Friday, October 30, 2009

Things just aren't the same.

Not only is this weekend Halloween....

(My all-time favorite time of the year)

It is also Race Weekend here in Talladega.

For two weekends a year, Talladega becomes the most populated area in the state. Horrible for traffic, but great for local businesses.

Normally, there is excitement in the air as our tiny little town welcomes Race fans from all over the country.

I also get very excited because I get to spend time with some of my racing friends.

But not this year.

Because of all the lies drama surrounding my favorite driver, Jeremy Mayfield, most of my buddies have decided to sit out the races this year.....and probably for all future years as well.

This is the first time in 9 years (other than 2002 when I was pregnant/delivered Jameson) that I will be nowhere near the track during race weekend.

I couldn't care less about missing the actual race. Normally, I don't even actually go to the race. Talladega is so big, it's better watching the race on the television. But I do care about something much more important....

I miss my friends!

I miss just hanging out, people watching, eating expensive track food, walking so much that I have blisters on my feet, stalking looking for our favorite drivers, laughing and talking so much that I no longer have a voice, and I even miss driving up-and-down Speedway Blvd, in race traffic, waiting on a certain friend to make his presence

I'm going to miss all of THIS:

Hottie Hubby during one of the last races we went to.

Jameson patiently waiting for Trackside to start.

Chelsea and Gladys

Chelsea supporting her driver at Trackside.

Me and my driver, Jeremy Mayfield.

My best bud Dennis and me. We have been to every Talladega race together since 2003.

Chelsea, while we were eating track food and chatting with friends.

Ms. Wanda, I've really been missing her!

Jan and Jessie. They came over for a huge breakfast before heading back after the race. We had such a great time that day!

Bill showing his hand at the campgrounds.

Paula (Bill's wife) snuggled under the blanket at the campground.

Dennis in April. He had already lost about 50 pounds at this point....he's since lost another 30 pounds.

Gladys and Dennis.

One of my all-time favorite pictures of Jameson. We were at the Talladega airport watching the drivers, crews, and owners fly in.

These are just a few of my favorite photos I've collected over the years. Some others are "locked" in my old computer.... :o(

Fortunately, since the race was moved to Halloween weekend, I at least have something fun to do to take my mind off missing my friends.

However, there is ONE thing I will NOT miss....


Prayer Request!

My bloggie buddy, Kat Sparks, the winner of my 200th post giveaway, sent me a very touching e-mail yesterday asking for prayers for a family friend, 7 y.o. Ty Boatman. Ty is a sweet little boy who has a stage 4 neuroblastoma (Wilm’s Tumor). He has had a kidney removed and the cancer is also in his lungs.

Last Saturday, Ty was able to make 1 play for his football team. Here is the link to this incredible story.

Please go to Kat's blog and read his entire story.

Cancer is a scary, scary thing. I've lost many family members, and most recently, my father, to cancer. I cannot even imagine the fear and pain his parents must be going through. Many thoughts and prayers headed their way!



  1. Wow- good times! That's a bummer that you have to miss out this year- I hate giving up yearly "traditions!"

  2. It does not feel right not being down there

  3. I miss you Dennis!!!

  4. If it hurts this much not to go, then shouldn't you and the other boycotters just go? What if something happens to one of these wonderful people over the course of this next year? You will feel awful that you boycotted the event and didn't get the friends connection that is so important to you. Is there another way to take a stand?

    Just another way of looking at ya.

  5. Robin! I'm not getting to go either! So much going on, etc. First time I have missed a race in 6 years. So sad.......

    Have a fun weekend though! Loved your pics! Well, except for the last one....LOL

    Lou Cinda

  6. aww robin.. i'm so sorry that that whole ordeal has taken such joy out of racing for you & your buds. i know how upset i was before the season started, with all that hoopla around E's team nearly dropping him. i know alot of fans like it.. but i hate the chase format. i think it takes the last half of the season's fun.. for those whose drivers don't make it in. so... i feel ya! i will be watching on tv though, as i can't resist 'DEGA!

    ty is on the prayer list.

    have a great weekend!

  7. I loved looking at your pictures. Friends having fun are always good pics.

    I'll admit that I don't follow Nascar, so I don't know what the drama is. I just wonder if you can still go to the race but don't buy any of Mayfield's "stuff".

    Sorry you are missing out.


  8. This really makes me sad but there are some good memories.Nascar really
    messed up our fun,didn't they???Gladys

  9. I REALLY miss chatting with you all on Sundays online while watching the races. I miss our Friday Nite PAAARTIES... we had a great time back then didnt we!!! :D

    I'll say a prayer for Ty. It must be so hard for him and his family..I cant even imagine.

    On the brighter side...


  10. Brian could always use some more fans! He sky dives, has fights with kyle busch and wrecks johnson and jr to win, what more could you want!


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