Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where did I put that ark again?

WOW! Who knew that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida would cause SO MUCH RAIN? I just thought we got a lot of water a few weeks ago (when everything flooded in Georgia)....we got nothing then compared to what we got over the past two days!

I don't think there was one second of a 24 hour period that rain wasn't just pouring down.

I can't even begin to imagine 40 days and 40 nights of that. Fortunately, none of us will ever have to again.

(I promise there is a rainbow in this picture....on the right-hand side)

Y'all remember the wonderfully peaceful lake that my mom lives on?

It was really close to going OVER the dam and road on Wednesday morning.

I was freaked!

The last time I saw the lake look like that, I was a child, about Jameson's age, BEFORE the new drains were added.

I can't even imagine how the lake (and all of the surrounding homes) would look if the new drains weren't in place.

Fortunately, the kids were out of school because of Veteran's Day, so they didn't have to get out and about....but that didn't stop my mom from driving them over to the dam to look at all the water....

Thank goodness I didn't know about THAT until AFTER they were back safe and sound in the!

Today, it looks like nothing ever happened. It's just a BEAUTIFUL fall day with GORGEOUS crystal-blue skies!

I guess I can put that ark away for now.


  1. Oh i LOVE the blue skys... Here in WEstern NY we have pretty much said GoodBye to the blue skys for a while lol

  2. The change in the nature of the lake is just incredible. Now you do know what a cubit is, right? Hope your beautiful weather holds for a while. Kathy

  3. Well, at least you won't have to worry about drought! Glad you didn't wash away!

  4. Great pictures and I could definitely see the rainbow. I'm glad you can put the ark away but who knew you would need it with the drought thing going on the last few years.

  5. WOW, that is a lot of rain! I saw the rainbow and loved it! my 2 year old loves rainbows, I can't wait to show her this pic!
    Glad you all are safe and hope it dries up soon!

  6. Wow! You wont have to water your lawn for a while! :D
    Love the photo with the rainbow...very pretty! :)


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