Friday, November 13, 2009

The good, the bad, and the sho' nuff ugly!

Well, I'm the kinda gal that likes to get the bad stuff over with, so I will start this post off with the "Bad" and then progress to the "sho' nuff ugly" before I get to the "good".

Several months ago, I showed y'all the Best Cake recipe EVER. It's a method of making the cake with the frosting inside the cake. I've made this cake many, many times with lots of success.

(Other than it sticking to the pan and making a HUGE mess when trying to get it out.)

Yesterday, the oven was already heated up, so I decided to whip up one of these cakes before I headed out to pick up Jameson from school.

When I went to the pantry, I was out of the normal caramel/pecan/coconut frosting that I normally use, so I just decided to try a completely different cake....devil's food with cream cheese frosting.

I mixed it up, exactly the way I've done hundreds of times before, poured it into the cake pan, and put it in to bake.

About 45 minutes later, I started smelling something that reminded me of burnt marshmallows. I jumped up and looked in the oven and this is what I found....

(I put the pan under it before I ran to get my

There was smoke EVERYWHERE, cake mix all over the bottom of the oven and all over the racks too. The worst part was that I had to leave to go pick up Jameson and didn't have time to clean up the mess, or try to finish cooking the runny was still pourable at this point. So, I decided to just turn off the oven and close the door....hoping that the leftover heat would cook the batter, and the smoke wouldn't set off the smoke alarm.

When I got Jameson, I decided to take him to get a haircut and pick up a few groceries.....completely forgetting about the cake, other than the faint smell of burnt marshmallows on my clothes.

When we got home, things went from bad to sho' nuff ugly when I opened the oven and saw this:

The mix that was on the edges of the cake pan was as hard as a rock, as well as the mix that landed on the bottom of the oven and on the oven racks. I was able to break off most of the crusty mix on the racks and scrape off most of the mix from the bottom of the oven....but I can't even pry that stuff off the cake pan, nor can I get the mix out of the cake pan, so I've just put the pan and all under the cake plate....

That's where we get to the "good"....

It still tasted divine!


  1. Robin...

    What a mess....YUCK!

    So sorry...

    Hope you have a great weekend...


  2. At least it still tasted good!! Thats all that REALLY matters ;-)

  3. Hey...the taste is ALL that matters to me!! I am laughing SO HARD!! You are too funny!!

  4. ohhhhhh, that sure is the butt ugliest cake I've ever seen... fo shizzle!! LOL!
    Glad it tasted good! :D

  5. What a mess!!! I am glad to hear it tasted good. I usually get the smoke and mess when I cook the turkey for the holidays. Thanks for sharing and I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.


  6. How I LOVE a happy ending though!!

    Have a good weekend!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. Ha Ha. I can't believe it. RIGHT NOW I have my kitchen window and door open and the exhaust fan running because I overfilled my assorted cake pans with chocolate cake batter. My oven looks VERY similar. Did you have smoke? Well, the good is yet to come - a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake for my one year old grandson. Thanks for sharing. Our flops encourage one another :)

  8. Kathy, there was smoke EVERYWHERE and it smelled like burnt marshmallows. When I went to pick Jameson up, he said "Why does the car smell like marshmallows?" LOL

  9. I'm new to the blogging thing and I've been visiting several links from my friends' pages. I have to tell you that this is the first one that has made me laugh out loud! :) I am so sorry for your mess, but it sure makes for great blogging fodder, doesn't it?
    Take a peek at my blog when you have a minute...

  10. i know it was a mess for you to clean up and i'm sorry 'bout that.. but it sure is FUNNY!! plus, the cake looks like my favorite part of a batch of brownies.. the chewy/crunchy part around the edges.. YUM YUM!

  11. Only a great Southern cook like yourself can have a cake totally fail and it still taste wonderful.
    We know these little secrets because we would never throw out a cake like yours without tasting first!! That's one of the things I LOVE about being a natural born Southern cook! Love, Susan


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