Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bells will be ringing!

Yesterday was such a great day!

For the past few years, Chelsea's class has traveled around our community, performing Christmas music with hand-held bells.

The kids love being able to get away from the classroom setting, and getting to entertain others in the process.

They also get to eat at local restaurants, instead of the normal fare of lunchroom food. (Not that Chelsea minds lunchroom food....she loves it)

Yesterday was the last concert of their tour....much to everyone's dismay.

This was the first concert I have been able to attend this year because of work. I hated I missed the others, but am thrilled that I did get to see at least one.

I was also excited that the one concert that I did get to attend was held at a local Church that always goes above and beyond for our kids!

We ALL love going to Shady Grove Baptist!

Not only do they do a ton of stuff for our kids, they willingly and joyfully participate in the event.

We all have so much fun!

They did exceptionally well, and it was everything I could do to keep the tears from running down my face!

Here are some photos of our wonderful day!

Chelsea and one of her classroom helpers, Kayla.

Chelsea and Jacob.

Chelsea and Megan.

Megan, Brooke, and Chelsea. Brooke was a classroom helper throughout high school. She is currently in college and plans on being the next Special Education teacher at MHS. We are all PRAYING that she just steps right into this job as Mrs. Ingram retires. She is absolutely fantastic with our kids!

Megan, Brooke, and Chelsea (F). Vance and Jacob (B)

Vance, Brooke, and Jacob.

Chelsea with a few pre-concert nerves.

Vance. Not a least bit nervous!

We were all pleasantly surprised to see Ms. Shiflett come in for the concert. Ms. Shiflett is currently Jameson's teacher, but used to be Chelsea's and Megan's teacher many years ago. They were so excited to see her!

"Bells UP!"

Pastor Henderson and members of the congregation participating in a concert of their own. They were such good sports!

Pastor Henderson trying his hand at directing.

Jacob and Ms. Gallman

Classroom helpers Ashley, Kayla, and Dana leading singing.

Justin, Chelsea and Mrs. Ingram. Mrs. Ingram is the best teacher we could ask for! Our students love her!

The members of Shady Grove Baptist Church singing along.

Chelsea and her Brooke.

Our wonderful Ms. Gallman. The class couldn't function without her!

Too cool for the room....Bobby!

Justin and Dana

Chelsea wearing just some of her gifts that Shady Grove gave to the students. She keeps asking me now when I am going to take her

Waiting for the food at Jack's!

Vance and Jacob ate every single some!

Justin and Dana

Bobby and Kayla

Having a child in Special Education is not anything I would ever wish on anyone....BUT, the REWARDS of having a child in Special Education is priceless!

I wouldn't trade this life for anything else in the world!


  1. Robin, it looks like those kids had a BLAST! :) Chelsea's smile just lights up a room! I'm glad you got to go to this last concert. :)

  2. All those smiles speak volumes. Happy kids with happy teachers. What a wonderful day!

  3. Isn't it so great when you have such awesome helpers in the Special Ed class? I know that the people in Taylor's class are wonderful...especially the high school helpers. Taylor comes home with her hair fixed in such great teenage ways. Something she won't let me do at home.

    Love the pictures...thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Very nice, love all the photos! You can see it everyone's eyes how much fun they all had. :)

  5. Aww Robin...that warmed my heart! My nephew has gone completely blind. It happened suddenly & quickly. Him & my youngest are only 11 months apart so its hard to think of what I would do to entertain my son if he couldn't see any more. I got my nephew involved with the Miracle League so he could play baseball in Gardendale. The kids on that team impacted me in a way that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Rewarded is definitely the term that comes to mind. Merry Christmas ♥

  6. I LOVE this post Robin! And I'm so happy that you were able to attend the concert. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see kids surrounded by loving, wonderful teachers. And Miss Brook MUST be special if you've forgiven her for wearing THAT sweatshirt lol. Thanks for the smile. Music makes the world go 'round! Kathy

  7. This was a beautiful post. Your daughter is so beautiful and simply brightens up the screen with her smile. I'm glad you were able to enjoy her last concert.
    Blessings, Mari


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