Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time for Some Father and Son Bonding

Since we had such a GREAT time on our mountain adventure, Marty decided to take advantage of his last day off work, and enjoy the GORGEOUS Alabama Fall weather. Jameson loves to be outside "in the woods", so Marty took him to see a small waterfall not too far from my mother's house.

As a child, I used to hike out to this same waterfall on a regular basis. I probably wasn't much older than Jameson when I first started going out there. I can't even imagine letting him go out there, ALONE, now. He is going to have to be at least driving before he can go out in the woods without a!

I stayed at home to tackle the HUGE pile of laundry that somehow decided to take over the laundry room (and the bedroom, and the bathroom, and......)

After I got over my huge anxiety attack, worrying about my little man (along with my big man) hiking in the woods alone, I ushered them out the door with orders to BE CAREFUL and take lots of pictures.

They had a GREAT day, and came back with even more beautiful pictures of Fall in Alabama.

I'm having a heart attack just thinking about HOW Jameson got there.

This is a huge, flat rock at the very top of the waterfall.

Jameson at the base of the waterfall. I don't even want to think about the trek from the top of the falls to the bottom!

Strange "X" cut into one of the rocks.

Twisted tree growing out of the middle of all the rocks.

This is what happens when you drop your lens cap into the water, and then put it on the camera lens before it is completely dry. (Hey! It's a great look with no PhotoShopping needed!)

The boys had a great time, and finished off the evening with a little campfire and marshmallow roast in the back yard. (Sorry, no pictures of that....We were having such a good time, I forgot to take pictures).

I am so happy that Jameson loves the outdoors and has a daddy who takes the time to do fun things like this with him.

I hope these are good childhood memories that Jameson will always remember!

What are some of your favorite childhood outdoor memories?


  1. very cool!

    well, i'm not much of an outdoorsy sort of gal.. but i do love a nice drive in the fall, to look at all the fall colors. :)

    p.s. let me know if you still want the necklace, and i'll post it at the shop for you tomorrow morning!

  2. Oh I know they had such a good time! AND they got home SAFE!!

    Great photos!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. awww mom- don't worry now! it's only going to get worse when he's a teenager ;-) gorgeous pictures- wish I lived near there so I could use the area for my photography business!!!

  4. How fun....

    Great pics...


  5. How cool! Jameson will never forget getting to do that! I love the new picture's in your sidebar, btw. When I saw your other post, I thought the picture's of Chelsea were so good!

  6. One of my favorite outdoor memory was when I was in the Girl Scouts. Mrs. Shirley Camp was our leader and she was great, she took us up to Lake Chinabee and we cooked out making a complete meal in foil. We had some really great times thanks to Ms.Shirley! Susan Haynes


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