Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've never seen so many white t-shirts and pink skirts in my life!

Yesterday was the 50th day of school for my children. To celebrate this event, the first graders at Jameson's school went all out for a 50's themed day!

All the kids were asked to wear 50's themed clothes, and bring 50 small food items (like M*M's, Cheerios's, raisins, etc) to mix up and make up a "50's salad".

They even got to make Coke Floats.....Jameson was in HEAVEN!

During the day, some locals brought by their 1950's automobiles! Jameson's teacher, Ms. Shiflett got some really cute pictures of the kids and the vehicles that I hope to steal borrow at a later date.

The day ended with a treat for the kids AND their parents....


Now let me tell you, if you've never been trapped inside a gym with 200 running, screaming dancing first graders, you ain't lived!

Everyone should experience that at least ONE time in their lives.


So, without further ado, MES's First Grade Sock Hop:

Gorgeous Miss Alysia. She is such a doll!

The kids lining up to go.

The three amigos, Jameson, Isaiah, and Jerry Ray.

You see this line? The majority of the Sock Hop consisted of ALL the children walking around the gym like this.

You think there was a sale on pink costumes?

Jameson and his best girl, Gracie. She just gets cuter every single day!

Spencer doing his best "FONZ" impersonation.

***You know, Jameson doesn't even know who "The Fonz" is! How is that possible? I have failed as a parent!***

Jerry Ray....I haven't touched this picture. His eyes really are THAT brown.

New line going on here.

Isaiah was just DONE with the whole sock hop thing.

Miss Madison was so excited! (And so cute, too!)

Miss Gracie getting ready to leave the dance.

Madison and Gracie going back to class.

I am thrilled that our kids get to do things like this. I don't ever remember getting to do cute little things like this when I was in school. Of course, that was like 100 years ago.

The kids had a great time, and the best part was....

They got to get checked out EARLY!

Yippee! No waiting in car rider line for me!


  1. That is too cute! I love his leather jacket! :)

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Robin,
    That looks like so much fun for the kids! How did you all chaperone? We are trying to do a dance for Valentines Day at our school and were trying to figure out how to handle the kids. Did parents just stay and help, were some kids dropped off? I would be really interested to know the logistics if you can e-mail me!

  4. what a great idea, all the kiddos looked adorable.

  5. It looks like they had so much fun! Logan has his 50's day this week, I'll have to blog about it too!

  6. This is wonderful. The children all look so adorable, and I especially love Gracie's yellow skirt, in fact her entire outfit--love it! Jameson looks pretty darn cute in the leather jacket. Cute couple :)


  7. This is such a cute idea! It's funny to think alot of these kids parents may not have even been born in the fifties! But everyone just loves that era, don't they? Jameson looks adorable in his leather jacket - love the tattoo lol. Great, fun post. Hugs, Kathy

  8. How cute! We always did hundreds day but ignored the fun potential of 50! Of course, I remember the fifties and actually owned a poodle skirt.

  9. They are all so cute, but he is going to be a real heartbreaker! laurie


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