Monday, October 26, 2009

Your Order Has Been Shipped

And I am SOOOOOO excited!

You wanna know what I'm getting?

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....


And not just this, but also.....


TWO COPIES of Pioneer Woman's brand spankin' new cookbook!

I haven't been this excited in, like, FOREVAH!

I hope to be able to get BOTH of them autographed on December 7th in Atlanta, if I can get over my fear of crowds and strange places.

Ugh, now I started thinking about crowds and strange places and my tummy hurts and I feel anxious.

Hopefully I will make it.

It IS Pioneer Woman, after all!

OK, going back to my happy place now.

I just wonder what in the world I can do with my second copy?

I mean, I can only use ONE copy at a time....


I guess I will have to think of something to do with my other copy, after my attempt to get it autographed, of course.

Crowds.....Strange Place......

Happy Place, Happy Place, Happy Place...


I feel better now.

Speaking of Pioneer Woman, aka: Ree Drummond, Did any of you see her segment on the Bonnie Hunt Show today?

I'm sure I would have LOVED it had I been able to see it.

You see, my wonderful ABC affiliate decided to bust in during her segment to report a non-injury shooting that they had absolutely NO INFORMATION ABOUT!


I yelled so loud (at the television) Jameson started crying. He thought something really bad had happened.

It HAD, Jameson just didn't see it that way.

Here is a snippet of the show.

Pioneer Woman on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Isn't she just the most precious thing?

Hopefully I will be able to catch the whole segment one day.


Onto another subject.....

Y'all's responses to the "Great pumpkin mystery" has had me laughing hysterically!

Honestly, I have no idea what happened, but I have a few theories....

1. The pumpkin just had enough of this crazy, rainy Alabama weather and decided to give it up (or "melt" as my cutie-pie next door neighbor said to me).

(However, the other two pumpkins are still solid and non-mushy)

2. Since that particular pumpkin sat on the bottom step, it's possible that two little boys who were learning to ride their bicycles, using the bottom step as a jump-off point, could have bumped into it a time or two (or 100) and finally dented it enough to allow the elements to attack it.



This little dude, who is no longer so "little".

He's been frequenting my front porch a lot lately and has already destroyed chewed on my corn cobs and some of my fake pumpkins.

I'm sort-of leaning towards #2 AND #3 being the cause for the pumpkin's demise.

Since it is only a few days before Halloween and I don't normally have ANY trick-or-treaters, I will probably just leave them as-is. Who knows, ghosts saying "BO" may become the new style!

(Oh, and for the making them with fake pumpkins comments.....I wanted to make them with the fake pumpkins, but the only place I could find them (Hobby Lobby) wanted $23.00 EACH for them, and they weren't even the bigger sizes. Even with their usual 50% off, they were still way too expensive. If I can find any cheaper, I will definitely use them the next time. The fake one's would be much easier to paint and decorate, too.)


OK bloggie's the week of Halloween...

What are your BEST costume ideas for this year's Halloween??


  1. I know you'll do just fine at the book signing! After all, you made it through Chelsea's "Best Present Ever" celebrity signing, right?! And that one was even worse because it was a million degrees outside that day! I have that fear too.... not the crowds, but being in strange places by myself, getting lost while driving in strange places..etc.
    Good luck Robin, I'll send "courage" vibes your way in December! :D :D

    PS..I think the cute puppy had something to do with the demise of your pumpkin..he has that "I'm trouble" look on his sweet face! LOL!!! :D

  2. loved the clip, i have never seen her before,now i want the other
    have the best time my friend and dont be afraid it'll be fun...xx.silvia

  3. You could always wrap the extra up and send it to me!!!

  4. Tucker and I would totally go with you and help keep you calm in Atlanta! What better to calm you down that a cute baby!? I'm jealous, but I don't drive in ATL. Have fun!

  5. Oh...the book?

    I saw PW on the show yesterday and it made me want the book even more.

    But, I don't want to appear stalkerish...having just scored with the Cuisinart and all.

    I just wondered why she isn't overweight? I'm jealous of that!

  6. And WHAT are you doing with that other copy?????? Your best friend in Texas (yours truly) would love it...just sayin..... ;-)


  7. cure for the crowd & strange place fear... TAKE A FRIEND! then it's not just a crowd.. but a day out with a buddy! :)

    as for halloween costume.. sorry to be a party pooper, but i've never been into it.

  8. I can't wait to see what you find to make out of the book- be sure you let us know!

    As for Halloween costumes, I heard the "HOT" thing this year is to go as Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8! Go figure!!

  9. Hey Robin- I know you have already won this award, but I gave it to you again- it's just "so you!" You can check it out on my blog!

  10. You know, a niece with the same cookbook may also need hers autographed...hehe.

    About the Halloween costume...I'm going as what I've gone as for the past 3 years. A dirty cotton farmer, lol.

  11. Hmm...what's that smell? Is it PW's cooking or a GIVEAWAY!!?? Ya know, because you are the most awesome bloggy friend EVAH!

  12. I can't wait to get mine in the mail!! Maybe this book will turn me into a cook after all! Ohmygosh you are going to a book signing?!?! Awesome!!!

    I would love to go but I have a bad relationship with Hotlanta!. Never want to go back!! Grr

  13. I have never looked at her site before Robin! What is wrong with me? I now have a new favorite! Whooo hooo my family is going to be happy for some new recipes!


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