinks
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  27. Hi Robin!
    How fun is this. Love your blog sweetie. Thanks for sharing. I would love to be entered into your drawing 200th post, Wow! I just had my 100th post giveaway.

    For the Smith Nicknames:

    My real name is Sharon: My folks always called me Sherry, which is the only name I have ever known. Daddy calls me "Sweetie Pie."

    My DH is Anthony: Has always gone by Tony.

    Our oldest son is Anthony II : We called him TJ - for Tony Jr. and Scooter.

    Our daughter Heidi- we call her Lady Bug and Heidi Girl.

    Our youngest son Phillip: We have always called him Prince Phillip.

    Grandkids - (7)
    Elyse - Angel Bunny - she was born on Christmas day.

    Destiny - Lovey

    TJ III - Handsome

    Isabel - Cutie Pie

    Nicholas - Nickster

    Destyne - Sweat Pea (she was a preemie looked like a little pea in a pod)

    Kain - Kain Boy

    Hope we didn't bore you to much. I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next. Please stop by and visit my blog. I would so love to have you visit. Country hugs, Sherry

  28. WTG on 200, i am still learning about this blog thing, so nicknames are the topic... as a person previously posted with the same name, Kelly (me) i grew up with such greats as smelly kelly, thanks to my brother, then it would get stretched out for the ones who had a lot to say, smelly kelly with a belly full of jelly.... such nice peeps LOL.
    during high school most people would just call me Kel or Kel Bell.
    aas i grew older and met who i thought was the man of my dreams his last name just so happened to be Bell, so i was always kelly bell even though we were just dating, he and i have a daughter together and i thought ok this nickname stuff is serious business because i remembered my high school days and my BFF writing chelle loves george, and of course the lovely display of names that were suitable content to type here for myself, i planned it carefully, or so i thought even down to a funny way to spell her name so it could only be shortened into maybe 1 nickname, i am like the other young lady about my children's name on the computer but this can hardly be told without saying it so here goes, Lynsey Nacole Bell, with the intentions of, ok if anything people will call her Lyn, i knew i didn't want her to be called Nicki so hence the NAcole, that just confuses people and pronounce it Nah-cole, duhhhh... but i have to say my 10 months of pregnancy thinking and planning to protect my child from the evil out there that can be OUR OWN children (hehehe) from the moment she was born she has been called Lynsey Bell.... her first and last name, the nurses thought maybe her name was lynsey belle and then a last name so they also called her lynsey bell, both sets of her grandparents call her lynsey bell, friends, classmates, teachers, the secretary over the loudspeaker at school, the bus driver all refer to her as lynsey bell.
    she went through a stage one time when she wanted to change her name because everyone referred to her by her full name but now she is over that, so along with the novel i have written i would have to say that the best nickname story i can share, came from trying to prevent a nickname from ever being started, results still to be determined... since the day she was born, over 13 years ago my little lynsey nacole bell, has been called Lynsey Bell.
    she thought about adding a last name one time also that was some fun there...
    i have since had 2 more children and we have little names for them here at home and family members all call each of us (me) momma, my husband is daddy by e1 but my mom and my family, the girls are lynsey bell, and sister (Shelby) and of course we have brother (Zachary). Shelby has been referred to by a few of my close personal friends as Shell-bee (mocking the southern drawl of the mom on the movie steel magnolias, which is accompanied with a little english accent..why i have no idea) and zachary gets zac, zac- man but mostly brother....
    now of course as with all children i would hate to know what they have for nicknames for my husband and i...
    thanks for letting me post my novel (LOL)
    Kelly, Kel, (momma) take your pick
    B'ham, AL

  29. Congrats on 200 posts!! My nick name was given to me when I was born by my dad who said to my mom, "You should see little Sis." I have been called Sissy all my life. So much so that some people, including family members, do not know my name is Elizabeth. My daughter's name is Jacqueline and her nickname is JackJack. My son's name is Lee and we call him Leemo. Thanks for sharing.


  30. nicknames i've had growing up are JoJo, Cor, Deli, Corkus, CoCo, babe,and honey.
    My husband was given the nickname Buttboy by his high school friends because he had a nice wrangler butt (still does). He had friends: Weazle, Gonzo,and Nutty. We call my oldest daughter Sissy or Sis. My son is BoBo, Bug, Bugaboo, BoBowSkiOughtenTauTenNaNaIamIam (no idea how to spell that one), Bo-man, little man. My youngest daughter is Sis, chicky, and cutie-patutie.

  31. I forgot one for my youngest daughter. I occasionally call her tornado because she just is one sometimes.

  32. Happy 200th Post! I already did this on Friday, but it did not work, so here goes again. Nicknames for my family are as follows:
    Aryanna: Bubba, Yanna

    Bailey (boy): Bay, Pumpkin head, Ryan (his middle name)

    Gianna: G girl, Gia, G & Sweet Pea

    Nicholas: Nick, Bug, Hisser, Hiss, Baby Boy, Nickel Hiss

    The dogs:

    Homer (English Bulldog): Homes, Homie, Homeless

    Bella (chihuahua): Belle, Smeller, Smelly Belly, smell smell

    Roxy (pug): Roxy poxy, pugarina, roxy roxx