Monday, November 2, 2009

I LOVE Fall in Alabama!

Every fall, our family takes a drive up the mountain, Cheaha Mountain, to look at the fall leaves. We missed last year due to weather and work, but yesterday's blue skies proved to be the perfect backdrop for a mountain trip.

Last weekend, the leaves were not in full glory, so we waited. However, the storms of the past week knocked most of the turning leaves off the trees. We still got some beautiful views, though.

Marty on the edge....freaking his wife out!

Chelsea taking a rest.

The National Parks Service did a fantastic job making the trek out to Bald Rock handicapped accessible. This bridge system is incredible!

This is the only picture at this angle that Jameson isn't complaining about the sun.

Me, looking like a sausage squeezed into that jacket.

Marty and Jameson came across this little gem. This caterpillar was HUGE!

These two trees were grown into an "X"


The lake where my mother lives.

View from my mother's house.

This is why I love fall in Alabama.


  1. Robin, I had no idea that Alabama could be so stunningly beautiful!!! Love your pics. Feels like a mini vacation for me. Hugs.

  2. these are some awesome pictures Robin, great way to spent time with the family, it sure is a gorgeous place...and btw you are beautiful inside and out!!!.
    have a great week my dear friend..

    xx. Silvia.

  3. awwww reminds me of Arkansas in the fall!! that is one thing i miss about living there.

    great pics of a wonderful family!

    have a wonderful week!! -Tracie

    p.s. check out my blog for a little after halloween treat! ;)

    p.s.s. my word verification is "trisse" my grandmother's name was "Tresse", to whom I'm named after.. just spelled differently. thought you'd get a kick out of it, like i did! lol :D

  4. I really enjoyed your post. The pictures are fantastic. That caterpillar was HUGE

  5. Gorgeous photos Robin! We are planning on driving up there this weekend to see the leaves! I have never been to Cheaha! Steve could not believe that, so we are goin!

    You have made me look forward to it more!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. Robin, I had no idea you had the fall beauty down there! Love it, and that picture of Chelsea with the hood up, so pretty! Your mom is so lucky to have such a view! WOW, Thanks for sharing! Sue

  7. Great pictures Robin! Thanks so much for sharing them. I had to laugh at your "sausage squeezed into the jacket" comment.

  8. Robin, I just realized that I have not heard from you in ages. Everything OK?

  9. Robin: Thanks so much for sharing all your beautiful pictures! My parents would take us up Cheaha Mt every fall and spring when I was young! Fall is the best, though. I am missing all the beautiful sights in Alabama this year especially, and plan to make the trip home next year for fall. Your pictures and stories have touched my heart and given me so much joy! I read most every day...not so good with comments. Just wanted you to know how much I am loving your blog! Keep blogging dear have such talent!

  10. Very nice photos! Your mom has a really beautiful view from her house. I love the huge green caterpillar too! :D

  11. Robin, the pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I too am so happy I live here in Munford Alabama at the foothill of Mount Cheaha.
    Just think we can go to I20 and go west and be in B'ham in a hour,go west and be in Atlanta,Ga. in a hour and half and 15 minutes to the Talladega Speedway. I truly blessed to live here! Love, Susan

  12. WOW! Great pictures- it IS gorgeous there for sure!!

  13. Beautiful picture's Robin! I'm in Hayden. The tree's are getting so pretty! I left you an award over on my blog =0)


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