Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Costume HELP!

It's that time of year again....


For some reason, my children are OBSESSED with Halloween, or more specifically, their Halloween costumes. Jameson usually picks out a costume as soon as the first catalogue comes in the mail, sometime in early August.

This year, he's going with a GI Joe theme...

Chelsea, is another story.

Chelsea picks out her costume A FULL YEAR IN ADVANCE!

That's right, she's had her costume decided since November 1st of last year.

Normally, that is a great thing. I can pick stuff out here and there, throughout the year. She's dressed as everything from Barney and Baby Bop, Babe the pig, to the cast of the Wizard of OZ, Dorothy (twice), Glenda, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow (she never liked the lion for some reason).

She then moved onto the cast of Scooby Doo...Daphne (twice), Fred, and Velma.

Then, as she "grew up" a little, she advanced to more "mature" costumes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and last year's Cyclops from the X-Men Series.

Other than the Barney and Scooby Doo years, she never picks out anything "mainstream". It's always been something that has to be made, or pieced together from a 100 different places. We've always seemed to be able to put together a great costume for her, except for those unfortunate el cheapo, plastic "Daphne" numbers.

This year, I am WORRIED!

You wanna know why?

She wants to dress up like LULU from General Hospital.

(Julie Berman Photos from ABC)

How do you dress up like a Soap Star? You know, without dressing like a hootchie mama?

SO, I've got to go from this:

To this:

Wow, now that I see them together like that, she really does look a lot like Julie Berman (Lulu). She's got the long blonde hair, freckles, and green eyes.

But how do I "dress her up" like Lulu for Halloween?

I am open for any and all suggestions!


  1. I don't watch the show, is her character a Dr. or nurse? White coat, scrubs, name tag??? If not, I've got bupkis. Sorry. Kathy

  2. How about a long gown and a bar of soap??? LOL....I have no idea.....


  3. Aww I think that's sweet! I don't have any ideas (i'm sorry) but I'm worried no one will know who she is (I don't watch GH, i'm a DAYS fan!!) and she'll have to tell everyone who she is. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Oh, but maybe her carrying the GH logo? Or putting it on her trick or treat bag? Something to kind of help people with who she is?

  4. I just looked up Lulu and she is a former student and now works for a magazine, so maybe have her have a name tag that reads
    Crimson Magazine,
    LULU Spencer,
    General Hospital,
    just to help others around her guess what she is. She could wear a cute dress, and a little makeup and her hair could be straightened, just a thought, good luck! Have fun Chelsea!

  5. She's just as pretty as that girl, so I guess just dress like her...? The name tag is a good idea. :)

  6. You're right, she's already got the looking going, but you're also right - it's going to be hard to tell that she's dressed for Halloween. Good luck! laurie

  7. I don't watch the show, but don't tell Chelsea this fact or she will automatically not like me :(

    She has the blonde hair, but I have a long, full, curly, thick blonde wig I could send you. It would certainly make the "look".

    Take a trip to Forever 21, and you'll find loads of the right clothes to choose from. I don't own anything from this shop, but my niece wanted me to take her there when she was here.

    My son and his friends are going to a costume party aboard a cruise ship that will be in port. They are going as the Ninja Turtles. They rented their costumes.

    Let me know if you need the wig. My email is, or you can find me on facebook to tell me.


  8. I just looked up LULU. How about dressing Chelsea to the nines with high heels? Do her hair and great make-up. If you live by a Macy's you could make her an appointment to have her make-up done at the MAC counter for free. I like the nametag idea and maybe a fancy brief case--you could get one at the thrift store and make it look like a Coach or something.

    What fun.

  9. The Clinique counter at Wakefields does free makeup too if you call. I'm not sure if the one at Dillard's does. That would make it special for her too! I guess just straitening her hair maybe? The briefcase would be a good idea with the logo somehwere to help people out.

  10. I am no help with the girl costume department! LOL But I am laughing because Brody is ALSO going as GI JOE!!!!!!

  11. No clue about the character...but it looks like dolled up hair and makeup would work -- and maybe a nametag/hospital ID (if appropriate) so there are no questions.

    Too cute! Y'all have fun!

  12. i am a GH FAN! agree.. get her hair & make-up done, and be sure to take a few pics of Julie [Lulu] for the make-up artist to look at. outfit should be fashionable, yet comfortable.. cause Lulu is more laid back about her fashion. then, you could make a TV BOX that she could wear over the top, having the GH logo in the bottom right corner??

  13. ...I havent watched GH since the 80's when Luke, Laura and Scorpio were on! :D I cant wait to see what you come up with for a costume...Im sure it will be great! Chelsea's "Velma" costume was awesome!

    Oh..what was the villian's last name back then with the Ice Princess...was it Cassadine? Mikos and Victor Cassadine?

  14. GREAT suggestions ladies! Thank you very much!!

    I'm just now geting home from work and reading these!

    I am thinking we will do the hair, makeup and the namebadge or something like that.

    If it were me personally, I would love to the the TV thing that "Anon" posted, but I'm not sure Chelsea could handle the box being around her head.

    Mari, you are so sweet!!! I think I am going to try just using her own hair first. My sister is having a party this weekend and I may try it then! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the offer!!

  15. Dang, she chose a hard costume! Never seen a soap opera so I can't help you much there. Good luck!

  16. Is there a teen salon she could go to earlier that day? Would she be up for that? There is a wonderful one in my town called Sweet n Sassy and my daughter included her neighbor who has special needs in her party there and they were more than willing to be flexible to accommodate her.

  17. Oh could she wear a big gold star with her name on it 'lulu from general hospital'.. a star like you'd see from the dressing room?

    OR could you put something about if on her Halloween bag? My daughter went as race car drive Danica Patrick last year but people thought she was a motocross rider until they saw the canvas bag we got at zazzle or cafepress with Danica with trophies.

  18. Good luck with this. She will look adorable but without a nametag no one will know who she is portraying. At least it's not an r-rated type character.


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