Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm on a roll!

After my window "mistreatments" turned out so well on Friday, it has motivated me to finish a couple of other itty-bitty projects around here.

I am one of those people who always seems to end up with "extra" of everything. Extra ribbon, extra fabric, extra trim, about 20 extra tubes of liquid nails (don't ask)....

I have sacks and sacks of end pieces cluttering up my dining room table.


Unfortunately, my dining room has become a catch-all for all of my craft stuff. Hubby has been working on refinishing some furniture to go in the dining room specifically to be used to store my craft items, extra dishes and kitchen ware. He's only been working on it for the past two years. Maybe it will actually be finished before we move into the Nursing home.....


Well, my curtain project was no exception. I was left with about an extra yard of the eyelash fringe and about a 1/2 yard of the tassel fringe.

I was about to add this leftover to the rest of the pile, when I got an idea.

I'll dress up my el-cheapo bedroom lamps.

My lamp

Hubby's lamp.

Yes, they are exactly the same...except Marty's looks more "masculine"!

It literally took longer to reheat the glue gun than it did to actually glue the trim on.

I think they turned out really cute, but now I wish I had enough trim to put it on the top too.

I see a trip back to Hobby Lobby in my future!


My next project was just something really quick and easy.

Here is where I show my "slacker" side again....

Up until about an hour ago, I still had my CHRISTMAS wreath hanging on my front door.

Yes, I know Christmas was over a MONTH ago, I just hated to take it down until I could put something else up.

I mean, you wouldn't want my front door to be NEEKED would you?

So, I pulled out my "Spring" wreath that I made a couple of years ago...

And then brought out some 30% off, Hobby Lobby Valentine's Day trinkets...

Added them to my "Spring" wreath....

And now I have a VALENTINE'S DAY wreath!

I know it's not the "typical" red and white Valentine's Day wreath, but I've never been one for the "typical" (as if y'all didn't already know that), so I am LOVING this pink and green interpretation!

Once February 15th rolls around, I just pull out my heart accessories, and I'm back to my "Spring" wreath again.

Since I have been on such a roll over the past couple of days, hopefully I will be able to do some organizing in my dining room tomorrow.

Now if I can just get hubby to work on his little projects.....


Since we are talking about projects here, one of my very bestest bloggie buddies ever, Sue, from Our Really Empty Nest, is having a "Better Late Than Never" one year Bloggie Anniversary giveaway!

Sue is giving away a "Valentine's Day-themed" package, complete with an adorable apron that she made with her own two little hands.

Isn't that the cutest apron EVER?

Uhhhh, I mean, it's horrible, ugly, disgusting....I KNOW none of you out there really want this apron, do you?

I am being SO UNSELFISH right now, just offering to win this awful thing so the rest of you will be spared.

So DON'T go over to her blog and leave a comment so you can win it, and whatever you do, DON'T blog about it so you can have an extra shot at winning this apron.

I really, really, really want this apron, can't you tell?



I hope y'all all have a most wonderful, fantastic, and productive week!



  1. I'm impressed with all of your craftiness....BUT you forgot about st.Patricks day!

  2. Your wreath is PERFECT! Love it! I'm not into run-of-the-mill, just-like-everyone-else's either.

    And I love the lamp, too! :)

    And I'll 'fess up. My Christmas wreath is a grapevine wreath with white lights, red ribbon/bow, and white snowflakes. Didn't appear to me that it was TOTALLY just for Christmas, so it's still hanging. Just a 'winter' wreath to me. ;)

  3. Robin, you can't even do a craft post without making me laugh! You are so fun.Your lamps look beautiful, and I like your pink and green v'tine wreath (which you should show again on the 12th for my V'tine party). Apparently, I've missed a post about draperies, so I'm going to go back and read it. laurie

  4. Robin, You are a crack up! I love the lamps, they look great! Lamps with that trim can be so expensive! Your valentines wreath is so pretty, love it! And thanks for the advertising for my giveaway! You are a true friend! Sue

  5. Denise...I guess I could just take the hearts off and add shamrocks! I could even leave the green ribbon. Oh, and for Easter, I'll just add eggs and bunnies! This wreath could last through the summer (except for July 4th)!

    Laurie, I will definitely try to post on your Valentine's Day party!

  6. Ok, can stop now with your crafty self! LOVE the lamps! They look really good with just the bottoms done, less is more, ha! And then you had to hit me with the wreath too, so cute! Good luck on the apron =0)

  7. Great job on the lamps, and I like the wreath, too!

  8. Robin, those lampshades are adorable and yes, I can definitely tell Marty's shade is more masculine than your shade. It's obvious. :)

    That's a great job making over the wreath. I think it looks awesome with flowers and hearts.

  9. You are a hoot! And look at that wreath.?!?!? Too cute :) and I love the lamps and curtains.. very nice... That Nester knows her stuff! Love her..
    Hope you have a great week!

  10. Robin:

    Great inspire me to get busy and get some things done around my house....I got new furniture and would love to do some new curtains....I think I just may have to follow your lead....


  11. LOVE it! can't wait to get moved... and find a home i feel is worth the time and effort again. :)

  12. Good job! Your lamps look great, and I can certainly tell that your husband's is way more masculine than yours. And your Valentine's wreath is a winner!

  13. You continue to crack me up. :D And you're an inspiration to slackers everywhere! (There is hope for me yet.) Love both the lamps and the wreath. (I still have my Christmas wreath up INSIDE the front door - outside is neeeked!)

  14. nice lamps Robin!!!! and you said you weren't crafty!!lol..great job with the wreath also, you are in a rollllll my dear friend..have a great week.
    love ya my friend.


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