Friday, December 18, 2009

My oven is out to get me!

I made all of the cookies at the exact same time....

Cooled them in the fridge for the exact same amount of time....

Put them in the oven at the exact same time....

And baked them for the exact same amount of time.

Here's what I ended up with....

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!


  1. Don't ya hate it when that happens! I don't get it either??!!

  2. My theory? It has to do with the pans. I can't really see the pic all that well (because of the computer I'm on), but it looks like the middle one has a larger "lip" all the way around. I have 3 cookie sheets that I use for all of our cookies - despite having another 3 or 4 sheets in the cabinet. If I happen to use one of the other sheets, the cookies baked on that one will turn out completely different than all of the others (usually overdone) despite all other factors being the same - same dough, same cooking time, etc. Anyway, it is frustrating, but I hope yo enjoyed the cookies anyway! :)

  3. So which cookies turned out right? lol

  4. That happens to me also. What causes that??

  5. I have two identical pans that I cover with Reynolds Release foil and it usually prevents that. Regardless, I bet they were yummy! :)

  6. thank ya robin.. hope you get into the spirit!

  7. That would be my luck! They aren't burnt so they are still edible, ha!

  8. OH! I'm so glad Jameson liked the link I gave you! Logan has watched his a 100 times! So cute!


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