Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween Y'all!

Today is of my favorite times of the year!

As I've said in earlier posts, I just love everything about fall....the cool air, the leaves changing, football, the smell of burning leaves and wood stoves, the gorgeous blue skies (however, nothing but RAIN, RAIN, RAIN here today...GRRRRR).

But one of my FAVORITE things about this time of year is....


I know, I know, most of you probably can't stand scary movies, but I've been a HUGE horror movie junkie from the time we got our first VCR and was allowed to rent movies all by myself.

My obsession with the macabre started at a young age. I have always been a avid reader. I was the kid that always had a book in her hand, reading whenever I got the chance. It was nothing for me to read an entire book in one day. The bookstore and the library were my favorite places in the world. (I still love the smell of them to this day)

Once I made it through the typical "kids" books, I moved onto older material. It was at that time I discovered Stephen King.

Stephen King opened up a whole new world for me. His writing was so addictive. I could just see and hear all of his characters, complete with their Maine!

The first book of his I read was Pet Sematary (yes, it's spelled that way) and I was HOOKED! I moved onto Salem's Lot, Christine, The Boogeyman, Cujo, Children of the Corn, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Jerusalem's Lot, The Lawnmower Man, More Tales of Unknown Horror.....on and on and on. Whenever there was a new book out, I had it and read it within the next day.

I remember my mother taking me to the bookstore to buy a book. The next day I would ask to go back to the bookstore. She would ask me what I did with the book she just bought me the day before. And I would always tell her "I've already read it!" She knew better to buy me several books at a time because I would not go to bed until I had read them!

Well, fortunately for me, most of Stephen King's tales of horror were made into movies. I had enjoyed the books so much, it was only logical that I would want to see the movies, too. Because they were all "R" rated (because of the violence), I had to wait until they came out on VCR tape before I could watch them.

And watch them I did!

Now anyone who is an avid reader knows, the movies are never as good as the books. But they opened my eyes to the modern day Hollywood Horror movie.

I also had a group of close guy friends who loved horror movies as much as I did. It was nothing for us to rent armloads of tapes and have horror movie marathons. It was during these movie marathons that I developed my love for


The cheesier, the better.

It all started with the classic Dawn of the Dead, and went downhill from there. Next there was The Evil Dead, The Re-Animator, The Return of the Living Dead, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE, The Night of the Comet. Now, anytime there is a cheesy, B-grade zombie movie on, I am SO going to watch it!

I also got sucked into the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show thing during college, but I don't consider that movie scary, just iconic. (I can still do a MEAN Time-Warp, though.)

Chelsea has started to develop a love of horror movies, too. For her, it started with Stephen King's IT...which is a movie that even creeps me out. I didn't give her permission to watch it, but she failed to let her Nana know that tidbit of information and watched it at her house. She's been hooked ever since!

Jameson is a big 'fraidy cat, and won't even sit through the opening credits of my movies.

Just kidding folks! I would NEVER let my child willingly watch something scary until they are MUCH older. I NEVER watch horror movies while he is in the room. I have enough problems with him being afraid of things without scarring him for life. He just sticks with things like SpongeBob Halloween, and It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. He even gets a little freaked out by the Halloweentown series of movies on the Disney Channel (which I adore, too, BTW.)

(All movie covers from Google Images)

So my dear bloggie buddies, what are YOUR favorite Halloween movies?

I'm off to make my daughter look like a Soap Opera star.....


  1. I'm with Jameson on the fraidy cat thing...I like the one on Disney Channel...I think it's called Under Wraps-it's about a mummy. It's really cute-and most important-it's NOT scary. :)
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Love, love, love scary books and mystery books. And I used to read everything that Stephen King wrote. But I never finished Pet Sematary - I just couldn't stand reading it and at one point I think I threw the book across the room and never picked it back up! Loved Duma Key, one of the best things he's written in a long time. I like suspense movies (Gaslight is one of my favorites), but I don't like gore so most horror movies are out for me. Hope you have a fun and frightful Halloween! Kathy

  3. I can honestly say I do not have 1 favorite Halloween movie. When my husband and I were dating we went to see Halloweem the original, and we got in a fight over something, and I got out and started walking around the drive in, until I couldnt stand it anymore, I was too scared, and went back in the car, lol. I love love love to read, but my book of choice is a love story, HA! Hope you and the kiddos had a great night! Sue

    My favorite Halloween movie is the movie I just saw at the theater... ZOMBIELAND! It's not scary, but it's cheesy, gory and funny as heck!!! I'll buy this one when it comes out on DVD. :)
    My son Chris wants me to see "Paranormal Activities" with him, but it looks too scary for me. LOL! I'll rent it when it comes out and watch it with the lights on.. LOL! :D

  5. I love scary movies too, but my husband can't stand fav would have to be Silence of the Lambs

  6. I used to read all of Stephen King's stuff- now I couldn't touch it- too scary!!!!!


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